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Let It Snow!

We had our first glimpses of snow in the past few weeks. There have been little bits of wintry mix and also the big fluffy snowflakes that make it feel like the whole campus is in a snow globe. This undated photograph of the Quincy Smelter seems to stand the test of time, as many University alumni can remember such a scene taking place, a tranquil reflection in the Keweenaw Waterway. Love it or otherwise, snow is an essential part of the Michigan Tech experience. What did you most look forward to when the powder would hit the landscape? Let us know in the comments!

Remembering Former MTU President Dale Stein

President Stein and Dr. Smith

Former Michigan Technological University President Dale F. Stein passed away October 9 in Tucson, Arizona. He served as Michigan Tech’s president from August 1979 until his retirement in 1991.

Prior to Stein’s presidency, he served as head of the Department of Metallurgical Engineering and vice president of academic affairs at Michigan Tech. He was inducted into the University’s Academy of Metallurgical and Materials Engineers as part of the inaugural 1996 class.

Stein held a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgy from the University of Minnesota and a Ph.D. in Metallurgy from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He began his career with the General Electric Company, then taught at the University of Minnesota, advancing to the rank of professor before coming to MTU in 1971.

He was a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a fellow of ASM, and a fellow and past president of the American Institute of Mining Engineering’s Metallurgical Society.

Taken from the Tech Today article from October 23, 2023.

Fall in the Keweenaw

After some unseasonal warmth, the crisp, cool air of fall is on the way. As fair winds transition to cooler breezes, the Copper Country leaves prepare to dance. Color touring in the Keweenaw is a rite of passage for everyone at Michigan Tech and many keep fond memories of exploring the fresh coasts, lush forests, and the forgotten ghost towns of the region. To spark some fond memories or inspire a modern-day color tour, here is a vintage, undated image of the ghost town at Central, Michigan (Keweenaw County) accented by rich fall color. Did you have a favorite place to explore in the autumn? Let us know in the comments!

Celebrating the Parade of Nations

Fall semester brings back many important traditions. On September 16, the 34th annual Parade of Nations and Multicultural Food Festival returns to Houghton. Since 1989, the local communities and campus groups have been celebrating the rich cultural diversity of the Keweenaw. The Parade of Nations is a cherished way to not only find common ground but also appreciate our differences. What is your favorite part of the celebration? Let us know in the comments or share a Parade of Nations memory!

Fight Tech Fight!

Michigan Tech’s campus is in the last quiet moments of summer—another Alumni Reunion is in the books and a new class of first-year students prepares to arrive for Orientation Week. Before you know it, the rhythm of a new semester will bring vibrant energy back, along with the cream of the Keweenaw and the pride of Pasty Land… the Huskies Pep Band! Here is a glimpse back to the Pep Band spreading school spirit in the fall of 2009. Do you remember the fight song, or have another favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Remembering Professor and Chair William W. Predebon

Dr. William W. Predebon Sr., of Houghton, retired professor and chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics, at Michigan Technological University, died unexpectedly at the young age of 80 on July 21, at UP Health System-Portage Hospital in Hancock.

William W. Predebon

Bill was born in Trenton, New Jersey, to Walter and Josephine Predebon. After high school Bill attended the University of Norte Dame where he received his bachelor’s of science in Engineering Science.

While at Notre Dame, Bill boxed for the Bengal Bouts, founded by Knute Rockne, which was a charity event whose proceeds benefited the Holy Cross missions in Bangladesh. He competed in the 155 lb division and was the boxing champion at Notre Dame in 1964. Through his undergrad, he developed lifelong friendships, and it is where he met his future wife of 56 years, Mary Ann Montgomery. Bill was in the Army/ROTC as a commander of the Irish Moroder’s Drill Team. Upon graduation, Bill was commissioned as a Lieutenant and he would eventually be promoted to Captain later in life.

