What are Katie’s current office hours?

If you are looking for advising handouts, these are available on the Advising Handouts webpage.

If you are having registration problems, go to the Registrar’s Office (aka Student Services Center) in the Admin building.

Also check out our FAQ’s on the right hand side of the page for answers to many common questions.

Now through Week 11:

Beginning Thursday, October 30th (Week 9) through Wednesday, November 12th (Week 11) I will be having walk-in office hours to assist students with spring and summer registration. No appointments are needed.  The schedule for walk-in hours are listed below.

Early Registration (Week 9):

Day Date Walk-in Hours
Monday 10/27 By Appointment
Tuesday 10/28 By Appointment
Wednesday 10/29 By Appointment
Thursday 10/30 9:30am-12:30pm
Friday 10/31 noon-2pm

First Week of Registration (Week 10):

Day Date Walk-in Hours
Monday 11/3 9:30am-12:30pm
Tuesday 11/4 12:30pm-3pm
Wednesday 11/5 12:30pm-3pm
Thursday 11/6 12:30pm-3pm
Friday 11/7 9:30am-noon

Second Week of Registration (Week 11):

Day Date Walk-in Hours
Monday 11/10 9:30am-12:30pm
Tuesday 11/11 9:30am-12:30pm
Wednesday 11/12 12:30pm-3pm
Thursday 11/13 Not Available
Friday 11/14 Not Available

Week 12 through the end of the semester:

I will resume regular office hours during the twelfth week of classes.   Use your Google account to schedule an appointment. Don’t know how to do this? Go to: How do I make an appointment with a chemical engineering advisor?


What is the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)?

One of the frustrating things about registering is the uncertainty:  what classed do I need?  Does this class I’m looking at count as tech elective?  as gen ed?

One resource you have to sorting this out (besides seeing Katie) is the DARS tool in Banweb (Degree Audit Reporting System).  This tool checks your records (according to Michigan Tech) against the requirements for your degree.  If you’ve met the requirements, it goes GREEN.  If the requirements are not met, it stays RED.

I would like to suggest that everyone try it out.

To get to DARS you log onto your Banweb account and under Student in the middle column look for “Degree Audit”.  Click there and run the current year audit.  Sometimes you have to wait – look for the circle above to see if it’s thinking.  It always has to generate the report to get the most current version.

When the DARS opens, you will see some graphics and a long column of red or green “buckets” of courses or requirements.  They are:

1.  Two buckets that check your GPA for both the department and for overall.  Both must be over 2.0 for you to graduate.
2.  Major requirements:  This is all your core math, physics, chemistry, and chem eng courses.
3.  Chemistry option:  here whether you take Organic 1 or Hydro Pyro you chose a different audit path.  In this section you will see the technical electives and the various categories of the electives.  Take a close look to see what classes you may choose from in each category.
4.  Six gen ed buckets that check if you meet all the gen ed requirements.  It checks if you have the freshmen courses, the sophomore courses, the HASS, etc.  It checks that at least 6 credits of HASS are at the 3000 level.
5.  Co curricular bucket – your phys ed courses.

The DARS system is what actually checks you out for graduation.  If it says you graduate, you do.  We have worked long and hard with the programmers in the Admin Building to get this system to accurately check you out for graduation – please use the DARS tool to guide you as you plan for registration.

There are some things that the DARS system will not do right until Katie “touches” your audit and makes an adjustment.  If something you chose or transfered puts you into this situation, you do need to come see Katie.  She’ll be happy to look at DARS adjustments after registration is over.

Hope this eases your registration experience!

If I fail MA 2321 (or MA 3521) and re-take it as MA 2320 (or MA3520), how will that affect my GPA?

The two course pairs you mention are equivalent courses.  If you retake the first course (half semester version) by taking the second course (full semester version) the first grade is replaced by the second grade in your GPA.


  1. MA 2321 Elementary Linear Algebra
  2. MA 2320 Elementary Linear Algebra


  1. MA 3521 Elem Differential Equations
  2. MA 3520 Elem Differential Equations


How do I register for classes?

The Engineering Fundamentals folks have  put together some concise slides about registration that you may find helpful.  They are available at this link:  www.chem.mtu.edu/~fmorriso/advising/RegistrationInfoEngAdvisor2014.pdf.  The instructions refer to the Registrar’s page, which is a great resource for up-to-date information on registering with the BanWeb system.

If you continue to have problems, please visit the Student Service Center at the Administration building, and they will take care of you.

Is there a Chemical Engineering Learning Center?

In 2014 the answer is:  YES.  The Chemical Engineering Learning Center (CMLC) is organized by the Chemical Engineering Honor Society OXE and it is staffed by students specializing in thermodynamics, transport, and fundamentals. In  Fall 2014 you can find them in Chem Sci room 215 on Mondays 6-8 pm and Wednesdays 7-9 pm.  These times will perhaps be the same in Spring 2015, but they may change.  If you have questions, please contact Julie Tomasi (jmtomasi@mtu.edu) or you can email the Chem Eng advisors (cmadvise@mtu.edu).


How can I report funny smells in the building?

If you have concerns about dangerous smells in the building, please immediately contact Public Safety at (989) 487-2216.

If you would like to record your observations in an informal way, you can also fill out my survey about building smells.  To participate, please click below:


These survey data are looked at infrequently; for immediate concerns, contact Public Safety.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.  Please forward this link to any groups that you think may be able to help us “crowd source” minor odor issues in the Chemical Sciences Building.

best wishes,
Dr. Morrison, Chemical Engineering

What do my college’s courses transfer as at Michigan Tech?

The best bet to address this question is to go to the Transfer Services website and use their Transfer Equivalency link to check which classes transfer as what from your school to Michigan Tech.

The trifold that lays out the most common plan for transfer students is discussed in another link in this blog on the course plans for transfer students.

If your school or the courses  you are interested in are not covered in the transfer equivalency system, then you will need to have each proposed course evaluated by the department at Michigan Tech that covers that subject.  Please collect two things: 1) course description from the school catalog, and 2) course syllabus from the professor.  These two items should be sent to Transfer Services with a request to have them evaluated by the appropriate department.  This process takes several weeks usually, so please plan ahead.

Have a successful semester!

I’ve been enrolled in “EH 3000 Master Student Athlete.” What’s that?

The EH 3000 course is a course related to your status as a varsity athlete.  This course does not count towards co-curricular requirements, but it can count as a free elective (1 credit).  The semester you are competing in your sport, you will be enrolled (by the Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology Department) into the appropriate varsity sport class.  The varsity sports classes count as 1 credit of co-curricular credit towards your degree.  If you have more questions, contact the Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology Department.