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In Memoriam

October 1 – December 31, 2021

Pref Class Full Name Degrees
1936 Esther R. Brodeur BS General Science
1942 Henry J. Hansen Jr BS Metallurgical Engineering, MS Metallurgy
1946 John V. Bergh BS Civil Engineering
1947 John G. Liadis BS Electrical Engineering
1947 William I. Pentin BS Electrical Engineering
1947 Oliver R. Simi BS Chemical Engineering
1948 Alice C. Crowell BS General Science
1948 Kenneth W. Harder BS Mechanical Engineering
1948 Henry G. Piper BS Mechanical Engineering
1949 William S. Auday BS Electrical Engineering
1949 Paul K. Goethe BS Electrical Engineering
1949 Melvin E. Orchard P.E. BS Civil Engineering
1950 Arne L. Anderson BS General Science
1950 Kenneth F. Nacke BS Mechanical Engineering
1950 Charles D. Putnam BS Electrical Engineering
1951 Dolores M. Adams BS General Science
1951 Mark W. Cross BS Mechanical Engineering
1951 George D. Eckstein BS Civil Engineering, MS Civil Engineering
1951 Andrew Groeneveld BS Metallurgical Engineering
1951 John J. Loughray BS Forestry
1952 Cletus L. Courchaine PE BS Civil Engineering
1956 Sonny G. Edwards BS Mechanical Engineering, MS Mechanical Engineering
1956 Thomas B. Sullivan BS Metallurgical Engineering
1957 Donald L. Gooch BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Chemical Engineering
1958 Roland A. Mariucci BS Civil Engineering
1958 Dr. Robert J. Spahn BS Engineering Physics
1958 Dr. Laurence G. Stevens MS Chemistry
1959 Bruce M. Bertram BS Geological Engineering, MS Business Administration
1959 Gerald J. Fitzgerald BS Civil Engineering, MS Civil Engineering
1959 Ernest W. Lehtola BS Business Administration
1959 Stanley R. Michaelson BS Civil Engineering
1959 Robert B. Plater BS Civil Engineering
1959 Peter M. Rankin BS Electrical Engineering
1960 Donald N. Gibson BS Metallurgical Engineering
1960 Col. George T. LaBlonde Jr (Ret) BS Mining Engineering
1960 Robert H. Wieber BS Engineering Physics
1961 Thomas J. Bourke BS Business Administration
1962 Robert S. Eiferd BS Mathematics
1962 David Alexander McLachlan BS Business Administration
1963 William B. Wood BS Forestry
1964 John D. Truax BS Applied Physics
1965 Kenneth C. Chermak BS Mechanical Engineering
1965 Paul A. Polus BS Physics, MS Nuclear Engineering
1965 Franklin V. Vresk BS Electrical Engineering
1966 Allan R. Knivila BS Applied Physics, ’88 MS Physics
1966 Joanne E. Potter BS Business Administration
1966 Donald R. Wick BS Civil Engineering
1968 Dr. Ronald L. Heninger BS Forestry, ’69 MS Forestry
1970 Ronald N. Buswell BS Electrical Engineering
1970 Dr. Timothy R. Pinchback BS Metallurgical Engineering, ’74 MS Metallurgical Engineering, ’77 PHD Metallurgical Engineering
1971 David B. Kremheller BS Geology
1971 Bruce M. Lahti BS Business Administration
1971 Casann E. Ray BS Biological Sciences
1971 Gary R. Scriver BS Business Administration
1972 George E. Bien BS Chemical Engineering
1972 Fouad Bsat BS Mechanical Engineering
1972 Robert A. DeLoskey BS Mechanical Engineering
1972 James T. Gourd BS Business Administration
1972 Raymond W. Gronevelt BS Business Administration
1972 Terry L. Horton BS Civil Engineering
1972 Andrew Iskra AAS Civil Engineering Technology
1972 Bruce A. Jones BS Electrical Engineering
1972 Ronald J. Kadelsik BS Civil Engineering
1972 James E. Kattelus BS Mechanical Engineering
1972 William L. Kennedy BS Business Administration
1972 Herman K. Kinnie BS Civil Engineering
1972 George B. Mackey BS Mechanical Engineering
1972 Larry D. Mustamaa BS Biological Sciences
1972 Peter R. Nardi BS Electrical Engineering
1972 William P. Quinn BS Business Administration
1972 Michael L. Schoenherr BS Civil Engineering
1972 Paul M. Schuer AAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1972 Gregory C. Vopal BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Electrical Engineering
1972 William W. Willis BS Mechanical Engineering
1972 Dr. Charles A. Wilson MS Chemistry, PHD Chemistry
1972 Thomas N. Zatkovic BS Civil Engineering
1973 Marvin F. Herstrom BS Business Administration
1974 Bela T. Lanczy D.O. BS Biological Sciences, ’80 MS Biological Sciences
1974 Cynthia S. Stock BS Medical Technology
1975 Roger A. Briggs BS Chemical Engineering
1975 Richard C. Dover AAS Forest Technology
1975 William J. Merrill MS Business Administration
1976 Michael W. Hoeft BS Chemistry
1977 Marvin R. Babler BS Wood Science
1978 Kurt D. Friesth BS Forestry
1978 David A. Parker BS Electrical Engineering
1979 Denise Ann Osterholm AAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1979 Susan B Sinclair BS Chemical Engineering
1981 Judith M. Haataja AAS Nursing Technology
1983 David J. Stanley BS Mechanical Engineering
1985 Nena M. Evans, P.E. BS Electrical Engineering
1985 Richard D. Strieter AAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS), ’87 AAS Civil Engineering Technology
1989 David L. Hekker BS Electrical Engineering, ’91 MS Operations Management
1995 Paulette T. Noble BS Business Administration

