Day: April 15, 2013

Chemistry Grad Student Receives NSF Fellowship for Summer Research in China

AsiaDouglas Smith will be traveling to Beijing this summer, courtesy of the National Science Foundation East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes. Smith, who is earning his MS in Chemistry, received the EAPSI fellowship to conduct research at Beijing Technological University.

Smith started his research career as an undergraduate, working with Assistant Professor Lanrong Bi (Chemistry). After he completed his BS in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, she continued as his advisor.

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BonzAI Brawl Programming Challenge

bonzAI 2013BonzAI Brawl is an all-day artificial intelligence (AI) programming competition. “The competition has grown over 50 percent this year, with about 180 contestants on 75 teams,” says Jason Hiebel, a computer science graduate student and one of the organizers of this year’s event.

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Have you ever had to program your video game to play it? Well, on Saturday, about 200 students did just that for the 6th Annual BonzAI Brawl at Michigan Tech University; students played a computer game about ducks all day for the competition.

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Two From CLS Among Top 25 Psychology Professors in Michigan

Kedmon HungweAssociate Professor of Teacher Education Kedmon N. Hungwe and Assistant Professor of Psychology Edward T. Cokely have been named among the top 25 psychology professors in Michigan.

Hungwe is the Cognitive and Learning Sciences Director at Michigan Tech. His research interests include youth and adolescent development and science education.

Cokely received the Raymond S. Nickerson Best Paper Award, sponsored by the American Psychological Association, for his co-authored paper.

Edward Cokely Read more at the CLS News Blog.