Profile Snippet

This snippet is traditionally used for information about people that are not employees, such as alumni or student award winners, this snippet can include a photo and text on the left with a short description on the right to be used on a listing page with several other profiles. The short listing then includes a link to a full-page listing. If you would like to use this layout on just one page, not a short version and long version, you should use the Row w/ Left Image snippet instead.

profile-short profile-full


If you are going to use both the multiple listing and full-page options for one profile, you must create the snippet as an Asset.

  1. Profile Title will appear above the content on the short listing.
  2. Profile Info is the content on the left. You can include a square170, square250, or personnel170 image and text.
  3. Callout is the content that will appear on the short listing. If you use headings in this field, begin with Heading 3.
  4. Body is the content that will appear on the full page.
  5. In the Fullpage Link field enter the text that you want to appear as the link and link it to the full page .pcf file.

Once created, the asset (or snippet itself if you are only doing one location) can be inserted into a Boxed Sections snippet to create the multiple listing and inserted directly onto the Main Content Region to create the full-page listing.

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