In Memoriam July 1 – September 30, 2021

Alumni Reunion All Year Long

We are excited to celebrate Alumni Reunion 2022 all year long with all alumni, but especially our honored classes of 1962, 1967, 1972, 1982, 1992, 1997, 2002 and 2012.

Our celebration will be bookmarked with a weekend together on campus in August.

In the spirit of celebrating your reunion all year, we invite you to post your favorite memories below. 

Keep an eye on the Reunion website for details of the in-person event August 4-6!


To get started with our celebration, let’s hear about your favorite Winter Carnival memories!

This year’s theme is “Come One, Come All to Our 100th Carnival.”

Were you involved in any of these past snow statues?

Supporting the Student Experience

“Celebrating Traditions. Creating Connections.” That is the mission of your Alumni Board of Directors. This diverse group of volunteers support a wide range of programs for alumni and students to encourage engagement with Michigan Tech. One of these programs is the Student Initiative Support Program (SISP) which provides funds and alumni expertise for student organizations with ideas that promote student involvement on campus.

They look for ideas for programs that positively impact all students and support the alumni mission of “Celebrating Traditions. Creating Connections”. Ideally, these initiatives are inclusive and support a culture of philanthropy among students. The Alumni Board has also helped students acquire equipment that will leave a lasting impact on the University such as the Film Board sound system upgrade.  

In addition to providing funding, they provide connections to knowledge or expertise in a particular area. An example of this was connecting the Sustainability House students with an alumnus with expertise in beekeeping.

Below are the initiatives that the Alumni Board has supported through the history of SISP.

  • Alpha Phi Omega – Epsilon Lambda
  • AMS Enterprise – Cherry Festival Parade
  • Aquanauts Scuba Club- wetsuits for women
  • Arnold Air Society
  • Blue Key e-tablets & software
  • Blue Key Winter Carnival
  • Career Prep Videos
  • CesarChavez Tribute Dinner
  • FilmBoard Sound Equipment upgrade
  • Forest Guild – National Convention
  • GSG Colloquium
  • SDC Ice Skate Rental Program
  • Indian Student Association Diwali
  • Iranian New Years – Norooz
  • IRHC Broomball Trailer
  • Justin Fitch Memorial Ruck March
  • Keweenaw Pride
  • Leaders in Continuous Improvement
  • LeaderShape
  • Makerspace 3D printer
  • Materials Unlimited Conference travel
  • MedLife – Mobile Clinic – international travel
  • Mont Ripley Ski Patrol
  • MTSF Oozeball event
  • MTSF Snow Soccer event
  • MTU Sustainability Demonstration House–beekeeping
  • Mushing Club
  • Outdoor Nation Challenge – OAP
  • Pep Band Cherry Festival Parade
  • ROTCPrecision Drill Team
  • SBE Project Plan Competition
  • SBE DECA conference
  • SIS- MLK Day
  • SIS- SIS/SAAM Reunion bus
  • Sled Heads-WC snowmobile stunt show
  • Society Biomedical Engineers – Conference
  • Society of Optics and Photonics at Michigan Tech
  • Student Veterans Organization
  • University Innovation Fellows
  • USG- Thanksgiving Break Bus
  • Women’s Leadership/Programming Council
  • Women’s Soccer Reunion

Whether it’s on this list or not, tell us what student organization or experience impacted you?

