Completing Your RSO Mandatory Officer & Advisor Training

Its time for our yearly training for Registered Student Organization officers and advisors! This year training has expanded to include Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer rather than limiting important information to only RSO Presidents and Advisors. You have been added to a training path in Involvement Link made especially for your position. 
This training will guide you through the various expectations, policies, requirements, and general operating standards of Registered Student Organizations at Michigan Tech.
You are required to complete all training items by Friday, October 2nd, 2020 at 5 pm, in order for your RSO to complete the yearly re-registration process. When you have completed all training items, make sure you notify your RSO’s president so that they may move forward with RSO re-registration.  

Detailed Instructions

1 . Navigate to

2 . Click “Sign In” in the upper right corner

3. Log in using your MTU ISO. You are now on Involvement Link.

4. Scroll down, past the “Events” section until you come to the “ Paths” module, on the right-hand side, above “Campus Links”. Click on your Path to begin your training.

5. Scroll down to the list of training modules and click “Expand All” to reveal the required training items

6. In each training item, you must click “Read More” under each video where it appears. There is vital information, links, and instructions you will need to complete your training.

7. When you have completed watching the video, make sure you click the “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of the training, enter the date, and click “Submit”. This allows Student Leadership & Involvement to track your progress. You will need to click this button on all training items where it appears.

8. The final training item, MTU Flex, requires you to click on“Report Experience” to complete. When using this tool, you will be prompted to complete the RSO Mandatory Training Acknowledgement.

9. Do not change the “ Please select any Path Items you believe this Experience fulfills” as this will auto-generate the appropriate response!

10. When complete, click “Submit” 

11. You will be required to wait for your submission to be approved by Student Leadership & Involvement before your training will be marked as 100% complete. Until it is approved by Student Leadership & Involvement, you will see a green hourglass next to the appropriate training item.

12. Within one business day, Student Leadership & Involvement will approve your submissions or return them for revision. When your training progress is listed at 100% please email your RSO’s president to let them know they may proceed with re-registration.

GivePulse Volunteer Database

GivePulse is an online community enabling everyone to list, find, coordinate, and measure their impact in the community. Whether you are a volunteer, student, faculty, donor, or community member, GivePulse provides a platform for all to logistically manage and coordinate experiences and tracking. GivePulse allows you to understand the impact you have on the community.

Creating Your User Account

There are two main ways you can log in and create your User Account on GivePulse.

The first way is through Involvement Link.

Log in to Involvement Link

Click on the Service Tab

Service Opportunities will be published from GivePulse on Involvement Link. You will be able to search by date, causes, and type. Click on the opportunity you are interested in registering for and you will be brought the GivePulse Database. First-time users will be prompted to set up their user account.

The second way to create your account is by going to on your web browser.

Click Log in via MTU

Sign in with your Michigan Tech ISO and password.

Registering for Volunteer Opportunities

Once your user account is set up with GivePulse, you can start registering for events/volunteering opportunities.

Find the opportunity you would like to volunteer for and click the green Register button. Depending on the opportunity you may need to answer different registration questions. You will receive an email once you have completed registering.


Impact is the term used to describe all the potential ways you will be engaging with the community. An impact can be funds donated, funds raised, goods donated, hours trained, or volunteer hours served.

Whether you have served your community at an event you found through GivePulse at Michigan Tech or you volunteered on your own, you can track your impacts.

Log in to your GivePulse Account and click the green Add Impact button. This is your opportunity to reflect and track on your community engagement experience.

Hosting Your RSO Elections on Involvement Link

Organization officers have the ability to create elections within their organizations. To create an organization-based election, follow the instructions below.

Defining Election Parameters

Head to the Action Center for your organization, and then click on Elections in the organization tool drawer. If you do not see this tool you do not have access to manage this tool for your organization.  From here, click the Create Election button.

Identify the Name of the election, if it should include instructions and any additional (custom) instructions that should be included.

Below that, you can choose if your election should be active and the date range your election should be available. When the election is set to Active and it falls within the date range, users will be allowed to access the ballot.

You can also choose to display an alert on the organization’s homepage when the election is active and voting is open by checking the next box. The last option is whether or not to allow users outside your organization should be allowed to vote in the election– checking the box will limit it to only users within your organization roster.

When you’re finished with these settings, hit Create.

