Day: March 10, 2020

HuskiesFit Instructor Spotlight – Beth Ryynanen

What got HuskiesFit instructor Beth Ryynanen into yoga and why does she teach? Let’s find out!

How did you become a yoga instructor?

“I did yoga at home on my own to help with my 9th and 10th pregnancies and deliveries. It made a significant positive difference. My sister, Joan Kero, had been teaching here at the time and mentioned she would like to have someone get certified so she could have a sub. So I thought, “Hmmm, I wonder if…?” I didn’t have a strong desire to teach. In fact to be in front of people was terrifying. But that little thought, “Hmmm, I wonder if…” kept coming back to me. In life, sometimes we aren’t sure what we should do, and then someone opens a door we never imagined walking through. But if you have no strong negative emotions about it, step through, step through your fears, and see where it leads. In 2009 I went through a Yogafit training and became certified. It was a huge challenge, especially to teach in front of people.  Yet I found a passion I never knew I had, and it keeps growing. I love what I do, and there’s no better feeling then wanting to go to work.”

Why do you enjoy it so much?

I never liked doing cardio workouts. I found this was something I could do to stay in shape and build strength. The versatility of yoga is what I love the most. Any shape or size or age can do yoga. There’s a practice if you are hyper and stressed and need to calm down. There’s a practice to help you sleep, another to build strength, core and endurance, and another for getting deep into sore muscles and flexibility. We have chair yoga for our joint and overall health and well-being. Most people think you have to be flexible to do yoga. I was very stiff when I started. Yoga is so much more. It works your endocrine system, your circulatory system, your respiratory system, along with your muscular system. If you’ve tried yoga and you didn’t really like it, try another style or another teacher. You have to find the right fit, like a shoe. You will be amazed what a difference it can make in your body if you commit to a regular practice. Namaste.”

Join Beth weekly in the SDC Studio for Gentle, All Levels, Stretch/Restorative, and Tone and Strength Yoga!

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