Month: August 2021

PCA 2021 Induction Attendee List

As of 9/14/21 at 10:00 a.m.

Chris S. Anderson Biological Sciences
Molli Andor*Mechanical Engineering
Michele BlauCollege of Business
Marie ClevelandCollege of Business
Christine M. CowellChemical Engineering
Deborah DeMannoBiological Sciences 
Mandy FranttiMathematics
Monica HahnCollege of Business
Angela Hammond*Geological Engineering
Amberlee Haselhuhn*Materials Science & Engineering
Sally HeidtkeChemical Engineering
Cynthia HodgesMechanical Engineering
Jean KampeMaterials Sciences & Engineering
Michelle Edith Jarvie-EggartCivil & Environmental Engineering / Engineering Fundamentals 
Jaclyn Johnson*Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics
Britta JostMechanical Engineering
Kim Lobdell*Civil Engineering
Christine ManninenBiological Sciences
Adrienne MinerickChemical Engineering
Heidi MuellerMechanical Engineering
Leanne PandurenCivil Engineering
Christine RobertsMechanicalEngineering & Biomedical Engineering
Kristin SchourekBiological Sciences
Jennifer ShuteMechanical Engineering 
Rebecca SmitsGeological Engineering
Birgit SorgenfreiElectrical & Computer Engineering
Jennifer Trice*Mechanical Engineering 
Karin Buckland Van DykeForestry

*Indicates 2021 inductee