Day: March 27, 2013

Social Sciences at World Water Day

World Water Day 2013The Center for Water & Society World Water Day poster competition was held at the Great Lakes Research Center on Thursday March 21, 2013. Among the research poster presenters were:

Mariah Maggio (Graduate Student, Environmental & Energy Policy)
Advisor: Carol MacLennan
Investigation of the Utility of Rapid Assessment Process for the Environmental Development Work of Peace Corps Master’s International Students

Emma Schwaiger (Graduate Student, Industrial Archaeology)
Advisor: Carol MacLennan
Environmental Impact of the Torch Lake Industrial Waterfront

Andrew Kozich (Graduate Student, Forest Science)
Advisor: Kathleen Halvorsen
A Great Lakes Cultural Model for Water-Related Values, Beliefs, and Behaviors

The students are shown with their posters in DOE News.

Among the faculty presenters was Emma S. Norman, Assistant Professor of Geography, Department of Social Sciences, Environmental and Energy Policy Program. She discussed Water Without Borders, water governance, political ecology, water, security, and related topics. Her presentation runs from 10:00-17:20 in the World Water Day at Michigan Tech 2013 video.

Emma Norman
Emma Norman presents for World Water Day.