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Michigan Tech Engineering Ranks 14th

New ranking: Mich. Tech engineering 14th in U.S.

Michigan Technological University has steadily ranked near the top 50 U.S. schools in terms of the quality of its engineering programs, but a recent ranking put Tech in the top 50 for quantity as well.

The College Database ranked Michigan Tech 14th among the top 50 U.S. colleges and universities for engineering, based on the number of different programs offered.

Read more at the Mining Gazette, by Stephen Anderson.

Joe Eckstein on Supermileage

Joe Eckstein
Joe Eckstein

Tech Supermileage Enterprise Team Fares Well

At the recent SAE Supermileage event in Marshall, Mich., Michigan Tech’s team placed sixth overall.

Below are some highlights and related links, including video footage featuring Joe Eckstein (MSE/MEEM dual major).

WILXCBS DetroitFacebook

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Students Compete to Build Fuel Efficient Cars

With gas prices in Michigan hovering around $4.29 per gallon, how does a car that can get up to 1,000 miles per gallon sound?

It’s that lofty goal that has Joseph Eckstein and his team from Michigan Tech going the extra mile to build the most fuel efficientvehicle possible.

“From the ground up, we design our chassis to be aerodynamic as possible and to have the lowest rolling resistance as possible,” Eckstein said.

Eckstein said he can apply what he learns at events like this to the real world.

“The skills as engineers we learn working on these vehicles do translate when we work on actual passenger vehicles for road use,” he said.

The team of students from Michigan Tech were one of 25 teams from colleges across the country competing in the annul SAE International Super-mileage Collegiate Engineering Competition. Other teams from the state included University of Michigan and Calvin College.

Read more and watch the video at WILX 10 in Lansing, MI.

Dean’s List Spring 2013

4.0 Students (EMSE)
Nitz, Calvin A* JR EMSE
Tianen, Matthew N* SR EMSE

3.50-3.99 Students (EMSE)
Freiberg, Daniel S SR EMSE
Galant, Melissa R JR EMSE
Glover, Alexandra G SR EMSE
Haselhuhn, Stephanie G SR EMSE
Hayes, Emily A SR EMSE
Konieczny, Anthony M SR EMSE
Lahti, Carolyn J SR EMSE
Martin, Kellan W SR EMSE
Michael, Kelsey R SR EMSE
Michels, Taylor J SR EMSE
Miftah, Sukaina A JR EMSE
Morgan, Zachary J SR EMSE
Paul, Andrea C JR EMSE
Schaefer, Evan J SR EMSE
Treinen, Nicole L SO EMSE
Tropper, Peter D SR EMSE
Villeneuve, Bradley J JR EMSE
Waterman, Thaddeus W SR EMSE
Wiese, Anne N SR EMSE
Wolbeck, Emily C SR EMSE

Finishing Fellowship for Hui Wang

Hui Wang
Hui Wang

Spring 2013 Finishing Fellowship Awardees Announced

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the recipients of the spring 2013 finishing fellowships. The fellowships were made available by the support of the Graduate School.

Among the recipients is Hui Wang, PhD candidate in Materials Science and Engineering.

The fellowships recognize outstanding PhD students who are in need of financial support to finish their degrees. The awards are made available through the generosity of alumni and friends of the University.

Read more at Tech Today.

Emily Wolbeck Wins Global Literacy Award

Materials Science Student Wins Global Literacy Award

Malta Aviation
Malta Aviation

The Provost’s Office has announced the first winner of a new Global Literacy Award. It is Emily Wolbeck, a materials science and engineering major. She also is enrolled in the Pavlis Institute for Global Technological Leadership certificate program.

The Global Literacy Award was established to encourage students to improve their understanding of global issues. Global literacy is one of Michigan Tech’s student-learning goals.

The award is a $1,000 scholarship that Wolbeck will use to study in Malta this summer. Two other Pavlis Institute students will accompany her. They will work with the Maltese Aviation Museum to help the museum portray American participation in the Air Battle of Malta during World War II.

Read more at Tech Today, by Jennifer Donovan.

3D Printers for Peace PRIZES UPDATED

MatterHackers Sampler Pack
MatterHackers Sampler Pack

In addition to the 1st prize of a Type A Machines Series 1 3D printer and the 2nd prize of  Michigan Tech’s MOST version of the RepRap Prusa Mendel open-source 3D printer kit, we are pleased to announce the addition of a 3rd prize, courtesy of MatterHackers. They have contributed a MatterHackers sampler pack.

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In the News

Associate Professor Joshua Pearce’s (MSE, ECE) 3D Printers for Peace contest was featured in Ian Stedman’s article “3D Printers for Peace Competition Seeks Ideas that ‘Benefit Humanity,” published online May 23 in Wired magazine.

From Tech Today.

In the News

Michigan Tech’s 3D Printers for Peace Contest (MSE/ECE) continues to gain media attention including Wired UK, the International Business Times and Spiegel Online, which is the sibling of Germany’s print weekly Der Spiegel.
See Wired.comInternational Business TimesSpiegel Online WCFT-TV in Birmingham, Ala., also aired a story about Associate Professor Joshua Pearce’s (MSE) “3D Printers for Peace” contest. See online.

From Tech Today.

Michigan Tech offers 3D printer as contest prize

Joshua Pearce, the professor heading up the contest, says he hopes the contest will get people to design things that can actually be useful for good.

“What we want to do is focus more on the positive uses for 3D printing,” said Pearce. “We use it often times at Michigan Tech to create scientific equipment, but really at this point, 3D printers have come down so far in cost, and they’re so useful now. It’s a tool that can be used for both bad things and good things, and we would like to focus on the good.”

Read more at Upper Michigans Source, by Sarah Blakely.

In the News

The Michigan Tech 3D Printers for Peace Contest (MSE/ECE) continues to be covered throughout the world including: Make, Inventor Spot, 3D Geeks and the Huffington Post in France: Imprimantes 3D et un “Concours pour La Paix”.

From Tech Today.

RepRap Magazine covered the Michigan Tech 3-D Printers for Peace Contest.

RepRap Community News
RepRap Community News