Day: January 12, 2016

MTMC Holding Online Appointments

The Michigan Tech Multiliteracies Center is a free interdisciplinary resource for Tech students, faculty and staff working on diverse types of writing and presentations typically encountered in academic and professional life. We commonly assist with resumes, reports, essays, multimedia projects, speeches, document formatting and citations.

The MTMC is available for scheduled classroom workshops, and we are dedicated to working with instructors of all diciplines. Michigan Tech institutional research has found that students who sign up for MTMC appointments are more likely to receive higher grades and return the following year.

We hope all instructors encourage their students to visit the MTMC for writing and presentation assignments. In order to help instructors offer extra credit for MTMC attendance, we provide “receipt of appointment” slips to students on request.

This semester, the MTMC is starting a new email tutoring service. Students will be able to email their papers to the MTMC and receive written feedback. Because this service is new, it will have limited availability (six appointments per week).

For videos and written instructions about how to make an appointment with the MTMC, visit our website.

The MTMC offers students study teams, one-on-one sessions, graduate writing groups, standing weekly appointments and online appointments. We work with students on every stage of the writing and presenting process, from brainstorming to polishing.

Questions and requests can be directed to Bill De Herder, the MTMC Assistant Director. The MTMC is located in the Walker Arts and Humanities Center, Room 107.

(This article originally appeared in Tech Today.)

Advisory Board Member: Ryan LaBar

Ryan LaBarRyan LaBar is a Front-End Developer and Producer at Elegant Seagulls, an industry leading creative company based in Marquette, Michigan. Ryan’s primary duty is to take designers’ concepts and build them into responsive websites. His passion lies in the details of creating animations, effects, and interactions that make websites standout. Light design work and project/client management are also part of Ryan’s duties with Elegant Seagulls. Formerly, Ryan worked in San Clemente, California, as Associate Editor of Bike magazine, writing articles and product reviews for its website and print magazine.

Advisory Board Member: Evelyn Helminen

Evelyn-HelminenEvelyn Helminen is a digital learning coach who empowers students, faculty, and staff to explore online tools and build their technological knowledge base in a fun and mindful way. She works at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS) in an office called the Digital Learning Commons, which provides the MIIS community with training opportunities, technological resources, and collaborative spaces to facilitate peer-driven teaching and learning. Her specialties are in website creation, graphic design, and writing—and she has experience in many industries and settings, including as a marketing director in Alaska and a Peace Corps volunteer in Armenia.