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Alumni Reunion 2021 Attendee List

As of 07/21/2021 12:00pm

Last NameFirst Name Preferred ClassMajor
Aho Karla 1993 Business Administration
Aittama Bruce 1981 Mechanical Engineering
Anderson Dyche 1981 Chemical Engineering
Anderson Britta 2015 Electrical Engineering
Argentati Carol
Aro Dave 1990 Mechanical Design Eng Tech
Barr Nancy 2011 Rhetoric and Technical Communication
Batten Dan 1990 Business Administration
Becker Chris 1981 BSBA
Benedict Brandon 2012 Computer Science
Benedict Brandon 2015 Electrical Engineering
Bennett Barbara 1978 Forestry
Bowen Jim 1996 Mechanical Engineering
Bowes James 1971 Mechanical Engineering
Brandt Andy 1981 Civil Engineering
Brodeur James 1968 Biological Sciences
Burger Grace 1984 Business/Accounting
Calder John 1967,  1976 Mechanical and MBA
Chopp Natasha 2006, 2015, 2017 Business Administration, MBA, and Masters in Data Science
Cleveland Marie 1982 Business
Cleveland Michael 19’82 Chemical Engineering
Colvin Joshua 2000 Mechanical Engineering
Coon William 1971 BSMY
Coon (Bourdage) Katherine 1971  
Cote James 1961 Electrical Engineering
Crull Brian 1996 Electrical Engineering
Dennis Ashley 2014 Applied Ecology/Environmental Science
Desrochers James 1989, 2016 BSEE, MBA
Dick Richard 1956 Mining Engineering
Doherty Dennis 1977 Biology
Doherty Jr Dennis 2008 EET
Dressel Thomas 1961 BSME
Du Chene William 1991 Mechanical Design Technology
Dumler Richard 1971 Electrical Engineering
Emaus Karen 1981 BSME
Epple Carl (Herb) 1961 Mechanical Engineering
Eslinger Mark 1971 Civil Engineering
Fanello Shawn 2009, 2010 ME & MBA
Frahm Wes    
Franco Lou 1981 BSME
Franklin Bart 1996 Civil Engineering
Fream Julie 1983 BSChE
Gammicchia Robert 1971 Mechanical engineering
Gothard David 1971 Forestry – Science & Technology
Gothard Diane 1974  
Graff Lorrie    
Gustafson Kim 1982 Business
Halonen Eric 1991 Accounting
Harris Tim 1981 Social Sciences
Hartley David 1971 BSForestry
Heidtke Sally 1981 BSChE
Hicks Brian 1971 CE
Hintz Dan 1981 Mechanical
Hodges Cynthia 1987, 1989 BSME, MSME
Hubert Dave 1981 BSME
Hukkanen Robert 1971 Metallurgical Eng
Jensen Leanne 2001 MET
Johnson Dana 1980 Business Administration
Jouppi Brian 1999 Chemical Engineering
Jouppi Mandy 2000 Chemical Engineering
Julien Connie 1974, 1978, 1986 BS/MS Chemistry, MBA
Kainulainen Kevin    
Kaiser Christopher 1971 Chemistry
Kallgren Christopher 1981 Chemical Engineering
Kero Dale    
Kloote Marney 1988 Civil
Kolodge Kristin 1995 Mechanical Engineering
Kolodge Sean 1995 Mechanical Engineering
Kuffer Bruce 1971 Civil Engineering
Laird Jane 1968 EE
Lane II Richard 2011 CNSA
Lara Carlos 1981 Metallurgy
LaTendresse Ildiko 1970 Chemistry
Laverne Robert 1980 Forestry
Levengood Larry 1971 Biological Sciences
Lewis Jerome 1971 Chemistry
Livesay Dennis    
Loucks Jeremy 2011 Geology
Lundgren Bryan 1976 EE
Maki Michael 1971 EE
Massey William 1964 Mining
Matas Erin 2025 Applied Cognitive and Learning Sciences
McDonald Emily 2012 Environmental Engineering
McGowan Wesley 2010 CNSA
McMackin Keith 1971 Chemical Engineering
Meyers David 1981 Civil Engineering
Meyers John 1972 Business Administration
Mikkola Paul 1966, 1989 Metallurgical Engineering
Mitteer Adam 2003 BS Business Administration 2003,  MS Data Science 2017
Moore-Bouchard Tonya 1996 BS Electrical Engineering
Morgan Erica 2011 Civil Engineering
Muller Mike 1986 Mechanical engineering
Nelson William 1971 Civil Engineering
Newhouse Tom 1969 ME-EM
Nygren Harold (Tom) 1961 Forestry
O’Grady Alicia    
Paradee Jeff 1981 Civil Engineering
Paradis Mike 1975 ME
Parm James 1981 Electrical Engineering
Parm Jean 1982 Computer Science
Perrie Andrew 1964 Mathematics
Price Robert 1975 BSME
Price P. Carol 1977 Forestry
Purcell Jr Derrick 2011 Electrical Engineering
Quinde Maria 2019 Mechanical eng
Rajewski Robert 1981 BSEE and BSCS
Renier Mike 1989 chemistry
Richards John 1970 CE
Rockwell John 1979 Business
Rodriguez Stephanie 1996 Liberal Arts
Ross Shirley 1981 Biological Sciences
Salmi Tom 1971 Forestry
Schwartz James 1971 Chem Eng
Schwartz James 1971 Chemical Engineering
Siprak-Weill Rita 1980 BS Medical Technology
Smith Jody 2001 Environmental engineering
Soulliere Owen 2019 Mechanical Engineering
Sparrow Gary 1970 Chemical Engineering
Speight Kevin 1978 Nursing
Sproule Bill 1970 Civil Engineering
Stenger Robert 2018 Physics
Stevens Laura 1981 Computer science
Swager (Mikkola) Karen 1992, 1994 Metallurgical Engineering
Swanson Victor 1950 BS ME
Tatch-Julian Deb 1982 Business – Accounting
Thomas Timothy 1981 BSME
Timmons Richard 1969 Civil Engineering
Toth Dennis 1971 Business Administration
Toth Linda 1974 Biological Science
Toth Jonathan 2009 Business Administration
Van Dyke Andy 2011 Forestry
Van Dyke Karin 1978 Forestry/Forest Management
VanSelus Robert 2011 Electrical Engineering
Vezzetti Eugene 1969 Business
Waitkins Arlene    
Weathers Bryant 2010 STC
Wilson Richard 1971 Civil
Winans Randall 1979 Chemistry
Wright Matthew 1982 Mechanical Engineering
Wyllie Dennis 1970 Forestry
Young Lorraine    
RetireeDepartment or TitleRetired
Mike AbbottStaff – Vice President for Research2021

