Brown Bag Talk: Agency, Ethics, and AI: A Conversation About the Ontology of Human and Non-Human Agency



Humanities faculty Jason Archer, Scott Marratto and Alexandra Morrison will lead a Brown Bag panel discussion on agency — kicked off with three short presentations. The first will address 20th and 21st c. phenomenological philosophy that, through its rigorous descriptions of concrete lived embodied experience, challenges “mind-centered” and exclusively cognitive models of  human agency. The second will address the ways in which contemporary research in STEM ethics draws on that same phenomenological tradition to reveal the ways in which human engagement with technical objects and sociotechnical systems transform moral perception and agency. The third presentation will discuss the way in which a similar understanding of hybrid agency critically informs state-of-the-art research in Science and Technology Studies (STS), communication, and sensory studies, including human-machine communication and haptics.


Presented by Associate Professor of Philosophy Alexandra Morrison, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Technologies Jason Archer, and Associate Professor of Philosophy Scott Maratto

All are welcome to attend!


Friday, March 22 2024


Petersen Library, Walker Arts & Humanities Center