Pop-up Text Snippet

This snippet allows you to create a link or button on the page that opens a pop-up window displaying text. The pop-up can include headings, links, and images.



  1. Enter the text that will display on the main page in the Link field.
  2. If you want the link on the page to be a button or a blockquote instead of a plain link, enter the corresponding code in the Link Class field.
    1. “p” (without quotation marks) will create a plain link.
    2. “button” (without quotation marks) will create a gold button that changes to gray on hover.
    3. “button-grey” (without quotation marks) will create a grey button that lightens on hover.
    4. “button-blank” (without quotation marks) will create an outline button that changes to gold on hover.
    5. “blockquote” (without quotation marks) will create a blockquote.
  3. The Width and Height determine the size of the pop-up box in pixels.
  4. Enter a unique identifier in the ID field. If you are including multiple pop-ups on the page, they must be different values. The ID can only include lower-case letters, numbers, and hyphens.
  5. Enter the content that will display in the pop-up in the Pop Up field.