Pop-up Images Snippet

This snippet allows you to link an image or text to a pop-up window displaying an image. This pop-up can be a single image for that link or a gallery of multiple images from the links on the page. This is an advanced function.


Pop-up images snippet.

View pop-up images in the Style Guide.

  1. Enter the content that will appear on the page (either text or an image) in the Content field. 
    1. If you are adding text, be sure to select “Paragraph” from the paragraph dropdown menu in the toolbar.
  2. Link that content to the image you want to appear in the pop-up.
  3. Enter text in the Relationship ID field. This is just an identification to determine which, if any, images should be in the same gallery. If you are adding multiple pop-up images on a page, giving them the same Relationship ID will group them into a gallery where the user can arrow through the images.
    1. The text must be all lower case with no symbols other than hyphen (-).

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