In Memoriam

July 1, 2021 – September 30, 2021

Pref Class Full Name Degrees
1949 Vincent A. Miklas BS Electrical Engineering, BS Mechanical Engineering
1949 Willard O. Tschantz BS Mechanical Engineering
1950 Gordon D. Carlson BS Civil Engineering
1950 Thomas C. Elwell P.E. BS Mechanical Engineering
1950 Jack D. Raisanen BS Civil Engineering
1951 Edward J. Gaffney BS Mechanical Engineering
1951 Howard A. Zollinger P.E. BS Electrical Engineering
1952 Dante A. Iacovoni BS Metallurgical Engineering, MS Metallurgical Engineering
1954 George F. Kruggel P.E. BS Mechanical Engineering, ’55 MS Mechanical Engineering
1956 L. Stanley Freese, Jr. BS Forestry
1957 Jack A. Kolehmainen BS Mechanical Engineering
1957 Roy A. Koski BS Geological Engineering, BS Metallurgical Engineering, BS Mining Engineering
1957 John E. Miller BS Electrical Engineering
1958 Frank R. Hastedt BS Physics
1958 John A. Rechlin BS Civil Engineering
1959 Dr. Donald E. Mikkola BS Metallurgical Engineering
1959 John H. Ruusi BS Chemical Engineering, ’63 BS Business Engineering Admin
1962 Louis F.M.  Angotti BS Business Administration
1962 John Lagadin BS Geological Engineering
1963 Robert J. Gaabo BS Electrical Engineering, MS Electrical Engineering
1965 Sandy W. Johnson Jr BS Mechanical Engineering
1965 Dennis M. Taulu BS Mechanical Engineering
1967 Darrell A. Bacon BS Mechanical Engineering
1967 Jon C. Betts BS Forestry
1967 Anthony J. Esposito BS Business Administration
1967 Joseph S. Wildberg BS Business Administration
1968 Dr. Alan R. Kaub BS Civil Engineering
1968 Michael R. Peramaki BS Forestry
1969 Erik J. Grorud BS Civil Engineering
1969 Paul A. Masini BS Business Engineering Admin, ’69 BS Mechanical Engineering
1970 William T. Hicks II, P.E. BS Electrical Engineering
1970 Eric J. Paavilainen BS Forestry
1971 Dominic C. Chiang MS Chemistry
1971 Richard E. Drouillard AAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1971 Kristine M. Haglund BS Biological Sciences
1971 Douglas R. Hansen BS Electrical Engineering
1971 Jeffrey A. Jasicki BS Mechanical Engineering
1971 Alan G. Klug BS Mechanical Engineering
1971 Norman W. Laursen Jr BS Electrical Engineering, MS Electrical Engineering
1971 John W. Loney Jr MS Electrical Engineering
1971 William D. Lundt BS Mathematics
1971 Douglas L. McKee BS Electrical Engineering
1971 Steven W. Nyman BS Chemical Engineering
1971 Dennis K. Olson BS Civil Engineering
1971 Mark E. Sauve BS Chemical Engineering
1971 Michael F. Schmidt BS Business Administration
1971 Darrell J. Seppanen BS Mathematics
1971 C. Jerry Sherwood BS Mechanical Engineering
1971 Allan L. Sleeman BS Mechanical Engineering, ’77 MS Mechanical Engineering
1971 Alan R. TerBush BS Business Administration
1971 Larry D. Thompson BS Electrical Engineering
1972 David J. Dibert BS Applied Physics
1972 Farhad Haghighat BS Mechanical Engineering
1972 Gregory J. Hatt AAS Civil Engineering Technology, ’77 BS Civil Engineering
1972 Andrew J. Hubert BS Electrical Engineering
1972 George C. Kandler Jr BS Biological Sciences
1972 Mark W. Larson AAS Forest Technology
1973 Dr. Leroy V. Heldt MS Biological Sciences
1973 John P. Kohut BS Chemistry, ’76 MS Chemistry
1973 Betty A. Pyhtila BS Business Administration
1974 Larry P. Mosher BS Electrical Engineering
1974 Lorraine D. Palmer BA Liberal Arts
1974 Richard F. Prince BS Business Administration
1975 Kenneth M. Barlage AAS Forest Technology
1975 Sharon R. Sibilsky BA Liberal Arts
1977 David A. Broman BS Biological Sciences
1977 David D. Myrold BS Forestry
1978 Peter W. Roberts BS Business Administration
1978 Steven R. Vanden Brink BS Civil Engineering
1979 Robert D. Dekema AAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1982 Mary C. Linton MS Biological Sciences
1983 Gary R. Shea BS Civil Engineering
1984 S. Paul Sundeen MS Business Administration
1985 James M. Harju BS Electrical Engineering
1985 Mark C. Hebert BS Metallurgical Engineering
1987 Gregory G. Morelli BS Civil Engineering
1994 Cynthia J. Tormala BA Liberal Arts
2000 Keith E. Graham BS Forestry