He received both his master’s and doctorate from Iowa State University. In 1967, while pursuing his degrees, he married Mary Ann and they were blessed with two beautiful children, Nadine and Bill Jr. Predebon. After his PhD, he was stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. He then stayed on as a civilian after his military obligation was fulfilled. In 1975, Bill and his family moved to Houghton, Michigan, where he took a job as a Professor at Michigan Technological University (MTU).

Throughout his career at MTU, Bill earned recognition for advancing engineering education. He retired in June 2022, after 25 years as the Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (ME-EM) and nearing 47 years at the University. Under his watch, the department made great strides in conducting interdisciplinary research, growing the doctoral program, expanding research funding, and updating the curriculum and labs.

He led the ME-EM Department to rapidly evolve its educational methods, infusing into undergraduate and graduate curriculum the knowledge and critical skills to use big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in solving engineering design problems.

A Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Bill has received numerous additional honors at MTU, including membership in the Academy of Teaching Excellence; the Outstanding Service Award for his work with the student chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers; the first annual Martin Luther King Award by the Black Student Organizations; and the Distinguished Teaching Award, the Honorary Alumni Award, and the Diversity Award.

Bill led efforts to create the Michigan Tech Learning Resource Center for Self-Paced Programmed Instruction, the ME-EM Engineering Learning Center, as well as a distance learning doctorate degree in mechanical engineering, and a Design Engineer Certificate program with General Motors in 2000. More than 600 GM employees earned the certificate.

He received the Distinguished Faculty Award from the Michigan Association of Governing Boards of Colleges and was inducted into the Pan American Academy of Engineering, which brings together engineers from across the continent of North America, South America, and Mexico—a total of 18 countries.

Throughout his life, exercise was an important part of his lifestyle; many may know he was a fixture at the MTU Student Development Complex’s gym. He was a huge supporter of the MTU sports teams; he was a season ticket holder to volleyball, basketball, football, and ice hockey. This also was evident outside of his duties at MTU, where he was known as “Coach Wally”. He enjoyed coaching his son and teammates from little league, senior league and legion baseball. Bill was also a figure on the alpine ski hill, supporting his children’s ski endeavors in the Central United States Ski Association and Houghton High School Ski Team.

Bill was passionate about whatever he did, whether it be his strong work ethic, his family, or his devotion to faith. Throughout his life, his curiosity fueled the continued pursuit of knowledge.

He was predeceased by his parents and his brother, Walter.

Surviving him are His wife: Mary Ann Predebon; His daughter: Nadine (Jeff Beaupre) Predebon; His son: Bill (Sheri) Predebon Jr.; His grandson: Tyler (Sarah) Brooks; His granddaughter: Madison Brooks; His half-sister: Patty Davis; His feline companion: Poe.

The O’Neil-Dennis Funeral Home is assisting with funeral arrangements and the Celebration of Life Ceremony. To leave online condolences, please go to

The Celebration of Life Ceremony will be held on Saturday, September 16, at 11 a.m., at the Isle Royale Ballroom in the Michigan Tech Memorial Union Building. There will be a buffet luncheon to follow. The celebration is open to the public and all are welcome to commemorate his life. Lunch will follow the ceremony, provided by the church. In lieu of flowers, the family requests you donate money to K-SNAG, the Copper Community Art Center, or your charity of choice.