Setting up the ballots

You can create as many ballots as needed. Each ballot can be accessible to the general user population or any number of eligibility lists. A user will see each ballot they are designated to see. To start creating your ballots, click Create Ballot.


Enter the name of your ballot, then determine if the ballot should be general access by selecting Enable or Disable. If you select Disable, you’ll be prompted to enter settings for each of the available eligibility lists.

Eligibility lists are set up by campus administrators and are shared to organizations. If you are not seeing an eligibility list that you expect to see, contact your campus administrator.

AllowUsers on the list can access the ballot
DenyUsers cannot access the ballot, and supersedes being on an allowed list
IgnoreList will not be used for the ballot, users cannot access the ballot

Once you’re fine with your eligible users access, click Create to advance to the next page. You’ll now be taken to the form builder with a limited selection of question types.

Please see Form Building for complete instructions on creating or editing questions. The builder will automatically save your progress as you create questions. At any time, you can revise the title and access of your ballot by clicking Form Properties in the upper right corner.

When you’re finished, click Back to Ballots in the upper left corner. Repeat this for any additional ballots you need to create within the same election. Once all your ballots are ready, be sure to set your election to Active to ensure users can vote when the election starts, and the prompt to vote will display on your organization homepage if requested.

Seeing the Election Results

Navigate to your organization’s Action Center through the Manage view of your switchboard. Open up the organization tool drawer and select Elections. 


Select the election you want to view. From there, you can click on the Results tab to browse the ballot results.


You can select the “Export All Votes” button to download your results into an excel file or you can view the snapshot of the current results displayed on the “Results” page. Click on a specific ballot in order to view individualized ballot response counts. The option to Export All Voters will only appear for community administrators and will not appear for general organization officers.

Marking a Path Item Complete

While navigating the 2020 Mandatory RSO Officer and Advisor training, you will be prompted to complete several training items.

Most path items require only that you mark them as complete in order to move your progress bar forward. One path item, MTU Flex, uses a Self Reported Experience to collect data such as names, positions, and reflection questions in order to allow Student Leadership & Involvement to track your progress. Read below for instructions on completing training path items.

Self-Reporting Completion Items

When working through a training path, you must hit “READ MORE” under each training video in order to find important instructions.

When you are required to mark a path item complete you will need to click on the “Mark Complete” button.

Two fields will appear. No reflection is needed here, simply enter the date and click “Submit”

Utilizing a Self-Reported Experience

The final training item, MTU Flex, requires you to click on“Report Experience” to complete. When using this tool, you will be prompted to complete the RSO Mandatory Training Acknowledgement.

Do not change the “ Please select any Path Items you believe this Experience fulfills” as this will auto-generate the appropriate response!

When complete, click “Submit” 

You will be required to wait for your submission to be approved by Student Leadership & Involvement before your training will be marked as 100% complete. Until it is approved by Student Leadership & Involvement, you will see a green hourglass next to the appropriate training item.

Within one business day, Student Leadership & Involvement will approve your submissions or return them for revision. When your training progress is listed at 100% please email your RSO’s president to let them know they may proceed with re-registration.

K-Day 2020 Registration – RSOs

As a registered student organization, you can register for both the virtual and the in-person K-Day. We recommend that at a minimum, you should register for the virtual K-Day. K-Day registration will close Friday, September 4 at noon.

For virtual registration:

  • Log in to Involvement Link
  • Select the organization you would like to register for virtual K-Day
  • Select “Manage Organization” from the top right corner
  • You should see “Upcoming Virtual Fair Events” with the K-Day information and a blue button that says “Sign Up”  Click that to complete your registration.

You will need a short description and a link for a Zoom (or virtual platform of choice) meeting.  The virtual meeting should be set up for Friday, September 11 from Noon – 5 PM.  Prospective members will be able to select “Meet Online” during that time for your organization and talk to officers/members that you have on the call.  If you cannot have someone on the virtual call for the entire 5 hours, please note the times you will be there in your description.  Students will only be directed to use the meeting link from Noon – 5 PM on that day.  

**You will not be able to edit your description, so please make sure it is what you want.  Also, it has a 200 character limit. 

