Updating Your Faculty Profile

Michigan Tech is in the midst of upgrading to a new Content Management System (CMS) vendor. The upgrade began over the summer and will continue through the fall with a target end date of December 29. You can learn more about our new CMS product, OU Campus, online.

Faculty Update Form

Over the past several years, faculty have been able to update their CMS profiles through the faculty update website. This site enabled you to log in to our old CMS product and make edits to your photo, CV, and other profile content. You can view an example faculty profile to see what we are referencing.

Switching Process

As academic sites are moved over to OU Campus, the faculty update form will no longer work. Once we complete the transition, we will develop a new method for updating your online profile. In between, you may experience a few months where you will not be able to make your own updates online.

Requesting Updates

If you are not able to make updates to your profile, please do one of the following to request updates:

  1. Email your department’s CMS liaison to request an update. They will have access to and training for OU Campus already and will be able to make your updates. Please include the URL to your profile along with your requested edits.
  2. If you aren’t sure who your CMS liaison is, please email cmshelp@mtu.edu to request updates to your profile. The UMC Digital Services team will place your updates for you. Updates will generally take 5 business days to complete. Please include the URL to your profile along with your requested edits.

We apologize for the inconvenience as we work through this vendor switch. After years of feedback from our campus community, we are excited for all the benefits that the new CMS product has to offer and look forward to being fully transitioned beginning in the spring of 2018.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Joel Vertin, Director of Digital Services at jcvertin@mtu.edu.