In Memoriam

April 1 – June 30, 2023

Class Full Name Degrees
1888 John L. Harris BS Mining, EM Mining
1888 Edmund J. Longyear BS Mining, EM Mining
1888 Samuel A. Parnall BS Mining
1888 William E. Parnall BS Mining, EM Mining
1932 Wesley W. Wiechmann BS Mining Engineering
1935 Robert J. Cosgrove BS Mechanical Engineering
1935 Francis M. Jakovich BS Electrical Engineering
1935 Alfred J. Nault BS Mechanical Engineering
1935 George L. Raftis BS Chemical Engineering, BS Metallurgical Engineering
1937 William T. Horton BS Mining Engineering
1938 Enno Van Gelder BS Mining Engineering
1938 Samuel I. Wright BS Geology, BS Mining Engineering
1939 Edward B. Connors BS Mining Engineering
1939 Hartley R. Graham BS Mining Engineering
1939 Albert R. Hancock BS Metallurgical Engineering
1939 George A. White BS Mining Engineering
1939 Louis J. Zadra BS Metallurgical Engineering
1940 Loyle H. Gay BS Civil Engineering
1940 Lucille M. Howard BS Chemistry
1940 Ray V. Jarvi BS Chemical Engineering, BS Metallurgical Engineering
1940 John Plecash BS Mining Engineering
1940 Arnold B. Raninen BS Mechanical Engineering, MS Mechanical Engineering
1940 Oswald A. Vispi BS Civil Engineering
1941 Ervin Bellack BS Chemical Engineering
1942 John K. Brozo BS Mining Engineering
1942 Arvo E. Kujala BS Mining Engineering
1942 Gerard M. Poliquin BS Civil Engineering
1942 Roger A. Teal ’42 BS Mining Engineering, ’51 BS Civil Engineering
1942 Norton Terry BS Mining Engineering
1943 Alex Barvicks BS Electrical Engineering
1943 Raymond F. Cornborough BS Electrical Engineering
1943 Raymond W. Cronshey BS Electrical Engineering
1943 John O. Mandley Jr BS Chemical Engineering
1943 Frederick A. Nolte BS Mechanical Engineering
1943 Clifford B. Stone BS Mechanical Engineering
1943 Charles F. Wicht BS Metallurgical Engineering
1944 Huseyin Ozukurt BS Civil Engineering, BS Mining Engineering
1944 William R. Penegor BS Metallurgical Engineering
1945 Orhan Baykal BS Mining Engineering
1945 John D. Dawson BS Electrical Engineering
1946 Ellen N. Aslin BS Chemistry
1946 Merrill B. Dillon BS Mechanical Engineering
1946 Lawrence H. Smith P.E. BS Mining Engineering
1947 Iris C. Ferrell BS Chemistry, MS Chemistry
1947 Robert L. Heasley BS Chemical Engineering
1947 Donald S. Huhta BS Mechanical Engineering
1947 Ralph E. Krellwitz BS Chemical Engineering
1947 Henry A. Laforet BS Metallurgical Engineering
1947 Lloyd A. Nault BS Chemical Engineering
1947 Joseph R. Osterman BS Mechanical Engineering
1947 Howard E. Roscoe BS Mechanical Engineering
1947 Richard H. Snell BS Mechanical Engineering
1948 Frederick W. Coon BS Electrical Engineering
1948 Floyd G. DellaCorte BS Electrical Engineering
1948 Michael J. Dunn BS Mechanical Engineering
1948 Dr. Gilbert J. Sloan BS Physics
1949 Wesley E. Bush BS Mechanical Engineering
1949 E. Hank Hamalainen BS Forestry
1949 Richard M. Harris BS Chemical Engineering
1949 Donald J. Leonard BS Chemical Engineering
1949 Phillip A. Pearson BS Civil Engineering
1949 Roger T. Penman BS Mechanical Engineering
1949 Howard M. Pollari BS Mechanical Engineering
1949 Jon R. Wiseman BS Electrical Engineering
1949 Herman P. Zanoni BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Civil Engineering
1950 Thomas E. Besemer BS Mechanical Engineering
1950 Ralph G. Burgess BS Electrical Engineering
1950 John C. Christensen BS Civil Engineering
1950 James R. Eaton BS Civil Engineering
1950 Donald K. Holland P.E. L.S. BS Civil Engineering
1950 Jimmie L. Jenkin BS Mechanical Engineering
