Website Launch

The Continuous Improvement website will be launched later next week.  There will be a presentation of the website at the Staff Council meeting on Thursday, April 21st at 12:00 PM in the MUB Datolite Room 100.  Everyone is invited to attend.

The website launch will also be announced in Tech Today!

Website Beta Test

Today the Continuous Improvement website will be sent to a select group of individuals to undergo beta testing.  A group has been selected to help rid the site of any broken links or bugs and to help ready it for it’s public release in one of the upcoming weeks.  Stay tuned for the launch!


Hello Everyone!  Welcome to the Continuous Improvement Blog. 

This blog is set up to complement the Continuous Improvement Website (which will be on-line soon!), to keep our campus community up-to date and involved in University improvement efforts.  Here are a few things you can expect hear about through this blog:

  • Announcements of new or updated tools and resources,
  • Announcements of continuous improvement overviews, trainings and report outs
  • Success stories, lessons learned, pictures and other examples of on-campus improvement initiatives
  • Links and information to outside resources, webinars, and trainings
  • Quick tips and other educational posts, and
  • Guest writers sharing their stories.

I am also very open to suggestions you might have for future blog posts!   

-Wendy Davis