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Keeping Wood Preservatives Where They Belong: In the Wood

A team of Michigan Technological University scientists has used nanotechnology to keep the chemicals inside the wood where they belong. “It’s a new method that uses nanoparticles to deliver preservatives into the lumber,” said chemistry professor Patricia Heiden. “In our experiments, it reduced the leaching of biocides by 90 percent…” [read more]

ESC/BRC Student Research Forum Winners Announced

The Ecosystem Science Center (ESC) and the Biotechnology Research Center (BRC) announce award recipients of the Seventh Annual ESC/BRC Student Research Forum, held March 25. Awards to graduate students in the College of Sciences and Arts include a $100 Merit Award from ESC to Meagan L. Harless in Biological Sciences and $100 Merit Awards from BRC to Surendar Reddy Dhadi in Biological Sciences and Xiaochu Ding in Chemistry… [read more]

Michigan Tech Biologist “Getting the Lead Out”

biologist at Michigan Tech is working on a way to remove lead from soil that is simple, inexpensive, and, quite literally, green. Rupali Datta began her tests with vetiver grass back in 2004, when she was on the faculty of the University of Texas at San Antonio. “The city was removing lead paint in an old neighborhood, but there was still lots of lead in the soil,” she remembers. “The soil was tracked in the house as lead-laced dust…” [read more]

Peace Corps Volunteer Tackles a Sensitive Women’s Health Problem in Uganda

Stacey Frankenstein-Markon is serving in Uganda as part of Michigan Tech’s Peace Corps Master’s International (PCMI) program in applied science education. Brad Baltensperger, chair of the Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences and program director of the PCMI Applied Science Education Program, and Casey Huckins, an associate professor of biological sciences who heads the University’s new PCMI in biological sciences, spent a week in Uganda to discuss the graduate students’ research… [read more]