Remembering Professors Carr and Huang

Professor Emeritus Bernie Carr

Bernard Warren Carr (Bernie)–also known to some as Butch—died at Omega House in Houghton, MI on June 7, 2021. He was born April 22, 1943 in Munising, Mich., to Frank and Irma (Kumpu) Carr, and raised in Christmas, Mich. He graduated from Munising’s Mather High School in 1961. While working as a Forestry Aide in the Seney area he met the love of his life (Karen Ruth Ketola) in the fall of 1961. They were married on August 29, 1964 in Germfask, Mich.

During the summers while in college Bernie worked two summers for the US Forest Service, one summer for the Celotex Corporation, and while a student at MTU he worked as a rodman for Helmuth Steinhilb, a Forestry professor and land surveyor.

Bernie attended Northern Michigan University before finishing a BS degree in Forestry from Michigan Tech University, followed by an MS degree in Silviculture from the University of Maine.

He then accepted a teaching position in Michigan Tech’s newly created Forestry Technician Program within the School of Technology. Upon accepting the position he planned to stay for three to five years and ended up staying for 35 years. The joy and challenges of working with the students was what kept him teaching, especially in the early years. During the 35 year period, he served as the program coordinator and earned the rank of Professor. Upon retirement he was conferred with the title of Professor Emeritus.