1950 Walter L. Johnson BS Metallurgical Engineering
1950 William L. Johnson BS Chemical Engineering
1950 Paul J. Kestner BS Electrical Engineering
1950 B. Kenneth Larm BS Civil Engineering
1950 Wallace J. Lewis BS Metallurgical Engineering
1950 Philip A. Lindberg BS Mechanical Engineering
1950 Paul A. Lundborg BS Civil Engineering
1950 Raymond D. Peterson BS Forestry
1950 William H. Reinhardt BS Mechanical Engineering
1950 James E. Tollar BS Mechanical Engineering
1951 Jerry R. Allen BS Chemical Engineering
1951 John O. Anderson BS Mechanical Engineering
1951 Donald G. Chinnery P.E. BS Chemical Engineering
1951 William H. Glidden BS Mechanical Engineering
1951 John R. Jackson BS Mechanical Engineering
1951 James J. Messink BS Civil Engineering
1951 Ronald J. Pearce BS Mechanical Engineering
1951 George A. Premo BS Civil Engineering
1951 William H. Risteen BS Mechanical Engineering
1951 Charles R. Thurner BS Metallurgical Engineering
1951 Lt. Col. David G. Uitti BS Mechanical Engineering
1951 Zygfried R. Wolanski BS Metallurgical Engineering
1952 Muriel F. Blankenship BS General Science
1952 Robert J. Denzer BS Civil Engineering
1952 Wilber C. Farmer BS Geological Engineering
1952 Leo C. Fende BS Civil Engineering
1952 Mary K. Froehlich BS General Science
1952 William C. Green BS Mechanical Engineering
1952 Kenneth W. Heehn BS Mechanical Engineering
1952 Raymond W. Marttila BS Mechanical Engineering
1952 Arthur A. Nacke BS General Science
1952 Carl F. Roser BS Civil Engineering
1952 R. Clarke Stanley BS Metallurgical Engineering
1953 Gerald T. Baker BS Electrical Engineering
1953 Richard J. Barabino BS Civil Engineering
1953 Kenneth A. Grenquist BS Civil Engineering
1953 Jack L. Richards BS Electrical Engineering
1953 Reginald Skiles BS Geological Engineering
1953 Wesley K. Tervo BS Mechanical Engineering
1954 Charles S. Anderson BS Geological Engineering
1954 Dr. David M. Knowles BS Geological Engineering, MS Geology
1954 Kenneth M. Kulju BS Metallurgical Engineering
1954 Joseph W. Rosenbery BS Metallurgical Engineering
1955 Bruce S. Karinen BS Geological Engineering
1956 Dr. James A. Bailey BS Forestry
1956 Howard O. Barikmo BS Electrical Engineering
1956 Charles A. Elkert BS Mechanical Engineering
1956 Thomas A. Gildersleeve BS Electrical Engineering
1956 David L. Goulette P.E. BS Civil Engineering
1956 Jack R. Karpinen BS Civil Engineering
1956 John D. Latva BS Metallurgical Engineering
1956 Donald J. MacDougall BS Civil Engineering
1956 William A. Mossner BS Metallurgical Engineering
1957 Peter L. Fryzel BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Electrical Engineering
1957 John W. Koski BS Civil Engineering
1957 Edgar J. Kushan BS Mechanical Engineering
1957 Fabian D. LaTocha P.E. BS Civil Engineering
1957 Charles P. Mulcahey Jr BS Mechanical Engineering
1957 Edsel L. Walitalo BS Civil Engineering
1958 Eugene S. Dipzinski BS Chemical Engineering
1958 Martin J. Feira BS Business Administration
1958 Paul C. Hendrickson BS Mechanical Engineering
1958 Leslie L. Henriksen BS Electrical Engineering
1958 Marvin J. Hyma BS Mechanical Engineering
1958 Joseph G. Kirk BS Business Administration
1958 Alvin R. Krick BS Mechanical Engineering
1958 Ernest F. Kuhary Jr BS Business Administration
1958 Jerry W. Oja BS Mechanical Engineering
1958 Carleton O. Pederson BS Mechanical Engineering
1958 Donald V. Revello BS Civil Engineering
1958 Calvin R. Rushford BS Mechanical Engineering
1958 Floyd W. Schnell BS Chemistry
1958 Gary R. Steiner BS Mechanical Engineering
