Day: January 31, 2017


Revert allows you to restore any previously published version of a page or include file to the staging server. Reverting a page to a selected version makes that chosen version the one that is available for editing on the staging server. It must then be published for that version to go to the live site.

To revert a page to a previous version in the row for the desired version in the Versions screen open the More Actions menu and select Revert.

Revert option in More Actions on the Versions screen.

From the confirmation window you can view the chosen version by clicking the link within the text before clicking the blue Revert button to confirm the selection.

Revert window.

You can also view the version by selecting Page under View menu in the More Actions menu for the desired revision.

View Page option in the more actions menu of Versions.

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Compare Versions

Within the Versions screen, the Compare feature allows you to compare different versions of a page. Additions, deletions, and format changes of page content are displayed graphically, so you can easily see what changes have been made across versions.

  • Strikethrough (red) shows content that was removed.
  • Underline (green) shows content that was added.
  • Wavy underline (blue) shows formatting changes.


Pages and other content within Omni CMS are located on a staging server. They must be published to be viewable on the live website. Images are automatically published during creation with the Image Editor and do not need to be manually published. You can only publish pages to which you have access. Some departments may be set up with an approval process in which another user must approve the file before it publishes.

Publishing can be done in a few ways.