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Section’s Extra Left Sidebar Content

Content can be added below the left sidebar in several ways. If you only want it to be visible on a single page, use the Left Sidebar Content Editable Region on that page. To display content on multiple pages, the content will be added to a _props.pcf file. Remember, any settings made in a _props.pcf file will carry through to all files and folders within that folder. Add it to the file in the root folder to carry through to the whole site. This field is available on all _props.pcf files.

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Editable Regions

A page includes several editable regions. A site’s homepage includes three editable regions and an interior page includes four. The editable region buttons are shown as green buttons on the page after you have clicked the Edit button in the Page Actions Toolbar. Additional Editable Regions can be found in the section properties files, discussed later in this workbook.

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