For in-person registration:

You can register through Involvement Link.  Once you log in, the link will be on your homepage.  Some things to note:

  • Your organization will get to choose their top 3 dates/times, but you will only be able to have a table once. 
  • There is a limit on the number of organizations that can be approved, so your organization might not get a space.  
  • If your organization wants to bring food, it must be pre-packaged.
  • Minimal activities will be allowed.  They must be compliant with University policies, as well as local, state, and federal expectations in regards to COVID-19. 
  • You are allowed to have 1 or 2 people from your organization at your booth.  No more than 2 will be allowed at a time. 
  • Power is limited and we cannot guarantee it. 
  • Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive more information on expectations for the day of your event. 

Please send any questions to Rochelle at

Yearly RSO Re-registration

You can view which of your organizations might be up for registration by accessing your Action Center for the organization. To access Action Center, click the Switchboard Icon on the top right-hand corner of Involvement Link. Click “Manage”.


From your Action Center home page, you will see a list of your organizations. From here, there are two ways you can go about re-registering your organization.

Select a single organization to view

Click the name of an organization to navigate to the management section for that organization. If the organization is eligible for registration, you will see the following message:


If your organization is eligible for re-registration, you will see the blue “Re-Register” button.

Keep in mind that Michigan Tech only allows Presidents to complete the re-registration process. If you do not have permission to Register, it means you do not have the appropriate permissions. If you think you should be able to re-register your organization, please contact your site administrators.

Click through the process and update any information that needs to be changed, or complete any new steps your administrators might be requesting of you. When you are finished, hit Submit to submit your re-registration for approval.

Behind the Scenes: Pets of SLI


Angus is a 3 year old pitbull who just celebrated his “Gotcha Day” with Beka. Rescued from the Michigan Humane Society in Detroit, MI at 10 weeks old. He loves digging in the snow, playing fetch, and playing with his cousin Kodi, a black labrador retriever. He is not super motivated by food, but loves peanut butter and scrambled eggs if you have any left over. Angus is enjoying having his people work from home but doesn’t understand why we are not always playing outside when it is sunny. 


Meet Charlie, he is a 4 year old rescue, that makes it his mission to keep a smile on his mom’s face.  He loves cuddling, especially under a warm blanket. His favorite place to nap is in front of the wood stove or in his beehive cat bed.  When he is not napping, he can be found in his tower watching the birds or grabbing a toy from his toybox to play. His favorite game is playing fetch – but only if you are throwing a red ribbon!  


This is Christine’s favorite succulent (nicknamed Hubert). It accompanies her during workdays from home. Little Hubert loves basking in the sunshine (just like Christine!) and always emanates a soft and comforting green hue. Hubert also loves good vibes, smooth jazz, and water. 


Liam Michael is a sassy Siamese/Maine Coon mix who loves to snuggle.  His favorite places to hang out are window sills, his Hot Cocoa Cafe box, and anywhere with soft blankets.  When he is not napping, you can find Liam playing with his favorite unicorn toy from his friend Charlie, licking windows, or trying to jump in on Zoom meetings with his mom.  


Mildred June, aka Millie, is a 3 year old pitbull and has been with Stefani since she was 12 weeks old. Born on a farm in Trenary, Millie is a true blue yooper who loves the snow, going on long hikes, and jumping in the truck to go off-roading with her family. Millie’s favorite toy is a stuffed skunk which she often carries around all day but tennis balls are a close second. Millie is a trained medical alert dog and she takes her job very seriously, ensuring that her mom never is caught off guard. She’s pretty thrilled about this whole working from home thing and can be found snuggling up to one of her parents while they work or jumping into Zoom sessions to say hello. 

Behind the Scenes: Students of SLI

Hey Huskies!  The office of Student Leadership and Involvement has some amazing students that work here.  We wanted you all to get to know them a little better! 

Meet Jaina!

Year: 4th year

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology

# of years working for SLI: 2

I have another year of university left so as of right now I’m starting to get prepared for starting senior design in the fall with Blizzard Baja. For the summer I plan on continuing working with SLI and moving back to Houghton. For the office currently I have done more miscellaneous things such as: website review, assisting in USG work, and assisting in social media posts. Outside of that and school work, I’ve been mainly playing video games now that I have more time to reconnect with older friends, on Saturdays I play dnd with my friends in Alpha Phi Omega, and overall getting a ton of dog cuddling time in.

Meet Alex!

