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Library Expo Winners Announced

A huge round of applause to our enthusiastic first year students, and to everyone who made the Library Expo such a great success!

Out of the 967 students who rushed through the library’s front doors last night, three students claimed larger prizes for completing the library’s various games and challenges. Winning the grand prize, Emily Lilla, took home two La-Z-Boy Lookout tickets. Elizabeth Rose took home the second place Michigan Tech hockey jersey, and Richard Yang will be enjoying a Mont Ripley Package this winter for winning third place.



5th Annual Winter Carnival Photo Contest Results

Below are the winning student photos from the 5th Annual Winter Carnival Photo Contest. Krishna Angal, the photographer of the grand prize winning photograph received a Pebble Smartwatch. The second place prize was a Friends of the Van Pelt Library blanket, third place won a $25 Amazon.com gift certificate and the two honorable mention photographers recieved 2’ x 3’ posters of photographs of their choosing.

As in previous years, the winning photographs were chosen by the student assistants of the J.R.V.P. Library.


1st Place, "Blizzard - MTUWC"
1st Place, “Blizzard – MTUWC”


Grand prize winner, Krishna Angal is a Graduate Student in the Electrical Engineering department from Nizamabad, India.


2nd place, "Winter Carnival Celebration"
2nd place, “Winter Carnival Celebration”


Anil K Malik, photographer of “Winter Carnival Celebration,” is a graduate student in the Mechanical Engineering department from India.


3rd place, "Quick Moving Bliss"
3rd place, “Quick Moving Bliss”


This photograph, taken by Davy McLeod of Ypsilanti, Michigan, won third place. McLeod is a freshman of the Mechanical Engineering department.


Honorable Mention #1, "Unusual Bright Winter Nights Through the Windshield"
Honorable Mention #1, “Unusual Bright Winter Nights Through the Windshield”


This photograph, entitled, “Unusual Bright Winter Nights Through the Windshield,” was taken by Prudhvidhar Kallum, a graduate student in the Electrical Engineering department.


Honorable Mention #2, "Abbey Road"
Honorable Mention #2, “Abbey Road”


Second honorable mention goes to Ruilong Han, a graduate student of the Civil Engineering department.