In Memoriam — April 1, 2021 – June 30, 2021

In Memoriam

April 1, 2021 – June 30, 2021

Pref Class Full Name Degrees
1938 Donald H. Krans BS Mechanical Engineering
1938 Robert G. Peets P.E. BS Geology, BS Mining Engineering
1942 Clifford B. Armstrong Jr BS Chemical Engineering
1942 Clyde B. Dobbie BS Electrical Engineering
1942 Kenneth J. Yonker BS Metallurgical Engineering
1943 Warren H. Lang BS Mining Engineering
1944 Lyon L. Brinsmade BS Mining Engineering
1948 Donald G. Mitchell BS Mechanical Engineering
1948 Clarke E. Pease Jr BS Electrical Engineering
1949 Wallace J. Benzie BS Civil Engineering
1949 James O. Frendewey, Sr. BS Mining Engineering
1949 Latham B. Gray Jr BS Mining Engineering
1951 Clayton L. Davidson P.E. BS Chemical Engineering
1951 Frederick J. Kneisler BS Mechanical Engineering
1953 Frank J. Brechting Jr BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Civil Engineering, MS Civil Engineering
1954 Lucille W. Bicknell BS Chemistry
1955 R. George McGinn BS Geological Engineering
1955 Edwin C. Riutta BS Mechanical Engineering
1956 Delano J. Harma BS Forestry
1956 Robert V. Roach BS Forestry
1957 Thomas A. Coleman BS Civil Engineering
1957 Raymond O. Lescelius BS Chemical Engineering
1958 Glenn S. Arendsen BS Chemical Engineering
1958 William J. Patzer BS Electrical Engineering
1959 Dr Darrell W Smith BS Metallurgical Engineering
1960 Onni J. Perala P.E. BS Civil Engineering
1961 Morton J. Cook BS Civil Engineering
1961 Leslie G. Harkins BS Electrical Engineering
1961 Anthony D. Heibel BS Geological Engineering
1961 Dale R. Jehnzen BS Business Administration
1961 Carl E. Lugviel BS Chemistry
1961 Ronald S. Michalak BS Metallurgical Engineering
1961 James M. Pearce BS Mechanical Engineering
1961 Lawrence P White P.E. BS Civil Engineering
1962 Donald P. Dix BS Civil Engineering
1962 Glenn L. Haglund BS Electrical Engineering
1962 Peter W. Jonas BS Physics
1962 David A. Maki BS Mechanical Engineering
1962 Gary L. Miller BS Business Administration
1962 Thomas A. Parker BS Metallurgical Engineering
1963 George M. Goodrich BS Metallurgical Engineering, MS Metallurgical Engineering
1963 Robert A. Hietikko BS Forestry
1963 Hugh L. McLean BS Mechanical Engineering
1963 William C. Toth BS Business Administration
1964 Thomas P. Garity BS Civil Engineering
1964 David G. Grimble BS Forestry
1964 Jean D. Juilland BS Geology, MS Geology
1964 Bruce L. Link BS Mechanical Engineering
1965 Dennis P. Hill BS Mechanical Engineering
1965 Jon E. Kleinhans BS Electrical Engineering
1965 Paul W. Konvalinka BS Chemical Engineering
1965 Jerry R. McKee BS Electrical Engineering
1966 Clifford A. Anderson BS Mathematics
1966 Prof. Bernard W. Carr BS Forestry
1966 Daniel E. Filley BS Mechanical Engineering
1966 Rodney L Wegner BS Mechanical Engineering
1967 Col. Noel M. Hanna BS Business Administration
1967 Russell R. McMaster BS Business Administration
1967 Michael Messner III BS Business Administration
1968 Robert K. Gates BS Mathematics
1968 Clifford B. Gordanier AAS Civil Engineering Technology
1968 Arthur N. Maupin BS Chemical Engineering
1968 Marilyn R. Rabideau BS Mathematics
1969 Dennis M. Havey MS Biological Sciences
1969 Warren T. Jivery BS Applied Physics
1970 Dennis H. Koski BS Forestry
1970 Vincent Lettieri BS Mechanical Engineering
1970 Ronald J. Lux BS Business Administration
1970 Ivan E. Martin BS Mechanical Engineering
1970 Joel R. Schlukebir BS Civil Engineering
1971 Dennis L. Adams BS Electrical Engineering
1971 Michael D. Ahlf AAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1971 Alejandro Amaya BS Mining Engineering
1971 Allen S. Blackhall BS Business Administration
1971 Raymond C. Brainard Jr BS Mining Engineering
1971 Marvin A. Maes BS Business Administration
1971 Edward L. Stankus BS Biological Sciences
1972 Larry R. Grimes BS Business Administration
1972 Sandra K. Martin BS Medical Technology
1974 John M. Ubbes BS Mechanical Engineering
1976 L/Col.Mark D. Willey MS Business Administration
1983 Diana M. Heckel BS Business Administration
1987 Martin A. McGrath BS Business Administration
1989 Julie D. Walczak BS Business Administration
1991 Larry S. Jokinen BS Forestry
1999 Stacy A. Lybert BS Physics
1999 Steven E. Pesola BS Business Administration
2013 Abhishek Gupta BS Civil Engineering
2017 Richard L. Fowler BS Electrical Eng Tech

