WIBIT Wednesday at the SDC Pool


MTU Students, SDC Access Pass Holders (minimum 1-month), and WIBIT Wednesday Pass holders, come make a splash with our inflatable pool obstacle course called the WIBIT!

Events will be held this fall for current MTU Students and SDC Access Pass Holders (minimum 1-month).
Test your individual skills on the course or challenge your friend to a race across the obstacles.
The course is set up in the deep water and requires users to be able to pass our swim test.
See the WIBIT rules and swim test content below for more information. 

There are many different pieces of the WIBIT and each event will have a featured combination.
Potential featured pieces include:

  • ”The Step” – This piece allows users to climb up onto the course.
  • ”The Base” – Users must make their way across a horizontal surface. Be careful how fast you move as it can get slippery!
  • ”The Cliff” – Users must navigate either side of a slope using the handles and their balancing skills.
  • ”V-Connect” – Users must use limited footing space to navigate across the horizontal structure.
  • ”The Bridge” – Users must navigate up and over an arched structure without falling through.
  • ”The Slope” – Users must climb up a 6 foot wall that leads to a slide into the pool water below!


Wednesday, October 25, 5:00-8:00pm
Wednesday, November 29, 5:00-8:00pm

Featured Combinations:

10/25/23: Step/Bridge/V-Connect/Slope
11/29/23: Step/Bridge/Cliff/Slope

Come visit us at the pool to try out your skills!