Bernie was professionally active in the Society of American Foresters (SAF). He served as Chair of the Michigan SAF, and as the Michigan Society representative on the planning committee for an SAF Region Technical Conference held in Wisconsin. He was elected a SAF Fellow in 1987, and was an SAF Golden Member with more than 50 years of continues membership. He was appointed to the Michigan Forestry Licensing Board by then-Governor Engler. Bernie also served as the first elected chair for two years of the Council of Eastern Forest Technician Schools (CEFTS), and later as elected Secretary and newsletter editor for two years. He also chaired the committee that developed the CEFTS constitution and operating procedures.

Bernie also engaged in public service throughout his life. He was a member of the L’Anse Hockey Association (LHA). He coached, served on the LHA board of directors, and chaired the LHA committee that negotiated implementation of hockey in the L’Anse Township Schools in the 1980s. He was a member of the L’Anse Township Board of Education for eight years, and member of the Copper Country Intermediate School District Board of Education for 12 years. A past member of the Copper Country Building Committee, he participated in a number of home builds over the years. Bernie joined the L’Anse Lions Club in 1974 and transferred to the Houghton Lions in 1991, belonging to the Lions for 47 years. He also served a number of years on the Portage Township Planning Commission and the Board of Review.

Bernie was a member of Good Shepherd Luther Church of Houghton and past member of United Lutheran Church of L’Anse. At both congregations, he served on many committees over the years.

He was a member of the Portage Fitness Center and while there, he “joined” Club 43 which was initiated by Frank Taucher. Other members are John Lawton, Dick Prince, and Bob Haataja (all of whom were born in 1943). With his wife Karen, he received the Ken Hamar Award for exemplary and continuous support of the Michigan Tech Athletic Program through the Blue Line Club. He was also active in the Center Court Club of Women’s Basketball at Michigan Tech.

Preceding Bernie in death were his parents Frank and Irma Carr, and his brothers Richard and Kenneth.

Surviving are his wife Karen Ketola Carr; children Amy Carr (Michael Kirby) of Macomb, Ill., and Frank (Rosa) Carr of Elko, Nev.; sister-in-law Susan Carr, and grandchildren Rachelle Reymers, Savanna Carr, Alysia Carr and Brett Carr.

As a parting thought, Bernie “wished to thank my wife for always being my kindred spirit and supporting me. Also to all my friends and not so friends, please forgive me if I insulted you and hopefully remember the fun times we had.”

Professor Emeritus and Former Graduate School Dean Eugene Huang

Eugene Y. Huang died June 14, 2021, in New Hope, at age 103.

He was born in Changsha, China, in 1917. He was the son of historian Huang Shan and his wife Zhao Yiyun.

As a child, he was raised in a traditional home, and given a Chinese classical education, but was soon drawn as a young student to Western science and technology.

During WWII, he worked in the Chinese National Highway Administration, assigned to a team in southwest China that designed and built roads and bridges in support of the war effort against the Japanese.

He came to the United States for further education in 1948. In 1950, he began to obtain an M.S. in engineering at the University of Utah. In 1954, he was awarded a doctorate in civil engineering from the University of Michigan. Eugene began teaching at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, where he met and married his wife, Helen.

In 1963, he moved with his young family to Houghton. He was a professor of civil engineering at Michigan Technological University, and later a dean of the Graduate School. He retired in 1984.

Eugene and Helen were committed supporters of the arts at Houghton High School and Michigan Tech. His family worshipped at Trinity Episcopal Church.

After Eugene’s retirement the couple enjoyed visits to Europe and Asia. In 2009, he and Helen left their beloved Copper Country and relocated to Henderson, Nevada, where dear friends and a warm climate gave them a new lease on life. In 2018, they moved to Pennsylvania to be closer to family. He was a firm believer in lifelong education, and encouraged his children in all of their studies, research, and professional pursuits.

