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Image Captions in Blog Posts

Image captions make your content more engaging, provide additional information to your readers, and can also boost your search engine optimization (SEO). They provide additional context when readers skim your post and could encourage people to read your content more fully. Just like anything else, don’t overdo it. Add captions where it is appropriate and provides more information to the user.

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Creating and Styling Tables

Data tables present tabular information in a grid. They are made up of columns and rows that communicate the meaning of the information. There are several options for styling your data in tables to allow for a clean, visually appealing look.

The use of HTML tables is reserved for displaying data in an organized manner. It is not proper to use table code to control webpage layout or design. To display content on your webpage in multiple columns, please refer to the Boxed Sections Snippets or the List Spread Buttons SnippetContinue reading

Image with Caption Snippet

This snippet will create an image with text beneath it. The image can be left or right aligned so body content wraps around it if it is not the full content area width or center or left aligned with no wrapping. If you have cropped an 800 size or larger of the image being displayed, the system will automatically include a pop-up of the image and caption.

Example of an image with a caption.

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