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L’Anse Area Solar Feasibility Study Released

lanse-cs-report2Michigan Technological University students and the Upper Peninsula Solar Technical Assistance Team (UPSTART) presented the results of the community solar feasibility study to Village of L’Anse community members on Dec. 13. The project seeks to determine whether L’Anse residents are interested in community solar and how to best design a program that would be affordable and accessible.

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Baird Publishes New Book- “Critical Theory and the Anthropology of Heritage Landscapes”

Baird BookMelissa Baird’s new book, “Critical Theory and the Anthropology of Heritage Landscapes” was published by University Press of Florida.

This book explores the sociopolitical contexts of heritage landscapes and the many issues that emerge when different interest groups attempt to gain control over them. Based on career-spanning case studies undertaken by the author, this book looks at sites with deep indigenous histories. Melissa Baird pays special attention to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and the Burrup Peninsula along the Pilbara Coast in Australia, the Altai Mountains of northwestern Mongolia, and Prince William Sound in Alaska. For many communities, landscapes such as these have long been associated with cultural identity and memories of important and difficult events, as well as with political struggles related to nation-state boundaries, sovereignty, and knowledge claims.

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For more information or to order the book, visit the UPF website.

In Print: International, Interdisciplinary, and Transdisciplinary Research

Students, faculty and community members in Erongarícuaro, Mexico
Students, faculty and community members in Erongarícuaro, Mexico

Erin Pischke and Kathy Halvorsen are co-authors of a newly-published article “Barriers and Solutions to Conducting Large International, Interdisciplinary Research Projects” in Environmental Management.

Pischke also had a blog post published AESS Voices about the challenges of conducting transdisciplinary research titled “Practicing What We Preach:  Reflections on the Pros and Cons of Transdisciplinary Research in Erongaricuaro, Mexico”

Langston Publishes New Book on Climate Change & Toxics in the Lake Superior Basin

slscover_3_origNancy Langston published a new book titled “Sustaining Lake Superior” (Yale University Press, Fall 2017).