In Memoriam — January 1, 2021 – March 31, 2021

In Memoriam

January 1, 2021 – March 31, 2021
Class Full Name Degrees
1949 Roy M. Walkama BS Mechanical Engineering
1950 John P. Evans BS Physics
1950 Karl G. Fries BS Mechanical Engineering
1950 Arne A. Hanninen BS Forestry
1950 Robert H. Holgers BS Mining Engineering
1950 John D. Horner BS Chemical Engineering
1950 Georg L. John BS Civil Engineering
1950 George W. John Jr BS Chemical Engineering
1950 Joseph P. Kerkes BS Electrical Engineering
1950 Frederick W. Knepple BS Mechanical Engineering
1950 Tauno W. Korpela BS Electrical Engineering
1950 Charles K. McArthur BS Metallurgical Engineering
1950 Douglas S. Melvin BS Civil Engineering, BS Mechanical Engineering
1950 Joseph J. Meola BS Mechanical Engineering
1950 Gerald C. Payant BS Civil Engineering
1950 James E. Peddicord BS Mechanical Engineering
1950 Robert W. Riedel BS Geological Engineering
1950 David Ritsema P.E. BS Civil Engineering
1950 David B. Sleeman BS Electrical Engineering
1950 Tauno M. Somppi BS Forestry
1950 Donald C. Teal BS Chemical Engineering
1950 James H. Tormala BS Mechanical Engineering
1950 Robert J. Will BS Civil Engineering
1951 Torgeir Karlsen BS Electrical Engineering, MS Electrical Engineering
1951 Eugene W. Knaebel BS Civil Engineering
1951 Charles D. McKereghan BS Electrical Engineering
1951 Robert Popovich BS Chemistry
1951 Harold D. Raymond BS Mining Engineering
1951 Keith D. Robinson BS Mechanical Engineering
1951 John F. Rutter BS Electrical Engineering
1951 William R. Saadeh MS Chemical Engineering
1951 John Stencel, Jr. BS Mechanical Engineering
1952 James J. Gallagher BS Chemical Engineering
1952 Ronald C. Harris BS Mechanical Engineering
1952 Roland K. Lindberg BS Civil Engineering
1952 Leslie E. Price BS Geological Engineering, BS Mining Engineering
1952 Arthur G. Reinhold BS Electrical Engineering
1952 Albert F. Sanborn III BS Civil Engineering
1952 Carl H. Van Domelen BS Electrical Engineering
1953 Douglas Glover BS Metallurgical Engineering
1953 Fred Lassila BS Electrical Engineering
1953 Robert M. Lemmen BS Electrical Engineering
1953 Donald L. Lutze BS Electrical Engineering
1953 Robert C. Taylor BS Mechanical Engineering
1953 Kenneth P. Van Ess BS Civil Engineering
1953 Robert W. Wade BS Mining Engineering
1954 Robert F. Dennett BS Chemical Engineering
1954 Stanley J. Friesen BS Metallurgical Engineering
1954 Lloyd B. Hansen BS Mining Engineering
1954 Robert J. Nankee BS Chemical Engineering
1954 Ray H. Pesola BS Electrical Engineering
1954 Harold J. Pratt BS Mechanical Engineering
1954 Dr. H. Hunter Shu BS Mechanical Engineering, MS Mechanical Engineering
1954 Andre J. Stromquist BS Mechanical Engineering
1954 Harry R. Swanson BS Civil Engineering
1954 Julio H. Thaler BS Mining Engineering
1954 Dr. Hal A. Williams, D.O. BS Forestry
1955 James C. Gilbo BS Civil Engineering
1955 George C. Griess BS Civil Engineering
1955 John H. Hansen BS Mechanical Engineering
1955 William F. Heinz BS Electrical Engineering
1955 Reuben Kurtti BS Mechanical Engineering
1955 Jerome Q. Peterson BS Civil Engineering
1955 John A. Radler Jr BS Metallurgical Engineering
1955 James J. Reinke BS Mechanical Engineering
1955 Kenneth J. Scott BS Electrical Engineering
1955 Ivan M. Thompson BS Chemistry
1956 Donald M. Haadsma BS Electrical Engineering
1956 John J. Lebenick BS Civil Engineering
1956 Richard A. Owen BS Electrical Engineering
1956 Daniel J. Scallen BS Civil Engineering
1956 John P. Smedman BS Mining Engineering
1956 David A. Stromquist BS Mechanical Engineering
1956 Donald E. Tomaszewski BS Electrical Engineering
1957 Thomas A. Gelb BS Forestry
1957 Alexander J. Marsh BS Chemical Engineering
1957 Frederic H. Meister BS Geological Engineering
1957 Ralph K. Oja BS Mining Engineering
1957 Howard A. Pearl BS Mechanical Engineering
1957 Fredrick A. Pittman BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Electrical Engineering
1957 William P. Schimmel BS Metallurgical Engineering
1957 Hubert A. Schmitt BS Mechanical Engineering
1957 Ronald G. Sonderhouse BS Chemistry
1957 Kiril Spiroff Jr BS Forestry
1957 Eugene G. Strenzel BS Civil Engineering
1957 Carl M. Superko Jr BS Electrical Engineering
1957 Richard A. Weirick BS Electrical Engineering
1958 Robert C. Johnson BS Civil Engineering
1958 Donald L. Kero BS Civil Engineering
