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GUEST SPEAKER LUNCHEON: The Rise of Network Scholars – Senenge Andzenge, Guest Presenter (Tuesday, March 15)

Traditionally, scholarship has been disseminated through journals which carry an editorial process that takes as long as a year from submission to publication. In many fast-moving fields, scholars are turning to faster – and sometimes more informal – ways of publicizing their work, including blogs, twitter feeds, and online journals. This change is impacting the way we define academic spaces and engage students in conversations about how to stay current in a field. Senenge T. Andzenge, the Instructional Technology Fellow of Digital Education and Innovation in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Minnesota, will share his expertise in this area and lead a discussion on how learning is changing across the academy. Lunch will be provided to those who register by Friday, March 11th. Click here to register.

WORKSHOP: Making Social Media Productive in Learning – Senenge Andzenge, Guest Presenter (Tuesday, March 15)

While social media has a reputation for communicating trivia, Senenge Andzenge is working to find ways to expand classrooms and learning into the broader world using unique social media tools. In this workshop, repeated in the morning and afternoon for your convenience, Senenge will explore two unique low-cost tools that allow classes to productively participate in online (and ongoing) video discussions from mobile devices. These tools could be used for small group, project-based, or full class discussions, and allow students to see facial expressions, hear vocal inflection, and share experiences as they discuss. Please register by Friday, March 11. Register for one of the available sessions: 10-11am Session and a 2-3pm Session.

GUEST SPEAKER LUNCHEON: Project-Based Approach to Global Literacy (Thursday, March 24)

On Thursday, March 24 from 11:30am-12:30pm, Dr. Richard Vaz, Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), will give a talk on WPI’s Global Projects Program for which undergraduates are required to complete projects, located at project centers across the globe, that emphasize real-world problem solving, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. The projects are organized and overseen by WPI faculty and typically respond to problems identified by local organizations. Vaz will also present findings regarding the long-term impacts of project work completed away from campus. Lunch will be provided to those who register by Monday, March 21. Click here to register.

ASSESSMENT WORKSHOP: Advancing Global Literacy at Michigan Tech (Thursday, March 24)

In this workshop, scheduled for 3-5pm on Thursday, March 24, led by guest presenter Dr. Richard Vaz, participants will explore approaches to achieving goals for global literacy. Participants will start by identifying the global skills and abilities we want students to be able to demonstrate, and then consider different forms of evidence those skills and abilities might generate. Next, they’ll identify examples of assignments and activities that will generate the desired evidence. Finally, they’ll explore how those assignments and activities can fit into the curriculum, and discuss how to support successful and sustainable implementation.  Refreshments will be provided to those who register by Monday, March 21Click here to register.

WORKSHOP: Reducing Unintended Bias in the Classroom (Thursday, March 31)

It’s natural and necessary for people to use their “quick brain” to make judgments and generalizations below the level of conscious thought. In college classrooms, however, particularly those with few women and/or with other under-represented populations, these unconscious generalizations can impact student attitudes, behaviors and sense of belonging in subtle and unintended ways. The Engineering Inclusive Teaching Faculty Development series from WEPAN (the Women in Engineering Programs and Advocates Network) has provided an excellent preparation video and a wealth of scenarios on this topic. After viewing the preparation video, participants will gather for a coffee chat on Thursday, March 31, from 3:30-4:30pm, to explore the wealth of scenarios provided and also discuss specific strategies to help recognize some of these unconscious generalizations in order to reduce their negative impact on students. Refreshments will be provided to those who register by Monday, March 28Click here to register.

TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS (February and March) Click below for additional information and registration or email ctl@mtu.edu to schedule a consultation.

  • Panopto Recorder – Thursday, March 17 from 2-3pm
  • Nb (Annotation and Discussion Tool) – Tuesday, March 22, from 3-4pm
  • Mastery in Modules (Canvas Quizzes/Modules to Support Mastery)- Wednesday, March 23, from 3-4pm


Blended Learning Grant Program: Please see the associated website for important information and (the fast approaching!) deadlines (Oct 31 & Nov 3) regarding this new grant opportunity.

New Module: Incorporating Information Literacy into Instruction: The Van Pelt and Opie Library and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) invite faculty and graduate students to attend a new module that is part of the CTL’s University Teaching and Learning (UTL) Seminars program (see here for full curriculum). “Incorporating Information Literacy into Instruction” consists of three one-hour workshops on sequential Mondays (starting Nov. 4) presented by Instruction and Learning Librarian Sarah Lucchesi. This module will explore the library’s information resources, digital tools for keeping current in a field of study, and assignment elements that allow students to practice information literacy skills. Click here to register.

Coffee Chat – Ownership and Authorship: The recent campus visit by Chuck Valauskas, a Blended Learning IP lawyer, raised awareness of the need to clarify ownership and authorship rights and obligations at Michigan Tech. The University Senate Academic Policies committee, charged with writing a clear copyright policy, seeks faculty input through this coffee chat. For this coffee chat event on Tuesday, Nov 5, from 3:30-5pm, faculty will be asked to review several policies that might serve as a model, and come prepared for discussion. Coffee and light refreshments will be provided to those who register by Friday 11/1. Click here to register.

Coffee Chat — Communication Learning Goal: Are you addled by assessment? Rattled by rubrics? Confounded by communication? Join the Communication Learning Goal Task Force for a collaborative primer about applying the communication rubrics in your course and program. Reminder: The Communication University Student Learning Goal (USLG) is going to be assessed university wide this year. Join us for this timely workshop on Tuesday, November 12, from 3:30-5pm. Click here to register.

Lunch n’ Learn — Student Devices in the Classroom: Surveys show that more than 90% of students now carry an Internet connected “device” – a smartphone, tablet, or laptop – into classes.  During this session on Thursday, November 14, we’ll explore ways that these devices can be used for student/instructor interaction.  We’ll also discuss the challenges that accompany engaging or ignoring “devices”. Click here to register.

Faculty Orientation to the New Experimental Education Environment: Faculty, instructors and other interested educators are invited to learn about the features and uses of a new space dedicated to promoting innovation and testing of teaching strategies, technologies and creative learner-instructor arrangements. Sponsored, in part, by the Herman Miller Corporation, the overview sessions will be held throughout the day on Tuesday, Nov. 19. More information about the Experimental Education Environment (E3), as well as details regarding scheduling that space, can also be found on the same page with the registration links. Click here to register.

Upcoming Events

During the fall and spring semesters, faculty and instructional staff will be invited approximately monthly to either a lunchtime workshop or coffee chat on a topic of current interest.  eLearning workshops are also available year round to help you use technology to enhance your courses. These events provide an opportunity to network with faculty from other departments, learn new instructional strategies and tools, and become aware of instructional policy changes.  Please contact us with ideas and suggestions for future events.