Preview in Edit vs Preview Tabs

Depending on the content on any given page, the pages within the CMS can take a while to load. In order to speed up the load time, UMC has been implementing processes that may change the quality or accuracy of the view on the Edit tab only. For an accurate preview of the page, use the Preview tab. This preview will not be affected by the noted changes.

The following content may not display exactly as it would on the live page when viewing from the Edit tab:

  • Accordion snippet: the accordion ID, used for linking to a specific slider or FAQ, will not be available in the Edit tab, you would need to Inspect it on the Preview tab or on the live webpage after publishing. A reminder to check for the ID from the Preview tab will appear if you try to inspect it on the Edit tab.
  • Class Descriptions snippet: the course name and description will not be displayed in the Edit tab. A reminder that it is the Edit Display and that the full course information will show in the Preview tab is noted.
  • Image Gallery snippet: the image sizes in the gallery may not be accurate as we are not rendering all of the crops.
  • Image with Caption snippet: the larger image that pops up will not actually be a larger image, it will be whatever size you inserted in the snippet. A note will display below the pop-up image as a reminder.

This list will be updated as new enhancements are added. If you have examples of pages that are slow to load in the Edit tab, please email the URL to so we can determine if there is a way to speed up the load time.