1958 Stephen A. Kopish BS Mechanical Engineering
1958 Jack A. Menzies BS Business Administration
1958 David R. Mukavitz BS Metallurgical Engineering
1958 Norman E. Mutka BS Mechanical Engineering, MS Nuclear Engineering
1958 Charles R. Niver BS Forestry
1958 George I. Oinas BS Engineering Physics
1958 George A. Stams Jr BS Electrical Engineering
1958 Donald F. Swenski BS Mechanical Engineering
1958 Richard N. Turri BS Electrical Engineering
1958 John C. Venturino BS Business Administration
1958 Ronald W. Verville P.E./R.L.S. BS Civil Engineering
1958 Richard K Ward BS Civil Engineering
1958 Thomas B. Williams BS Civil Engineering
1959 James D. Bertucci BS Civil Engineering
1959 James E. Fisher BS Mechanical Engineering
1959 Jerome T. Kestner BS Business Administration
1959 James B. Large BS Business Administration
1959 Donald J. Loeher BS Electrical Engineering
1959 Roylance A. Mayry BS Electrical Engineering
1959 Roy A. McKeage BS Mechanical Engineering
1959 Nitidhan P. Patolia BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Chemical Engineering
1959 Mary Grace Shue BS Medical Technology
1959 Vernelle T Smith BS Civil Engineering
1959 Flave F. Stimpson BS Mechanical Engineering
1959 W. Douglas Stolen BS Civil Engineering
1959 Robert L. Stoner BS Mechanical Engineering
1959 Rolf I. Thorvaldson BS Civil Engineering
1959 Melvin J. Visser BS Chemical Engineering
1959 Robert W. Wade BS Business Administration
1959 Carl A Weed BS Mechanical Engineering
1959 Eugene M. Yedinak BS Metallurgical Engineering
1960 David L. Funston BS Electrical Engineering
1960 Hal H. Hewitt BS Mechanical Engineering
1960 Carl R. Hoerauf BS Mechanical Engineering
1960 James W. Josephson BS Civil Engineering
1960 Stanley C. Rajala BS Mechanical Engineering
1960 Charles N. Stibitz BS Metallurgical Engineering
1960 John C. Ullemeyer BS Chemical Engineering
1960 Daniel E. Walls BS Chemical Engineering
1960 James D. Woznick BS Mechanical Engineering
1961 Walter E. Blanksvard BS Civil Engineering
1961 Thomas E. Butler BS Civil Engineering
1961 David J. Cahoon BS Civil Engineering
1961 Richard J. Crosson BS Mechanical Engineering
1961 Richard E. Jensen BS Civil Engineering, ’64 BS Business Engineering Admin
1961 Marvin D. Oosterbaan P.E. BS Civil Engineering
1962 Dean I. Barnefiher BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Mechanical Engineering
1962 Robert F. Brisson BS Business Administration, BS Forestry
1962 William C. Coppernoll BS Physics
1962 David J. Frederick BS Civil Engineering, MS Civil Engineering
1963 Richard D. Anderson BS Electrical Engineering
1963 Russel P. Decker Jr BS Geological Engineering
1963 Dr. Gerald S. Dzakowic BS Mechanical Engineering, MS Mechanical Engineering
1963 John J. Prusak BS Mechanical Engineering
1964 Paul A. Azzi BS Business Administration
1964 Peter G. Chamberlain BS Geophysical Engineeing
1964 David E. Gaylord BS Metallurgical Engineering
1964 Wayne N. Root BS Chemical Engineering
1964 Dr. Henry S. Santeford Jr BS Civil Engineering, ’66 MS Civil Engineering
1964 William H. Tyler BS Forestry
1964 James W. Whipple BS Forestry
1965 Dale A. Dams BS Mechanical Engineering
1965 Robert J. Fentz BS Mechanical Engineering
1965 Dr. Michael M. Shea BS Metallurgical Engineering, MS Metallurgical Engineering
1966 Kristine J. Antcliff BS Biological Sciences
1966 Donald C. Bolger BS Mechanical Engineering
1966 Alvin D. Hardman BS Civil Engineering
1968 Deward B. Beeler BS Forestry
1968 Peter A. DeGioia BS Metallurgical Engineering
1968 Michael G. Hellman BS Mechanical Engineering
1968 Gautam P. Shah BS Chemical Engineering
1969 David J. Sundberg BS Mechanical Engineering
1970 William C. Alward AAS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS)
1970 Howard W. Creswick Jr BS Electrical Engineering
1971 Judith C. Quinn BS Mathematics
1973 Timothy J. Palmer BS Chemistry
1973 Paul R. Steffens BS Mechanical Engineering
1975 Adolf J. Jonaitis BS Metallurgical Engineering, ’77 MS Business Administration
1976 Donald J. Matchinski BS Geology
1981 Nicholas J. Bukacek BS Civil Engineering
1982 Bruce A. Thoma BS Business Engineering Admin, Electrical Engineering
1989 Allen H. Stephens BS Mechanical Engineering
1996 Richard A. Fields MS Industrial Archaeology
2001 Andrea M. Dranberg BS Electrical Engineering
2002 Patrick C. Farrell BS Mining Engineering

