Index Page Breadcrumb

A breadcrumb is short text, listed near the top of a webpage in a path format. The breadcrumb provides additional information to the user about where they are within your website and serves as an additional method for navigating the site.

You can customize the breadcrumb the is displayed for your index.pcf page. This field is available on all _props.pcf files.

Example of breadcrumbs on a page.

Breadcrumb Tips

The breadcrumb text should not repeat words from other breadcrumbs already displayed in the path. For example, if the current breadcrumb path is Admissions > Academics > Degrees and you are adding a new program page, you do not need to include the word “Degree” in the breadcrumbs.

Incorrect: Admissions > Academics > Degrees > Accounting Degree
Correct: Admissions > Academics > Degrees > Accounting

With over half of our traffic using a mobile device, which has a smaller screen than a desktop or laptop, it is important to keep the breadcrumbs concise. Review your breadcrumbs to determine if you can cut out words and shorten them without losing the integrity.


  1. Open the _props.pcf file for the page.
  2. Be sure you have the file checked out (if not, click on the lightbulb icon in the Page Actions Toolbar).
  3. Go to Properties in the Page Actions Toolbar.
    Properties tab in the page actions menu.
  4. From the Parameters menu on the left, find the Section Breadcrumb field.
    Section Breadcrumb field on the Parameters screen of a props file.
  5. Enter the desired breadcrumb text.
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. Publish the _props.pcf file.
  8. The index page and all subpages must then be published in order for the change to show up on the live site. The Preview of the pages will reflect the new breadcrumb once the _props.pcf file is published.