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Richard (Rick) Judd, Jr. – 1969

Richard and Karilyn Judd. - June 2011

Richard (Rick) Judd visited all the way from San Antonio, Florida in June to “check out all the changes” at Michigan Tech and the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science.

Rick was joined by his wife Karilyn. Rick says, “My lovely wife of 45 years was the one who put me through college and is responsible for me graduating from Michigan Tech in 1969.”

Ron Sadler – 1957

Congratulations to the Class of 1961 on their 50th anniversary!

Many of the class members followed the trail first blazed by the Class of ’57 to work for the Bureau of Land Management in Western Oregon.  There may have been others, but the ones I’m personally familiar with include Leon Kabat, Elaine Mosher, Sarge Preston, Fred Pastori, and George Walimaa.

I spent 11 years as the BLM’s Chief of Forestry Planning.  During that time, it was my extreme good fortune to have Sarge Preston as my right-hand man.  Sarge was in charge of the forest inventory program including all aspects from field work to data analysis.  He made thousands of analytical allowable cut runs during this era when it required feeding a computer large boxes of punch cards.

The Class of ’61 provided yet another example of how well the training and professionalism received at da Tech transfered to the Douglas-fir forests of Oregon.

Ron Sadler

Summer Camp Memories: Doug Davies – 1969

Great piece on the summer/fall camps in the Fall 2009 issue of the FRES newsletter.  I read it with a constant grin on my face remembering the summer of 1968 when I attended camp.  I just missed the Alberta experience as it was held on campus that year.

Many of our classes were held in the old Hubbell building.  And yes, we had Gene Hesterberg, Bob Sajdak, Mike Coffman, Norm Sloan, Hammer Steinhilb and others as instructors and Glenn Mroz drove the bus. You’ve come a long way, Glenn!  We also had a couple of women at our camp.  It took Summer Camp  for one of them to realize she was claustrophobic when she went in the bush.  She switched to biology the very next term .

That camp produced some of the very best times I had while at Tech.  I learned more doing those “hands-on” exercises than I would have spending twice the number of hours in a classroom.  The experience of the instructors was invaluable and served me well throughout my entire forestry career.  I had occasion to work with people who had graduated from other forestry schools that didn’t have a camp and I can tell you that their lack of practical knowledge was very obvious.  I had to actually teach a couple of them how to run a compass!!

I can still hear Vern Johnson speaking that famous phrase “C’est la vie” although he pronounced it “Sell a vee” which gave rise to the phrase coined by the students “If you can’t sell a W, sell a V”.  Thanks much for including that piece in the newsletter.

Honor Society Inducts Fourteen New Members

The Michigan Technological University Chapter of Xi Sigma Pi, National Forestry Honors Fraternity, is pleased to welcome fourteen new members to their society on April 18, 2011.

Congratulations to:
-Amber Oja
-Bethany Blease
-Ben Kamps
-Gerald Jondreau
-David Kossak
-Paul Gerhart
-Kenneth Carruthers
-Micheal Premer
-Michelle Kroll
-Amy Berns
-Jennifer Boettger
-Conor Bell
-Kenneth Kettler
-Meghan Stan

The society’s advisor is Dr. Jim Pickens of the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science. Congratulations to all the new members.

Sheila Madahbee – 2000

Sheila Madahbee won the United States Indoor Nationals at the National Field Archery Association competition  in Louisville, Kentucky, March 27, 2011.  She shot a 598  (out of 600) with 81x’s in the Adult Female

Sheila Madahbee at the U.S. Indoors National - March 2011

Bowhunter Freestyle division. She won by 4 x’s,  there was a three-way tie for 2nd place where three scored 598 and 77x’s.