In Memoriam — Oct. 1–Dec. 31, 2020

In Memoriam

October 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020
Preferred Class Full Name Degrees
1935 Raymond H. Amberger ’35 BS Mining Engineering
1942 Robert W. Sleeman ’42 BS Mining Engineering
1942 Ralph G. Swanson ’42 BS Forestry
1947 John A. Bowles ’47 BS Electrical Engineering
1948 John E. Barron ’48 BS Electrical Engineering
1948 Arne E. Erickson ’48 BS Electrical Engineering
1948 Thomas R. Erixon ’48 BS Mechanical Engineering
1950 Samuel F. Berg ’50 BS Mechanical Engineering
1950 Melvin A. Koenders ’50 BS Chemical Engineering
1950 Robert G. Lovell 50 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1950 Richard W. Peterson ’50 BS Civil Engineering
1950 John F. Viola ’50 BS Civil Engineering
1951 Patrick L. Boileau ’51 BS Mining Engineering
1951 Dr. Donald W. Bolme ’51 BS Chemical Engineering
1951 Kenneth A. Burnett ’51 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1951 R. Neil Chapman ’51 BS Mechanical Engineering
1951 Wayne P. Cooper ’51 BS Mechanical Engineering
1951 Russell L. Dahl ’51 BS Mechanical Engineering
1951 Charles A. Driver ’51 BS Forestry
1951 Richard E. Hinze ’51 BS Mechanical Engineering
1951 Paul I. Jacobson ’51 BS Civil Engineering
1952 William A. Beckquist ’52 BS Mechanical Engineering
1952 Donald R. Bergstrom, P.E. ’52 BS Electrical Engineering
1952 John P. Bogosoff ’52 BS Mechanical Engineering
1952 Richard R. DeGraff ’52 BS Chemical Engineering
1952 Thomas E. DeWan ’57 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1952 Devere C. Dickerson ’52 BS Mechanical Engineering
1952 John W. Jamar ’52 BS Mechanical Engineering
1953 Bud D. Bair ’53 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1953 Wilbert E. Beck ’53BS Civil Engineering
1953 Robert A. Masnado ’53 BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Forestry
1954 Donald R. Dobbelaire ’53 BS Mechanical Engineering
1954 Stanley J. Friesen ’54 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1955 George Babladelis ’55 BS Electrical Engineering
1955 Gordon G. Bauman ’55 BS Mechanical Engineering
1955 David A. Bruneau Jr ’55 BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Mechanical Engineering
1955 Maj. Thomas S. Crouch (Ret) ’55 BS Mining Engineering
1956 Robert J. Brey ’56 BS Mechanical Engineering
1956 John G. Ecklesdafer ’56 BS Metallurgical Engineering, BS Mining Engineering
1956 Stewart C. Oldford, Sr. ’56 BS Chemical Engineering
1957 E. Raymond Amble ’57 BS Civil Engineering
1957 William H. Anderson P.E. ’57 BS Electrical Engineering
1957 James R. Brophy Jr ’57 BS Geological Engineering
1957 Ora L. Flaningam ’57 BS Chemistry, MS Chemistry
1957 Thomas A. Gelb BS Forestry
1957 Hugh W. Gibson ’57 BS Mechanical Engineering
1957 R. Gordon Moore ’57 BS Chemical Engineering
