Blogs Style Guide: Buttons and File Download



  1. Insert the Buttons block.
  2. Type the text you want to appear in the button in the text field and use the insert link icon in the bar above the button to link the text.
  3. To change to the black or blank button styles, select the option in the Styles accordion in the Block Settings.
  4. Press Enter/Return to add another button in the same row. Add a whole new Buttons block to stack buttons on top of each other instead. The system will automatically put buttons onto a new line if the maximum number of buttons for a single row is exceeded.

File Download


  1. Insert the File block.
  2. Upload the file or select it from the Media Library.
  3. Change the button text as desired.
  4. In the file name area to the left of the button, describe the file for people using a screen reader.