Unpublish and Restore

To remove content from a live site, pages and files must be moved to the Recycle Bin. Pages that are moved to the Recycle Bin can be restored, if necessary. When a page is recycled the published content is automatically removed. Once a page is deleted from the Recycle Bin or a folder is deleted, it can no longer be retrieved.

If you are removing an entire folder, you should first recycle all content items within the folder then delete the folder itself. If you delete the folder it will delete all items within it and that content will not be able to be restored.

From the Pages List View, hover over the item, go to the File menu, and select Move to Recycle Bin. Alternatively you can select multiple items using the checkboxes then select Move to Recycle Bin from the top menu.

Be sure to read the message that pops up as it will tell you any other items in the CMS that are linking to this item. Those pages should have their link updated. If that page is not one you have access to, you should contact cmshelp@mtu.edu to notify the correct department.


To restore items, the Recycle Bin can be found under Content in the Global Navigation Bar. Find the item(s) you want to restore from the list or by using the filter on the Name or Original Location. You can hover over a single item and select Restore or select multiple items using the checkboxes then select Restore from the top menu.