He is preceded in death by his wife, Helen.

He leaves behind six children, Martha (Andrew) Higgins, Pearl (J. Peter) Hobbs, William, Mary (Jim) Toga, Priscilla (Jonathan) Singer, and Stephen (Jeannie) Chu and 10 grandchildren.

Make a Difference with the Alumni Board!

Join a team of fellow alumni to make a difference at Michigan Tech!

The Michigan Tech Alumni Board of Directors is a group of volunteers elected from around the country to represent their fellow alumni. It sets priorities and works with the University to develop and support programs to connect alumni and support students.

Members of the Alumni Board of Directors participate in a cardboard boat race during Homecoming 2019.

Benefits of Service

  • Meet many amazing Huskies – engage with students, faculty, staff and fellow alumni and gain insight into the university’s vision for the future.
  • Find opportunities for your company to be more engaged on campus
  • Support and Inform students in your community who may be future Huskies.
  • Continue the tradition of “Huskies helping Huskies”
  • An excellent ‘excuse’ to get back to the Keweenaw twice per year.

Learn More or Nominate Someone (including yourself).

Members of the Alumni Board of Directors visited Michigan Tech’s student Mushing Club during Winter Carnival 2021.

Author and Alum – Michael Paddock (’87, ’88) to Present

Book cover

Join Michael Paddock, PE, PS (’87, ’88) on Tuesday, June 1 from 2-3:00 pm EST, as he presents his book Bridging Barriers: How a Community Changes Its Future with Help from Engineers Without Borders USA Volunteers.

Paddock brings to us a true story about “the trials, tributations and successes of the engineers and community members who gave new hope to Garrucha”. The book details the work that students from Milwaukee’s Marqutte University Engineers Without Borders (EWD) program used to contruct two life-changing projects, a bridge and a water project, for the rural community of La Garrucha, Guatemala.

Learn about what drives Paddock to focus on a life of service, lessons on community-building, and important insights as to what it takes for a project to be sustainable. The invaluable takeaways can be applied to everyone’s personal and professional lives.

Paddock’s service to others earned him the honor of being selected as the recipient of the 2020 Humanitarian Award by the Alumni Board of Directors.

You can learn more about Michael Paddock and his book, Bridging Barriers, here.

Tune in via ZOOM on Tueseday, June 1 at 2:00 pm EST for the live presentation and Q&A at

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Heather Sander, Assistant Director – Alumni Programming at or 906-487-2466.

Scholarship Spotlight — West Michigan Chapter Scholarship

A group of Michigan Tech alumni has turned its social events into a significant benefit for Michigan Tech students. Members of the West Michigan Chapter of MTU Alumni, through events like pasty sales and pickled egg contests, are helping students complete their education through an endowed scholarship fund.

Kevin Grzelak has been involved with the West Michigan Chapter since 1997 and its president since 2003. He’s seen activity for the Chapter increase with the high number of Tech alumni living in the area. 

“We weren’t trying to raise money initially, but we started making a little money,” he said. “Then someone donated a fishing charter that we raffled off. It wasn’t long until we decided we should use the funds to start the scholarship.”

Events used to raise the funds include annual events like a Chapter Spring Dinner, a Vollwerth’s pasty sale, a golf outing, raffles for fishing charters, and a pickled egg contest.

Scholarship recipients are high school graduates from the counties of Allegan, Barry, Lake, Kent, Mason, Mecosta, Muskegan, Montcalm, Newaygo, Oceana, and Ottawa on the lower peninsula’s west side. Priority is given to children of Michigan Tech alumni. Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA, and the scholarship is renewable for up to five years.

Over the last 10 years, 14 students have received scholarships to continue their education. Many more will be helped as the endowment balance approaches $100,000.

“The work of the chapter and putting on events is spread over a large group of alumni,” said Grzelak. “We split up the tasks. It’s a pretty active group with good camaraderie, and we’re happy to support our alma mater.”