1958 Conley O. Swee BS Electrical Engineering
1959 John R. Becker BS Civil Engineering
1959 Charles E. Guy BS Geological Engineering, MS Nuclear Engineering
1959 Ronald J. Hernke BS Civil Engineering
1959 Dr. Harry E. Hootman P.E. BS Chemistry, MS Nuclear Engineering
1959 Donald N. Hopper BS Civil Engineering
1959 Wilbur W. Jarvis Jr BS Mechanical Engineering
1959 Donald D. Johnson BS Civil Engineering
1959 Vernon A. King Jr BS Metallurgical Engineering
1959 James K. Lee BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Metallurgical Engineering
1959 John J. Osborne BS Civil Engineering
1959 James M. Rasmussen BS Electrical Engineering
1959 Robert W. Rushford BS Business Administration
1959 Jens E. Simonsen BS Civil Engineering
1960 Frederick R. Appleton BS Metallurgical Engineering
1960 Gary B. Fort BS Electrical Engineering
1960 Thomas C. Fredrickson BS Electrical Engineering
1960 Raymond J. Gimmey BS Electrical Engineering
1960 Richard E. Locke BS Electrical Engineering
1960 John W. Paige P.E. BS Chemical Engineering
1960 David L. Shiroda BS Business Administration
1960 Michael J. Sullivan BS Civil Engineering
1960 James J. Wisniewski BS Metallurgical Engineering
1961 Carlo J. Cattarello BS Metallurgical Engineering
1961 Scott S. Collins Jr BS Mechanical Engineering
1961 Donald E. Fritzsche BS Mechanical Engineering
1961 Carl V. Hajek BS Mechanical Engineering
1961 Rodney S. Kopish BS Engineering Physics
1961 Louis N. MacDonald BS Civil Engineering
1961 William J. Newsted BS Electrical Engineering
1961 Dewayne H. Thompson BS Electrical Engineering
1962 R. James Federighe BS Mechanical Engineering
1962 Lt. Col.Paul E. Gauthier, (Ret) BS Business Administration
1962 Thomas A. Heuss BS Metallurgical Engineering
1962 Clarence H. Hoppe BS Electrical Engineering
1962 Robert S. Ray BS Metallurgical Engineering
1963 Maj. Thomas N. Daniele (Ret) BS Mathematics
1963 Geoffrey G. Huggins BS Electrical Engineering
1963 William E. Mokomela BS Civil Engineering
1963 Gordon W. Somsel BS Electrical Engineering
1963 Charles W. Streicher BS Civil Engineering
1964 W. J. Fournier ’64 BS Civil Engineering, ’65 BS Business Engineering Admin
1964 James C. Gauss BS Chemistry
1964 Joseph Guzek BS Chemical Engineering
1964 R. Thomas Johnson BS Business Administration
1964 Howard L. McKee BS Business Administration
1964 Daniel J. Meddleton BS Business Administration
1964 Jack R. Rose BS Civil Engineering
1964 James H. Schopf BS Mechanical Engineering
1964 Larry C. Tohm BS Mechanical Engineering
1964 Sterling P. Toman BS Civil Engineering
1965 John R. Brauer BS Forestry
1965 Paul D. Fritz BS Chemical Engineering
1965 Vinodrai P. Sompura BS Civil Engineering
1966 Thomas J. Freeman BS Physics
1966 Rakesh K. Kansal BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Chemical Engineering
1966 Curtis G. Larsen BS Business Administration
1966 Steve E. Soltis BS Business Administration
1966 Bruce M. Usimaki BS Metallurgical Engineering
1966 Rev. Francis Zakshesky BS Electrical Engineering
1967 Richard Z. Bladek BS Chemistry
1967 John D. Cress BS Metallurgical Engineering
1967 Robert L. DeLong BS Civil Engineering
1967 Jussi T. Lapinoja BS Chemical Engineering
1967 Philip P. Marcotte BS Electrical Engineering
1967 Earl L. Pound BS Business Administration
1967 Denis L. Richards BS Civil Engineering
1967 Dennis G. Tachick BS Electrical Engineering
1968 Ronald D. Brown MS Chemistry
1968 David A. Dreisbach BS Mechanical Engineering
