Day: May 24, 2013

Am I Cited? The Library’s New Citation Searching Guide Has The Answer!

Compiling a comprehensive report of citing publications can be a seemingly overwhelming task.  Where do you look? What are the quickest and easiest ways to search?

The library can help answer these questions with a new guide to citation searching, located at and created specifically with Michigan Tech faculty and graduate students in mind. Save yourself time by learning the most efficient ways to search a variety of databases for citation metrics.

This guide will help you find citing publications in many different databases crossing all academic disciplines, track citations of topics or other authors’ articles, and assess the relative quality or merit of a publication.

We welcome your suggestions about other resources that would make good additions to this guide. If you know of a database not represented in the guide that allows citation searching, or you know of any other helpful links related to this topic, you can submit them to or using the submission link on the front page of the guide.