Contribute to the West Michigan Alumni Chapter Scholarship or support the Annual Fund Scholarship for any student with need.

Remembering Olsson and Santeford

Professor Emeritus Milton Olsson Passes Away

by Mark Wilcox, University Marketing and Communications

An educator, composer and conductor who spent more than three decades leading choral and orchestral groups at Michigan Tech has died. Professor Emeritus Milton Olsson died Saturday at UP Health System – Portage hospital in Hancock from complications resulting from catastrophic injuries he sustained in October. He was 80.

Milt Olsson

Olsson came to Michigan Tech in 1976 as director of choral and orchestral activities. His establishment of the Michigan Tech Concert Choir and his work as director of the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra (KSO) quickly brought him to prominence in the arts and music scene not only in the Upper Peninsula but throughout the state. Under his guidance, the Michigan Tech Concert Choir grew from less than 20 to nearly 100 members. Olsson began the Concert Choir’s tradition of performing internationally.

In 1993 Olsson was appointed the first chair of Tech’s newly created Department of Fine Arts, now known as the Department of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA). Olsson’s efforts and influence reached far beyond the MTU campus. He was a past president of the American Choral Directors Association of Michigan and was in high demand as a choral adjudicator and clinician.

Olsson earned degrees in music theory and composition from Wayne State University and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder in the literature and performance of choral music.

Olsson was widely respected as a composer and arranger and had several of his compositions performed by the KSO and other orchestras.

Among his highlights at Michigan Tech was the performance of his composition “MASS,” written to celebrate the opening of the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts in 2000.

According to his family, one of the most cherished memories of Olsson’s career was conducting the KSO with rock music legend Alan Parsons. The performances featured his son PJ Olsson, who is the Alan Parsons Project lead singer, and some of Olsson’s arrangements. They produced four sold-out shows.

In 2009 Olsson retired from Michigan Tech but remained active and vital in the music and fine arts community, and served as conductor of the Keweenaw Youth Symphony. 

Jared Anderson, chair of VPA, commented on Olsson’s legacy.

“Milt Olsson’s musical legacy will reverberate throughout the Michigan Tech community for generations. He was a gifted conductor, composer, teacher, mentor, administrator, visionary and friend. Joel Neves and I often joke that it took two of us to replace one Milt Olsson. He will be sorely missed in our lives and in the lives of so many students that he inspired over his long career at Michigan Tech, from 1976 to 2009.” 

Neves, the current conductor of the KSO, said the success of the orchestra is due in large part to the foundation laid by Olsson.

“Milt was a legend here in the Keweenaw: Everyone knew him, everyone loved him. I will be forever grateful for his personal mentorship and friendship, and of course his stunning musical mind,” said Neves. “Milt dreamed big and was hugely influential in the building of the Rozsa Center and taking the Concert Choir and Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra to greater heights. His artistic legacy is only matched by his humanity and kindness toward all. He was a great man, father, artist and colleague.”

Among Olsson’s survivors are his wife Trudy and their sons, Dave (Karyn), Stephan (Cathy) and PJ; and grandchildren, Cameron, Amelia, Ana, Kinzli, Bella and Sophia. He was preceded in death by his grandson Remi. 

There will be no funeral, but a memorial service is being considered for the future. The family is encouraging those who wish to, to give to the Milton Olsson Endowed Scholarship at Michigan Tech

Professor Emeritus Henry Santeford Remembered

by University Marketing and Communications

Michigan Tech professor emeritus Henry Santeford passed away peacefully at his Superior Location home, surrounded by his family, on Sunday, Feb. 14, following a lengthy illness. Santeford, a Michigan Tech alumnus who spent more than two decades teaching at his alma mater, was 78.

A native of Chicago Heights, Ill., Santeford earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering from Michigan Tech and PhD from Colorado State University. In 1972, he joined the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences as a staff research hydrologist in Washington, D.C.

