Day: August 30, 2020

Gates Tennis Center Opens to Current Students & Members on Aug 31

The Michigan Tech Gates Tennis Center will open to current students and Gates members on Monday, August 31. The facility is implementing an enhanced cleaning schedule based on guidelines from the CDC and recreation facility standards.

To ensure the health and safety of users the facility is moving to a block schedule. The new schedule will run for the entirety of the fall semester (Aug. 31–Dec. 20). Users can make reservations online or by calling the front desk at 906-487-2774. To request access to the online reservation system for booking court times on your own, please email

Gates Tennis Center Health and Safety Measures

After much research on the best practices for reopening tennis facilities, the below are some, but not limited to, health and safety measures and guidelines that are taking place at the Gates Tennis Center:

  • All members and rentals must fill out the COVID-19 Visitor Symptom Tracking Form before arriving.
  • All faculty/staff/students must fill out the COVID-19 Daily Symptom Tracking Form before arriving.
  • Block scheduling includes closing for 30 minutes in between sessions to clean and sanitize all areas and frequent touchpoints.
  • All front desk attendants will be wearing a mask.
  • A mask is required when entering the building until you reach the tennis courts.
  • The flow of traffic will be marked off. You will always enter and exit through the right side.
  • The lobby area lounge will remain closed and furniture will be used as a barrier between both sides.
  • The bleachers will be marked off with spots six feet apart so you can place your belongings there or sit.
  • There will be extra wipes and hand sanitizer out if you feel more comfortable taking the extra precautions.
  • Wash your hands before and after activity.
  • Please refrain from touching your face during activity.
  • If you need to move the curtains on the court to retrieve a ball that has rolled under, please use your racket to avoid touching the curtains.
  • The court curtains will be cleaned each month.
  • Restrooms and Locker Rooms will go through daily cleaning.
  • We ask that you do not spend any unnecessary time at the tennis facility. If you are done with your match or hitting session, please exit in a timely manner.
  • The ball machine can be used if you are a member as it is included in your membership. It is currently not available for outside rental.
  • Tennis racquets will not be rented at this time, but pickleball equipment will be, as it can be sanitized.

Please email or call 906-487-2774 with any questions.

  • Gates Fall 2020
  • SDC Expands Hours on August 31 for Students & Faculty/Staff Members

    Michigan Tech’s Student Development Complex (SDC) will expand its hours in the Fitness Center and Lap Pool to faculty/staff members as well as current students on Monday, August 31. The facility is implementing an enhanced cleaning schedule based on guidelines from the CDC and recreation facility standards.

    Future phases include opening up additional facilities (racquetball courts, multipurpose room, and climbing wall), welcoming back community members, and the reopening of HuskiesFit classes and Youth Programs. All questions can be sent to

    Continued Requirements for Entry from August 31-September 13:

    • A valid Michigan Tech Student ID or
    • A valid Michigan Tech Faculty/Staff ID (previous SDC members only)
    • All members must fill out the COVID-19 Visitor Symptom Tracking Form before arriving
    • All faculty/staff/students must fill out the COVID-19 Daily Symptom Tracking Form before arriving
    • Face coverings upon entry and throughout the building
    • Follow social distancing practices and designated traffic patterns
    • Check-in at desired location (fitness center or pool), which includes acknowledgment of no listed symptoms, tap ID for verification and timestamp of your visit
    • Questions can be sent to 

    Hours of Operation Beginning August 31 (subject to change without notice)

    • Fitness Center
      • Current MTU Students ONLY
        • Monday-Thursday: 7-7:50a, 11:30a-12:20p, 3-4:50p, 8-11:30p
        • Friday: 8-9:50a, 10:30a-12:20p, 6:30-8:50p
        • Saturday: 10-11:50a, 2:30-4:20p, 7-8:50p
        • Sunday: 1-2:50p, 5:30-7:20p
      • Faculty/Staff Members ONLY
        • Monday-Thursday: 6-6:50a, 12:30-1:20p, 5-7:50p
        • Friday: 6-7:50a, 12:30-2:20p, 3-5:50p
        • Saturday: 8-9:50a, 12:30-2:20p, 5-6:50p
        • Sunday: 11:00a-12:50p, 3:30-5:20p
    • Lap Pool
      • Current MTU Students ONLY
        • Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 8-8:50am, 5-5:50pm
        • Tuesday/Thursday: 11-11:50am
        • Saturday/Sunday: 1-1:50pm
      • Faculty/Staff Members ONLY
        • Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 7-7:50am, 6-6:50pm
        • Tuesday/Thursday: 12-12:50pm
        • Saturday/Sunday: 12-12:50pm

    Capacity Limits and Patron Expectations

    • Fitness Center
      • 50 patrons max at any time (no pre-registration, one in one out)
      • Sessions will be 50-minutes in length unless noted otherwise
      • Patrons can only attend their designated times (MTU Student or Faculty/Staff Member)
      • Face coverings are required throughout the fitness center, except while on the cardio machines which are separated by plexiglass (face coverings are required while lifting weights).
      • All spotters will need to wear a face-covering
      • All cardio machines will be available w/ plexiglass dividers between each
      • Weight machines are spaced 10 feet apart
      • Free weights, benches, squat racks, mats, balls, and tubing will be available
      • Patrons are required to wipe down equipment before and after each use and maintain a six-foot distance from others while in the fitness center
      • Sweat towels, mini lockers, and weight belts/straps will not be available
      • All large bags or belongings will need to be stored outside the fitness center. 
    • Pool
      • 15 patrons max at any time
      • Sessions will be 50-minutes in length
      • Face coverings required while on deck, but not allowed while in the water.
      • Lap pool only. Limited equipment will be available.
      • Patrons are expected to maintain a six-foot distance from others on deck and in the water.
      • Towels will not be available.
      • Space will be available at each lane for personal items.
    • Locker Rooms
      • Face coverings required while in the locker room except for showering
      • Saunas are closed.
      • Patrons are expected to maintain a six-foot distance from others in the locker room.
      • Towels will not be available.
  • SDC Facility Schedules