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Social Sciences Graduate Student Will Represent Tech for MAGS Competition

Valoree Gagnon is Michigan Tech’s nominee for the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools Distinguished Thesis Award. Gagnon is now a PhD student in environmental and energy policy, her work is funded by a National Science Foundation fellowship, and she was nominated for the thesis award by her advisor, Associate Professor Carol MacLennan, of the Department of Social Sciences… [read more]

Ecosystem Management Must Consider Human Impact Too

For a long time, ecologists have believed—and others accepted—that when it comes to whether a land mass is covered with forests or grasslands, climate controls the show. “Humans like to think everything is linear,” says Audrey Mayer, an assistant professor of ecology and environmental policy with School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science and the College of Sciences and Arts Department of Social Sciences… [read more]

Researcher Concludes Service on National Biofuels Committee

Professor Kathy Halvorsen has just completed what she calls “the greatest honor” of her career–membership on a select national committee on bioenergy that examined the economic and environmental impacts of increasing biofuels production. Halvorsen, who has a dual appointment in the Department of Social Sciences and the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, served more than a year on the committee… [read more]

Michigan Tech Researchers to Study Atmospheric Aerosols at PICO Mountain Research Observatory

The mountain’s remoteness and its elevation—7,713 feet—make it an ideal spot to study pollutants drifting east from North America. Lynn Mazzoleni, an assistant professor of chemistry, will focus on understanding aerosols’ chemistry and how they interact with sunlight. Claudio Mazzoleni, an assistant professor of physics, is a coinvestigator on that project and is lead investigator on a related grant to characterize how much sunlight aerosols are reflecting or absorbing… [read more]

Tech Reseachers Honored for Great Lakes Research

The International Association for Great Lakes Research has honored five Michigan Tech faculty members and students. The Chandler-Misener Award for the outstanding article published in the Journal of Great Lakes Research (JGLR) in 2010 was given to coauthors Professor W. Charles Kerfoot, PhD student Foad Yousef (Biological Sciences), Professor and Chair Sarah A. Green (Chemistry), former faculty member Judith W. Budd (GMES), and David J. Schwab and Henry A. Vanderploeg of NOAA… [read more]

Can We Bring the Grayling Back to Michigan?

Overfishing and destruction of its habitat have driven the Arctic grayling from its native Upper Michigan waters. But biologists Nancy Auer and Casey Huckins are looking into the possibility of bringing them back. Auer, who is noted for her work with lake sturgeon, and Huckins, whose research focuses on coaster brook trout, are studying the viability of reintroducing Arctic grayling in the Big Manistee River watershed… [read more]

CBS Detroit has picked up this story: Michigan Tech Profs Aim To Bring Back The Grayling

Plants Can Thrive in Copper-Tainted Soils with a Little Help from Bacteria, Michigan Tech Researcher Finds

Ramakrishna Wusirika’s research team may have discovered how to make plants grow in the mine-waste desert and soak up some copper while they are at it. Wusirika, a biological sciences professor at Michigan Technological University, began his research using several species ofPseudomonas bacteria from the sediments of Torch Lake… [read more]