Santeford’s love of snow, ice and mountains made him the perfect candidate to head up the first National Weather Service/NOAA field station tasked with unraveling the mysteries of Alaska’s hydrology. His passion for teaching lured him back to academia at the University of Alaska, where he lectured at both the Anchorage and Fairbanks campuses. In 1974, he was the recipient of Michigan Tech’s Outstanding Young Alumni Award.

In 1980, Santeford joined the faculty of Michigan Tech teaching water resource engineering with a focus in cold regions hydrology in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Highly respected by his students, he received the Chi Epsilon Outstanding Faculty Award multiple times, was the faculty advisor for the MTU Ridge Roamers and the Four Wheelers Club and was an active board member of the John Wesley House. He retired as professor emeritus in June 2001.

Following his passing in February, several former students remembered Santeford on Facebook:

  • “Dr. Santeford was one of my favorite professors at Tech. And I use the things I learned from him in my career to this day. I’m grateful for the energy and passion he invested in his students!”
  • “One of my favorite professors at Tech! He was animated, funny and had passion for his position, students and community. I’ll never forget his State jokes and I learned a lot about hydrology!”
  • “He made an impression on all of us — he was so lively and fun with his course work. I loved our labs — we were always making something cool to observe how water flowed and moved in different scenarios.”
  • “Dr. Santeford’s last year teaching was during my senior year in 2001. He helped shape the course of my career with his classes in hydraulic structures and hydrology. I remember him and his lessons with great fondness.”

Santeford was a 35-year fixture in the holiday kitchens of Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly and, as the son of a carpenter, he constructed the large oak cross hanging in the sanctuary of Grace United Methodist Church in Houghton, where he was a member. Among his survivors are his wife of 52 years, Sally, and their daughter, Jodi Santeford of Chicago.

