Month: August 2021

PCA 2021 Induction Attendee List

As of 9/14/21 at 10:00 a.m.

Chris S. Anderson  Biological Sciences
Molli Andor* Mechanical Engineering
Michele Blau College of Business
Marie Cleveland College of Business
Christine M. Cowell Chemical Engineering
Deborah DeManno Biological Sciences 
Mandy Frantti Mathematics
Monica Hahn College of Business
Angela Hammond* Geological Engineering
Amberlee Haselhuhn* Materials Science & Engineering
Sally Heidtke Chemical Engineering
Cynthia Hodges Mechanical Engineering
Jean Kampe Materials Sciences & Engineering
Michelle Edith Jarvie-Eggart Civil & Environmental Engineering / Engineering Fundamentals 
Jaclyn Johnson* Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics
Britta Jost Mechanical Engineering
Kim Lobdell* Civil Engineering
Christine Manninen Biological Sciences
Adrienne Minerick Chemical Engineering
Heidi Mueller Mechanical Engineering
Leanne Panduren Civil Engineering
Christine Roberts MechanicalEngineering & Biomedical Engineering
Kristin Schourek Biological Sciences
Jennifer Shute Mechanical Engineering 
Rebecca Smits Geological Engineering
Birgit Sorgenfrei Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jennifer Trice* Mechanical Engineering 
Karin Buckland Van Dyke Forestry

*Indicates 2021 inductee