CMS Content Search

Content managers may occasionally want to search for specific phrases within the content of their CMS website. To search your site for a specific phrase, follow these steps.

  1. Log into the CMS and select the search icon in the main toolbar.
    Search icon
  2. Click on the Advanced dropdown menu.
    Advanced menu
  3. Open the Type dropdown menu.
    Type menu
  4. Select only the text-based files and/or assets options.
    Type selection options
  5. Enter your search phrase in the Contains the Words textbox.
    Search text field
  6. If you chose only the text-based files option, you can select a specific Location (folder) in the CMS to search within.
    Location selector
  7. Click the blue Apply button in the bottom right corner to see results.
    Results example
  8. To edit content, click on the blue Title link as outlined in the above example.

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