Day: October 27, 2015

Webinar with Thomas Picketty

image1-23 copyThe Department of Humanities’ French Program, in collaboration with the University of Chicago, present a webinar called “Inequality and Capital in the 21st Century” with Thomas Picketty, Friday, November 6 at 7-8:30 pm in Walker 120A.

Picketty is a French economist and professor at the Paris School of Economics whose work focuses on wealth and income inequality. He is the author of the best-selling book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century. Focusing on wealth concentration and distribution over the past 250 years, he argues that the rate of capital return in developed countries is persistently greater than the rate of economic growth, and that this will cause wealth inequality to increase in the future. Picketty considers this to be a problem, and in order to address it, he proposes redistribution through a progressive global tax on wealth.

This program is possible thanks to our Marianne Midwest partners: the Cultural Service of the Consulate General of France in Chicago, the France-Chicago Center and the French Club of the University of Chicago. The Marianne Midwest’s series Live broadcast debates on contemporary topics bring together American and French points of view to a network of Midwest partners.

On the Road: L. Syd Johnson Presents Paper at ASBH

SydL. Syd Johnson (HU) presented a paper, “The Vulnerability of Non-human Animals Used in Research” as part of the “Minding Animals: Ethical Implications for Research” panel session at The American Society For Bioethics and Humanities Annual Meeting, in Houston Texas last Thursday, and last Saturday she led the Neuroethics Affinity Group Meeting at ASBH.


(This article originally appeared in Tech Today.)