Posting Events to the University Calendar

There are two ways to post events to our Events Calendar:

General Campus Community

Calendar Admins

  1. Login to the calendar using the link in the header
  2. Once logged in, click the “Admin” shortcut in the header
  3. Click the “Add an Event” button

Please note that calendar admins have access to additional fields that do not exist on the public event submission webpage.

If you are a calendar admin, please use the event submission form available through your Admin login, as specified above.

Tips for Posting an Event

The following is a step-by-step guide for filling out your event information:

  1. Name: This is the title of your event. It should be descriptive, but not more than 7 words, if possible.
  2. Description: Please describe what your event is about. It is not a bad idea to include information about who the event is for, where your event is located, and who is hosting the event in case someone copies your event information. Calendar Admins posting via their Admin login have access to add links and media sources to descriptions.
  3. Start Date: On which day does your event start?
  4. State Time: At what time does your event start?
  5. End Time: At what time does your event end?
  6. Recurs: Use this feature if your event is reoccurring (ie: daily for a week, monthly for the semester, etc).
  7. Event Place: Enter the venue on campus where your event will take place. As you type your venue, you’ll see location options per-populate. Please select your venue from the list, so that you are linked to that venue.
  8. Room: Please enter the room number for you event, if applicable.
  9. Address: Non-admins only. Adding an address will include a link to Google Maps for directions.
  10. Photo: You have the option to upload a horizontally cropped photo of your choice. If you need to edit your image to make it horizontal, you can use an online image editor.
  11. Event Type: You can select one or more event types from the dropdown menu. To select multiple types, simply select one, return the the menu and continue selecting others. It is important to select relevant event types to make it easier for users to find your events.
  12. Department: Selecting a Department will automatically add your event to that Department’s calendar. You can select one or more Departments from the list.
  13. Audience: Select one or more Audiences from the list. Selecting relevant audiences is important to make it easier for users to find your events.
  14. Group: UMC only. Please leave this blank.
  15. Host: Please indicate who the host of the event is, using free form text. It could be a department, a group, or a person. We recommend the name of the department, when possible.
  16. Ticket Cost: If your event requires tickets, please enter the cost. I can be a single dollar amount, a range, or a description such as “Youth: $5, Adults: $20”.
  17. Ticket URL: If users can order tickets online, please enter the URL to your ticketing website here.
  18. Eventbrite ID: Calendar Admins only. If you have created an event in Eventbrite, you can enter the ID here.
  19. Keywords: Calendar Admins only. Enter 3-7 keywords related to your event, to make it easier for users to find your event when they search.
  20. Tags: UMC only. Leave this blank.
  21. Twitter Hastag: If a hashtag is associated with your event, such as #mtuwc for Winter Carnival, please enter your hashtag without the “#” symbol.
  22. Event Website: If you have a webpage or website that explains more about your event, please enter the URL here.
  23. Facebook Event Page: If you have set up a Facebook Event under your Facebook Page, you can enter the URL here.
  24. Vanity URL: Calendar Admins only. If you would like to advertise your event in print media, you can customize the URL by entering a keyword here.
  25. Sponsored: UMC only. Do not check.
  26. Allow Reviews: Calendar Admins only. If you would like to allow reviews, leave this checked.
  27. Featured: UMC only. Do not change this.
  28. Visibility: UMC only. Leave set to “Visible”.
  29. Venue Page Only: UMC only. Do not check.
  30. Exclude from Trending: UMC only. Do not check.