In Memoriam

January 1, 2021 – March 31, 2021

ClassFull NameDegrees
1949Roy M. WalkamaBS Mechanical Engineering
1950John P. EvansBS Physics
1950Karl G. FriesBS Mechanical Engineering
1950Arne A. HanninenBS Forestry
1950Robert H. HolgersBS Mining Engineering
1950John D. HornerBS Chemical Engineering
1950Georg L. JohnBS Civil Engineering
1950George W. John JrBS Chemical Engineering
1950Joseph P. KerkesBS Electrical Engineering
1950Frederick W. KneppleBS Mechanical Engineering
1950Tauno W. KorpelaBS Electrical Engineering
1950Charles K. McArthurBS Metallurgical Engineering
1950Douglas S. MelvinBS Civil Engineering, BS Mechanical Engineering
1950Joseph J. MeolaBS Mechanical Engineering
1950Gerald C. PayantBS Civil Engineering
1950James E. PeddicordBS Mechanical Engineering
1950Robert W. RiedelBS Geological Engineering
1950David Ritsema P.E.BS Civil Engineering
1950David B. SleemanBS Electrical Engineering
1950Tauno M. SomppiBS Forestry
1950Donald C. TealBS Chemical Engineering
1950James H. TormalaBS Mechanical Engineering
1950Robert J. WillBS Civil Engineering
1951Torgeir KarlsenBS Electrical Engineering, MS Electrical Engineering
1951Eugene W. KnaebelBS Civil Engineering
1951Charles D. McKereghanBS Electrical Engineering
1951Robert PopovichBS Chemistry
1951Harold D. RaymondBS Mining Engineering
1951Keith D. RobinsonBS Mechanical Engineering
1951John F. RutterBS Electrical Engineering
1951William R. SaadehMS Chemical Engineering
1951John Stencel, Jr.BS Mechanical Engineering
1952James J. GallagherBS Chemical Engineering
1952Ronald C. HarrisBS Mechanical Engineering
1952Roland K. LindbergBS Civil Engineering
1952Leslie E. PriceBS Geological Engineering, BS Mining Engineering
1952Arthur G. ReinholdBS Electrical Engineering
1952Albert F. Sanborn IIIBS Civil Engineering
1952Carl H. Van DomelenBS Electrical Engineering
1953Douglas GloverBS Metallurgical Engineering
1953Fred LassilaBS Electrical Engineering
1953Robert M. LemmenBS Electrical Engineering
1953Donald L. LutzeBS Electrical Engineering
1953Robert C. TaylorBS Mechanical Engineering
1953Kenneth P. Van EssBS Civil Engineering
1953Robert W. WadeBS Mining Engineering
1954Robert F. DennettBS Chemical Engineering
1954Stanley J. FriesenBS Metallurgical Engineering
1954Lloyd B. HansenBS Mining Engineering
1954Robert J. NankeeBS Chemical Engineering
1954Ray H. PesolaBS Electrical Engineering
1954Harold J. PrattBS Mechanical Engineering
1954Dr. H. Hunter ShuBS Mechanical Engineering, MS Mechanical Engineering
1954Andre J. StromquistBS Mechanical Engineering
1954Harry R. SwansonBS Civil Engineering
1954Julio H. ThalerBS Mining Engineering
1954Dr. Hal A. Williams, D.O.BS Forestry
1955James C. GilboBS Civil Engineering
1955George C. GriessBS Civil Engineering
1955John H. HansenBS Mechanical Engineering
1955William F. HeinzBS Electrical Engineering
1955Reuben KurttiBS Mechanical Engineering
1955Jerome Q. PetersonBS Civil Engineering
1955John A. Radler JrBS Metallurgical Engineering
1955James J. ReinkeBS Mechanical Engineering
1955Kenneth J. ScottBS Electrical Engineering
1955Ivan M. ThompsonBS Chemistry
1956Donald M. HaadsmaBS Electrical Engineering
1956John J. LebenickBS Civil Engineering
1956Richard A. OwenBS Electrical Engineering
1956Daniel J. ScallenBS Civil Engineering
1956John P. SmedmanBS Mining Engineering
1956David A. StromquistBS Mechanical Engineering
1956Donald E. TomaszewskiBS Electrical Engineering
1957Thomas A. GelbBS Forestry
1957Alexander J. MarshBS Chemical Engineering
1957Frederic H. MeisterBS Geological Engineering
1957Ralph K. OjaBS Mining Engineering
1957Howard A. PearlBS Mechanical Engineering
1957Fredrick A. PittmanBS Business Engineering Admin, BS Electrical Engineering
1957William P. SchimmelBS Metallurgical Engineering
1957Hubert A. SchmittBS Mechanical Engineering
1957Ronald G. SonderhouseBS Chemistry
1957Kiril Spiroff JrBS Forestry
1957Eugene G. StrenzelBS Civil Engineering
1957Carl M. Superko JrBS Electrical Engineering
1957Richard A. WeirickBS Electrical Engineering
1958Robert C. JohnsonBS Civil Engineering
1958Donald L. KeroBS Civil Engineering
1958Stephen A. KopishBS Mechanical Engineering