1968 Thomas A. LaRue BS Metallurgical Engineering
1968 Patrick E. Mullins BS Civil Engineering
1968 Thomas E. Nowak BS Biological Sciences
1969 Karl D. Bergquist BS Metallurgical Engineering
1969 Clifton T. Dawley BS Medical Technology
1969 Roy S. Etelamaki BS Electrical Engineering
1969 Robert E. Fairbanks BS Civil Engineering
1969 Gordon H. Mitchell BS Mechanical Engineering
1969 Donald L. Schwandt BS Forestry, ’71 MS Forestry
1970 Lundy J. Castro BS Mathematics
1970 Joseph A. Krismanick BS Mechanical Engineering
1970 Gary V. Martin BS Electrical Engineering
1970 John C. Moden BS Civil Engineering
1970 William K. Wilke BS Forestry
1971 Gary M. Brazo BS Geological Engineering
1971 Dr. David R. King ’71 BS Applied Physics, ’71 BS Business Engineering Admin, ’81 MS Mechanical Engineering, ’85 PHD Mechanical Engineering
1971 David L. Soncrant BS Business Administration
1971 F. Walter Turino BS Mathematics
1971 David L. Zelinski BS Metallurgical Engineering
1972 Loren L. Howerter MS Civil Engineering
1972 Catherine L. Priest BS Biological Sciences
1972 Kathryn E. Wirtala C.P.A ’72 BS Mathematics, ’79 BS Business Administration
1973 Robert C. Bosio BS Mechanical Engineering, ’75 MS Mechanical Engineering
1973 Larry G. Bowerman AAS Forest Technology
1973 Gary H. Goll BS Business Administration
1973 Pamela J. Hoopes BS Medical Technology
1973 Craig B. Lindquist BS Electrical Engineering
1973 Jeffrey S. Newman BS Chemical Engineering
1974 Terry G. Broemer BS Civil Engineering
1974 William A. Compton BS Mechanical Engineering
1974 Michael R. Haapala BS Civil Engineering
1974 Stanley R. Johns BS Forestry
1974 Henry Klukos Jr BS Mechanical Engineering
1974 Darwin J. Kuch AAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1974 Dr. Thomas A. Naegele BS Biological Sciences, ’79 MS Biological Sciences
1974 Mary A. Nye BS Biological Sciences
1974 James M. Paternoster ’75 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1975 Michael A. Graf BS Mechanical Engineering
1975 Neil W. Nitschka BS Forestry
1975 Jeffrey B. Smith BS Electrical Engineering
1976 Bradley K. Abel AAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS), AAS Electromechanical Eng Tech
1976 Kevin M. Claire BS Biological Sciences
1976 Edward D. King BS Mechanical Engineering
1976 Joseph D. Kovacich BS Mechanical Engineering
1976 Walter D. Lehman BS Civil Engineering, ’77 MS Civil Engineering
1976 Charles K. Ludwick BS Forestry
1976 Leslie W. Niemi BS Metallurgical Engineering, ’77 MS Metallurgical Engineering
1977 Thomas R. Asiala ’84 BS Civil Engineering
1977 James J. DeSautelle BS Mechanical Engineering
1977 James P. Felch AAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1977 Howard E. Herrygers AAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1977 Scott B. Holland BS Electrical Engineering
1977 Susan W. Jennings BS Fish Biology
1978 Bryan E. Carlson AAS Forest Technology
1978 David A. Crockett BS Metallurgical Engineering
1978 Kathy P. Rice BS Metallurgical Engineering
1978 Laura M. Rock AAS Nursing Technology
1978 Dr. David E. Ugwu BS Chemical Engineering
1978 John H. Williams BS Computer Science
1979 Robert G. Carter BS Applied Physics
1979 Laura M. Grossman BS Business Administration
1979 Dianne S. Ledel BS Medical Technology
1979 Steven J. Long P.E. BS Civil Engineering
1979 Jeffrey F. Tempas BS Mechanical Engineering
1980 Robert K. Barnes BS Mechanical Engineering
1980 Keith G. Kraft BS Chemical Engineering
1980 Kathleen E. Mullen BS Mechanical Engineering
1980 Douglas A. Shown BS Forestry, ’82 MS Forestry
