NASA features Simon Carn in an article about gases from the eruption of Chaitén Volcano in Chile

Carn is a researcher at Geologica/Mining Engineering & Sciences: “Volcanic eruptions are a sort of atmospheric chemistry experiment; they stick a large amount of gas into the atmosphere quickly,” he said. Scientists do not know with certainty what will result from such an experiment. They have learned that over time, the gases may transform into tiny droplets or particles called aerosols.

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Powwow: Alumna Guides Youth, Celebrates Native Traditions

For the fourteenth year, the Spirit of the Harvest Powwow graced the Michigan Tech campus. One of the lead dancers who circled the Multipurpose Gym was Jessica Koski, a Tech alumna who is now a graduate student at Yale University pursuing a master’s degree in environmental management.

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Michigan Tech Research Institute Receives NIH Grant to Study Wildfires, Health

Tyler Erickson is part of a team of Michigan Technological University researchers has received a $452,086 grant from the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences for the first year of a research study of the impact of climate change on wildfires and the resulting impact on human health of smoke from the wildfires.

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Distinguished Alumnus Award to Frank Pavlis

A poor farm boy, Frank Pavlis was typical of his generation to be the first in his family to attend college. He came to Michigan Tech on a four-year scholarship, hungering for an engineering education. So, inadequate food notwithstanding, and the need to work part-time to offset expenses, he persevered and in 1938 graduated at the top of his class.

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Global Watershed GK12 Fellowships: Diving Deep into Water Topics with Middle School Teachers, Students

Starting this fall, Michigan Tech PhD students will begin an in-depth, collaborative effort to bring the engineering, natural science and political aspects of water resources to middle school students and their teachers. Professor Alex Mayer, director of the Center for Water and Society, anticipates that the effort will go beyond raising young people’s awareness of water issues.

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