1958Jack A. MenziesBS Business Administration
1958David R. MukavitzBS Metallurgical Engineering
1958Norman E. MutkaBS Mechanical Engineering, MS Nuclear Engineering
1958Charles R. NiverBS Forestry
1958George I. OinasBS Engineering Physics
1958George A. Stams JrBS Electrical Engineering
1958Donald F. SwenskiBS Mechanical Engineering
1958Richard N. TurriBS Electrical Engineering
1958John C. VenturinoBS Business Administration
1958Ronald W. Verville P.E./R.L.S.BS Civil Engineering
1958Richard K WardBS Civil Engineering
1958Thomas B. WilliamsBS Civil Engineering
1959James D. BertucciBS Civil Engineering
1959James E. FisherBS Mechanical Engineering
1959Jerome T. KestnerBS Business Administration
1959James B. LargeBS Business Administration
1959Donald J. LoeherBS Electrical Engineering
1959Roylance A. MayryBS Electrical Engineering
1959Roy A. McKeageBS Mechanical Engineering
1959Nitidhan P. PatoliaBS Business Engineering Admin, BS Chemical Engineering
1959Mary Grace ShueBS Medical Technology
1959Vernelle T SmithBS Civil Engineering
1959Flave F. StimpsonBS Mechanical Engineering
1959W. Douglas StolenBS Civil Engineering
1959Robert L. StonerBS Mechanical Engineering
1959Rolf I. ThorvaldsonBS Civil Engineering
1959Melvin J. VisserBS Chemical Engineering
1959Robert W. WadeBS Business Administration
1959Carl A WeedBS Mechanical Engineering
1959Eugene M. YedinakBS Metallurgical Engineering
1960David L. FunstonBS Electrical Engineering
1960Hal H. HewittBS Mechanical Engineering
1960Carl R. HoeraufBS Mechanical Engineering
1960James W. JosephsonBS Civil Engineering
1960Stanley C. RajalaBS Mechanical Engineering
1960Charles N. StibitzBS Metallurgical Engineering
1960John C. UllemeyerBS Chemical Engineering
1960Daniel E. WallsBS Chemical Engineering
1960James D. WoznickBS Mechanical Engineering
1961Walter E. BlanksvardBS Civil Engineering
1961Thomas E. ButlerBS Civil Engineering
1961David J. CahoonBS Civil Engineering
1961Richard J. CrossonBS Mechanical Engineering
1961Richard E. JensenBS Civil Engineering, ’64 BS Business Engineering Admin
1961Marvin D. Oosterbaan P.E.BS Civil Engineering
1962Dean I. BarnefiherBS Business Engineering Admin, BS Mechanical Engineering
1962Robert F. BrissonBS Business Administration, BS Forestry
1962William C. CoppernollBS Physics
1962David J. FrederickBS Civil Engineering, MS Civil Engineering
1963Richard D. AndersonBS Electrical Engineering
1963Russel P. Decker JrBS Geological Engineering
1963Dr. Gerald S. DzakowicBS Mechanical Engineering, MS Mechanical Engineering
1963John J. PrusakBS Mechanical Engineering
1964Paul A. AzziBS Business Administration
1964Peter G. ChamberlainBS Geophysical Engineeing
1964David E. GaylordBS Metallurgical Engineering
1964Wayne N. RootBS Chemical Engineering
1964Dr. Henry S. Santeford JrBS Civil Engineering, ’66 MS Civil Engineering
1964William H. TylerBS Forestry
1964James W. WhippleBS Forestry
1965Dale A. DamsBS Mechanical Engineering
1965Robert J. FentzBS Mechanical Engineering
1965Dr. Michael M. SheaBS Metallurgical Engineering, MS Metallurgical Engineering
1966Kristine J. AntcliffBS Biological Sciences
1966Donald C. BolgerBS Mechanical Engineering
1966Alvin D. HardmanBS Civil Engineering
1968Deward B. BeelerBS Forestry
1968Peter A. DeGioiaBS Metallurgical Engineering
1968Michael G. HellmanBS Mechanical Engineering
1968Gautam P. ShahBS Chemical Engineering
1969David J. SundbergBS Mechanical Engineering
1970William C. AlwardAAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1970Howard W. Creswick JrBS Electrical Engineering
1971Judith C. QuinnBS Mathematics
1973Timothy J. PalmerBS Chemistry
1973Paul R. SteffensBS Mechanical Engineering
1975Adolf J. JonaitisBS Metallurgical Engineering, ’77 MS Business Administration
1976Donald J. MatchinskiBS Geology
1981Nicholas J. BukacekBS Civil Engineering
1982Bruce A. ThomaBS Business Engineering Admin, Electrical Engineering
1989Allen H. StephensBS Mechanical Engineering
1996Richard A. FieldsMS Industrial Archaeology
2001Andrea M. DranbergBS Electrical Engineering
2002Patrick C. FarrellBS Mining Engineering

In Memoriam — Oct. 1–Dec. 31, 2020