1980 Timothy D. Williams BS Forestry
1981 Emile J. Tayar MS Mechanical Engineering
1982 Daniel A. Boucher P.E. BS Civil Engineering
1982 Jeffrey L. Crane BS Geological Engineering
1982 Jerald L. Elya AAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1982 Gregory J. LaBonte AAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1982 James E. Nave BS Electrical Engineering, ’86 MS Electrical Engineering
1982 Loretta Shea BS Business Administration
1982 Michael D. Wank BS Mechanical Engineering, ’85 MS Engineering Mechanics
1983 Richard P. Gallagher BS Business Administration
1983 Kevin J. Munson BS Electrical Engineering, ’84 MS Electrical Engineering
1983 Kevin C. Traven BS Civil Engineering
1983 Lesa D. Wilke BS Metallurgical Engineering
1984 Franck Green BS Electrical Engineering
1984 Kimberly A. McGuire AAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1984 S/Amn.Guy J. Rabey BS Chemistry, ’93 BS Medical Technology
1985 Gary M. Bianchi BS Chemical Engineering
1985 Andrew H. Porter BS Mechanical Engineering
1986 Linda S. Crump AAS General Studies, ASC General Studies
1986 Kurt J. Muehlmann ’87 BS Economics
1986 Steven J. Shorkey AAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1986 Lisa A. Taavola BS Biological Sciences, BS Mechanical Engineering
1987 Mark J. Foley ’89 BS Business Administration
1987 Michael J. Massey BS Electrical Engineering
1987 Ingrid B. Shepherd BS Scientific & Tech Comm (BS)
1987 Gerald D. Solgat BS Metallurgical Engineering
1990 Joseph B. McDonald BS Computer Science
1990 Julie A. Smith ’90 BS Business Administration
1992 Christopher C. Zank BS Mechanical Engineering
1994 Mark N. Mackie BS Civil Engineering
1996 Brooke A. Werner BS Geological Engineering
1997 Scott F. Assenmacher BS Civil Engineering
1997 Carolyn R. Hunter BS Surveying
1997 Li Liu MS Civil Engineering
1997 Cynthia A. Thurston BS Engineering-Mechanical Design
2000 Paul A. Daniels BS Surveying
2000 Laura M. Hivala BS Environmental Engineering
2000 Craig A. Pelletier BS Electrical Engineering
2009 John C. O’Neil BS Computer Science
2012 Alex Kaidan BS Mechanical Engineering
2013 Brian K. Kaufman BS Chemical Engineering

In Memoriam for January 1 – March 31, 2023

Reflecting on Connections

Alumni Reunion is less than a month away and we can’t wait to welcome you to campus. Reunion is a time to reflect on our connections to campus, strengthen our connections to one another, and share our Husky heritage! To get you excited for Reunion, we have a few photos to spark your memory (and a sneak peek of the Honored Classes Exhibit that will be featured in the Library during the weekend), including football coach Omer LaJeunesse, prepping for the Mankato State Game in mid-September 1958, a mid-century Brockway Mountain vista, and campus scenes from 1983. What places are you most excited to visit this year during Reunion? What memories are you excited to share? Let us know in the comments!

Summer Has Arrived!

From Copper Harbor to White City, and from Brunette Park all the way to McClain State Park and the Breakers, there is no shortage of beautiful Superior beaches to explore in the Copper Country. As summer gears up, our historic image this month—from the Harold Putnam Photograph Collection—from Eagle Harbor, Michigan shows that while landscapes change, our love of these beautiful shorelines stands the test of time. Did you have a favorite beach to visit while you were attending Michigan Tech? Let us know in the comments!