Web Liaison Role

Each Modern Campus CMS website is required to have at least one designated web liaison to manage the daily maintenance of the site. The liaison is the main contact for the website for suggested edits, corrections, accessibility, etc. They also manage access requests. When a liaison is not designated, the dean, department head, or chair may be contacted in their place and is able to request access and perform other roles of the liaison.

Contact Information

The designated web liaison and their email address will be listed on the CMS Site Contacts/Liaisons sheet that is available to anyone at Michigan Tech. The web liaison should review the contact information and request updates by emailing webmaster@mtu.edu.

Access Requests

The web liaison is authorized to request edit access to the website using the CMS Access Request Form. All access requests must come from those designated individuals, not other staff or editors.

The form is used to request view-only, faculty personnel self-editing, or full edit access.

  • View-only access: People with view-only access can see the Preview of pages within the CMS. They cannot make any edits or publish pages. They would sign in with their Michigan Tech ISO. No training is provided.
  • Faculty personnel self-editing access: This access is for faculty users to update their personnel information item in their main academic department. A personnel item must already exist in the CMS. Once set up, the faculty would sign into the Faculty Update Webpage for instructions and links to make edits. No training is provided.
  • Edit access: Edit access can be provided to any faculty, staff, or student as deemed appropriate. The user would have access to edit all pages within the site, access cannot be limited to specific parts. The available training options for editors are described on the access request form.

The web liaison should request that access be removed when a user no longer needs it by emailing webmaster@mtu.edu.

Each year, University Marketing and Communications staff will email the web liaison the current contacts and users for verification.

CMS Content Editors Dashbaord

Michigan Tech has been using a tool called Siteimprove to find and correct various issues on CMS webpages. The system has the ability to send scheduled reports of select issues to people on a regular basis. UMC created a custom CMS Content Editors Dashboard listing several quality, accessibility, search engine optimization (SEO), and editorial issues reports in one place.

All designated web liaisons will receive one email with the dashboard for all of their sites on the first weekday of each month. Other website editors can request to also receive the scheduled email for their site(s) by emailing webmaster@mtu.edu.

Organic Audits

Organic audits help to polish web content with an end result of attracting prospective students or meeting other strategic goals. The audit conducted by UMC reviews key best practices for the various parts of our websites to identify areas for improvement. A link to a shorter, self-audit organic checklist is also available for you to use. Read more about our organic audits or request an audit.

Additional Resources

Additional blog posts are available with tips for: