Summer Programming Schedule – 2019

Join Student Leadership &  Involvement for some fun this summer!  We have painting, games, snacks, plants, and plenty of fun!  Check out the schedule below and mark your calendars – you won’t want to miss out!

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Spring 2019 HuskyLead Sessions

Spring 2019 HuskyLead Sessions

HuskyLead is a leadership development series open to all Michigan Tech students. 


Tuesday, January 29 –  “Rise Up: Don’t Throw Away Your Shot at Better Marketing” – Come rise up and work with Adobe Education Leader Jeremiah Baumann as we tackle the problem of “same old organization marketing tactics”. Learn some new tools and tricks to make your marketing stand out on a campus full of marketing doppelgängers. You’ll leave excited to “think past tomorrow” and create some amazing materials for your organization. Attend the first HuskyLead of the semester being held in MUB Ballroom B from 6–7 p.m. 

The presenter is Jeremiah Baumann, Assistant Director, Creative and Technology Services.


Tuesday, February 26 – “Improving Leadership through Perceptual Engineering” -Our interactions with people are based on how we interpret life experiences. Applying perceptual engineering to our thinking process, we can listen in to our thoughts and make a few fact-based adjustments. Learning to understand, influence, and modify our point of view by seeking the perspectives of others not only improves our leadership, but also improves the engagement and satisfaction of those who work with us. Attend this HuskyLead being held in MUB Ballroom B from 6–7 p.m. 

The presenter is Ruth Archer, Director of Continuous Improvement.

HuskyLead Perceptual Engineering

Wednesday, March 20 – “Getting into the Nitty-GRITty” – Becoming a leader takes passion and perseverance, in other words “grit”. By attending this HuskyLead in DHH Ballroom from 6–7 p.m., students will learn tips on how to persist and build mental toughness to reach long term goals.

The presenter is Beka Horsch, Coordinator of Student Leadership & Involvement.

HuskyLead Grit

Tuesday, April 9 – As the semester is winding down it is time to start thinking of transitioning your leadership within your organization. Attend this HuskyLead in MUB Ballroom B from 6-7 p.m. to gain some tips and techniques to make this transition a smooth process.

The presenter is Jessie Stapleton, Director of Student Leadership & Involvement

HuskyLead Retention

Fall 2018 HuskyLead Sessions

Fall 2018 HuskyLead Sessions

HuskyLead is a leadership development series open to all Michigan Tech students. 


Tuesday, September 11 – “How Essential are Essential Oils, Expanded” – If you want to learn more about the use of essential oils, then you do not want to miss this hands on workshop. Peer Health Advocate, Hannah will show you how to create combinations of essential oils to improve focus, sleep, and reduce stress. Start your semester off right by attending the first HuskyLead being held in the DHH Ballroom from 6–7 p.m. 

The presenter is Hannah Heikkinen, Wellness Peer Health Advocate.

Essential Oils

Tuesday, October 23 – “Conflict Management” – Every person has a different way of handling and working through difficult situations. Join Sean Brown, Residence Life Coordinator in understanding your own personal conflict style and how to approach others when faced with conflict. Attend this HuskyLead being held in the MUB Alumni Lounge from 6–7 p.m.

The presenter is Sean Brown, Residence Life Coordinator.

Conflict Mgt HuskyLead

Tuesday, November 13 – “Failure is a State of Mind” – Failure can be as exciting as success. Discover how to learn and grow from your challenges (even if you don’t always like it). Join the Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success in the MUB Ballroom B from 6–7 p.m.

The presenter is the staff from the Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success.

Failure HuskyLead

Tuesday, December 4 – “Innovative Leadership” – Every person has the capacity to be an innovative leader, they just need to tap into their potential. Join Mary Jennings, Director of Programming and Development for the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts, in this stimulating HuskyLead. Attend this HuskyLead being held in the MUB Ballroom B from 6–7 p.m.

The presenter is Mary Jennings, Director of Programming and Development for the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts.

Innovation HuskyLead

HuskyLEAD Student Professional Development Series – Spring 2017

JANUARY 24 -APRIL 11, 2017


USG Financing/Budgeting – Tuesday, January 24 – 6pm-7:30pm – Fisher 135
This session will contain all of the information student organizations need to know to apply for Student Activity Fee funding for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Topics will include the time line for budget submissions and information regarding budget hearings and allocations.  This presentation is mandatory for student organizations wishing to receive an SAF (Student Activity Fee) allocation for next year. 

Managing Organizational Conflict – Thursday, February 16 – 7pm-8pm – Alumni Lounge

Conflict can occur within any group. Learning how to prepare for situations involving conflict can help individuals and organizations prevent some situations from happening and resolve the ones that do happen quickly.

Making a Smooth Organization Transition – Thursday, March 23 – 6pm-7pm – Alumni Lounge

Don’t leave next year’s officers out in the cold.  Come learn the essentials of making a smooth organization transition into the next school year.  Remembering just a few items will keep your organization going strong year after year.

Assessment – Tuesday, April 11 – 6pm-7pm – Ballroom A1

Is our organization on the right track? Are we providing programs and activities that meet our mission? Come to this interactive, workshop to learn how to effectively create outcomes for your organization and develop the tools necessary to access them. 

If you have any comments or suggestions about HuskyLEAD speakers or ideas for future topics please contact us at!

Homecoming 2016!


Sunday, September 25

  • Pi Mile – 10:00 AM, Walker Lawn
  • Soccer vs. Grand Valley State – 12:00PM, Sherman Field
  • Kickball Tournament – Softball Fields 1-4, 2:00-4:00PM
  • Tug-of War – Softball Fields 1-4, 2:00-4:00PM
  • Window Painting – SDC, 4:00-6:00PM

Monday, September 26

  • Career Fair Cookout – 11:00AM-3:00PM, CareerFEST Tent

Tuesday, September 27

  • Career Fair

Wednesday, September 28

  • Homecoming Court Dinner – Great Lakes Research Center 202, 6:00PM

Thursday, September 29

  • Trails Relay – Tech Trails, 4:30PM
  • Spotlight Night – Homecoming Talent Show – 8:00PM, MUB Ballroom A

Friday, September 30

  • Cardboard Boat Races – Houghton Waterfront Park, 4:00PM
  • Volleyball vs. Findlay – 5:00PM, Varsity Gym
  • Soccer vs. Findlay – 7:00PM, Sherman Field

Saturday, October 1

  • Women’s Tennis vs. Northwood, Gates Tennis Center
  • Homecoming Tailgate – Lot 24, 11:00AM-1:00PM
  • Football vs. Saginaw Valley State – Sherman Field, 1:00PM
  • Volleyball vs. Wayne State – 4:00PM, Varsity Gym