1957 Charles H. Smith ’57 BS Mechanical Engineering
1957 Kiril Spiroff Jr BS Forestry
1957 Gene A. Warren ’57 BS Civil Engineering
1957 Joe E. Warren ’57 BS Chemical Engineering
1958 Albert M. Aittama ’58 BS Business Engineering Admin, BS Mechanical Engineering
1958 Alex H. Beanum ’58 BS Civil Engineering
1958 Elmer R. Beaudoin ’58 BS Electrical Engineering
1958 Thomas E. Connors ’58 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1959 Robert W. Arendsen ’59 BS Civil Engineering
1959 Maj. Neil E. DuBay ’59 BS Physics
1959 Thomas J. Dzakowic ’59 BS Mechanical Engineering
1959 Bruce R. McInnis ’59 BS Civil Engineering
1960 Dale R. Bero ’60 BS Mechanical Engineering
1960 Dr. Andrew M. Bray ’60 BS Mechanical Engineering
1960 James E. Clark ’60 BS Electrical Engineering
1960 Thor A. Jackola ’72 BS Mechanical Engineering
1960 Paul A. Michelin P.E. ’60 BS Civil Engineering
1960 Edward W. Olson ’60 BS Metallurgical Engineering
1960 Arthur A. Schneider ’60 BS Electrical Engineering
1962 David S. Dodge ’62 BS Electrical Engineering
1962 Earl A. Oster ’62 BS Chemical Engineering
1963 Dennis G. Barrette ’63 BS Mathematics
1963 Kenneth R. Hamilton ’63 BS Civil Engineering
1963 John M. Ivanitz ’63 BS Geological Engineering
1966 Charles J. Roberts ’66 BS Civil Engineering
1968 Dennis J. Ashworth ’68 BS Business Administration
1968 Bruce E. Hilden ’68 BS Business Administration
1968 Gary D. Masse ’68 BS Civil Engineering
1972 Craig S. Gierke ’72 BA Liberal Arts with History Opt
1972 Dr. John S. Klasner ’72 PHD Geology
1973 John M. Cadeau IV ’73 BS Mathematics
1974 Stanley R. Johns ’74 BS Forestry
1975 Thomas M. Bourgeois ’75 BS Civil Engineering
1977 Timothy K. Milson ’77 BS Electrical Engineering
1978 Miriam I. Kipina ’78 AAS Nursing Technology
1979 Joel D. Fynewever ’79 BS Electrical Engineering
1981 William E. Brush ’81 BS Business Administration
1982 Mark B. Siehling ’82 BS Electrical Engineering
1986 Stephen I. Albee ’86 BS Forestry
1999 Steven G. Nelson ’99 BS Mechanical Engineering
2011 David M. Brown ’11 BS Computer Engineering, ’11 BS Electrical Engineering
2012 Karen E. Hall ’12 MBA Business Administration
2014 Gabriel M. Martinez ’14 BS Mechanical Engineering
2019 Jacob M. Bouman ’19 BS Civil Engineering

In Memoriam — July 1–September 30, 2020

Winter Carnival Memories

Winter Carnival began at Michigan Tech in 1922 and has been organized by Blue Key Honor Society since 1934.

With nearly 100 years of history, our students have built an amazing tradition that carries on.

The most recognizable aspect of Carnival is the building of snow statues around campus and community.

What are some of your favorite memories of Winter Carnival? What statues did you help build? Leave us a comment below!

Visit the Winter Carnival website for details and some of the history behind the event.