Year: 5th year (Accelerated Masters student)

Major: Civil Engineering with Geotech Focus

# of years working for SLI: 3

This is my last semester here at Michigan Tech as I am graduating with my completed degree. After graduation I will be moving downstate to Lansing, MI to start my new full time job. I have worked in the Student Leadership and Involvement office (or Student Activities when I first started) for three years now and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Some of the events I have really enjoyed helping to plan and work are Cardboard Boat, K-Day, and Student Leadership Awards. RIght now I have been working remotely from my Houghton home to make next year’s USG spreadsheet they use to keep track of all student funding.  While sitting in isolation I have been binge watching a lot of TV shows and Facetime/Zooming with my friends and family. While at Tech I have been very involved in both MUB Board and the Huskies Pep Band! Here’s a picture of me with the other graduating conductors at the last home hockey game this year! (I am the one with the headset on)

Meet McKenzy!

Year: 4th year 

Major: Communications, Culture and Media focus in Media Production

# of years working for SLI: 2

I still have one year left here at Michigan Tech and after graduation I’m still working out what I want to do but what I do know is I always want to be able to create and be able to find new ways of communicating and engaging with people. This semester has definitely been an interesting one and it’s allowed me to spend more time on expressing myself through digital art. Working with SLI for the past two years I have grown so much in my skills and I’ve been given a lot of freedom in creating graphics and posters which helped me do that. From helping with summer programming where I got to decorate rocks and eat ice cream to creating a new HuskyLead logo to designing the awards, posters, social media graphics and presentation graphics for Fraternity and Sorority Life Awards and Student Leadership Awards. Working with all the wonderful ladies in the office I have been able to learn new things, be pushed to think outside of the box and really enjoy every day I’m in the office and can see everyone. At Tech I got involved in MUB Board, Women’s Leadership Council, CinOptic Enterprise, and even Club and Intramural sports. Being involved has given me a lot of valuable lessons as well as great memories. But for now I watch way too much Netflix with my plants in between doing my school work and my remote work for SLI. Here’s me and my snake plant, Rhea! I really like plants.

Spring 2020 HuskyLead Sessions

HuskyLead is a leadership development series open to all Michigan Tech students. 

This program encourages all students from campus leaders and student organization officers, to individuals who just want to learn, to elevate their leadership skills by learning the best techniques, tips, and tricks for their personal, organizational, academic, and professional success. Check out our Fall Sessions below!

Wednesday, January 15 –  “College: Am I Doing This Right?” – Focus on your goals, and learn how to say NO to over-commitment. Attend the first HuskyLead of the semester being held in Library East Reading Room from 4-5 p.m.


Thursday, January 23 –  “Get it Together” – The opportunity to learn skills in building an effective and long lasting organization that serves the needs of all. Attend this HuskyLead being held in MUB Alumni Lounge A from 5-6 p.m. 


Tuesday, March 17 –  “Seize the Awkward” – Everyone experiences stress and mental health differently, gain the tools to be able to reach out and support friends who may be struggling. Attend this HuskyLead held in Library East Reading Room from 4-5 p.m

seize the awkward

Wednesday, March 25 –  “Effective Transitions” – Focus on transitions in your life, whether that is starting a new job or being at home for the first time since starting college. Learn how to manage your lifestyle in an effective manner. Attend this HuskyLead being held in the Library East Reading Room from 4–5 p.m.


Wednesday, April 1 –  “Financial Well-Being” – Attend this HuskyLead held in Library East Reading Room from 4-5 p.m. 


Thursday, April 9 –  “Getting into the Nitty-GRITty” – Becoming a leader takes passion and perseverance, in other words “grit”. By attending this HuskyLead in MUB Alumni Lounge from 5–6 p.m., students will learn tips on how to persist and build mental toughness to reach long term goals. 


Involvement Link: Updating Your Organization’s Officers

Involvement Link has many great features to help your student organization be successful . Make sure you are keeping your student organization site updated – including your organization’s officers! This will ensure the correct members are getting information pertinent to their position.

To edit who holds various Positions within your organization, navigate to your organization’s Action Center. Use the Switchboard to enter the “Manage” view. If you are a member of the organization, you will see its name listed here and can select it to enter the organization’s Action Center. If you are not a member of the organization but you have access to the organization through other means, you can also search for the organization within Manage, or open it from the organization list in the corresponding branch. 

Once you are in the Organization Action Center, open the hamburger menu on the upper left and navigate to the Roster section.

(If you first need to create a new Position, please note that you will need to hold the correct level of access to manage the Roster in order to make these changes. See specifics below.)

On the Roster page, find the user for whom you would like to add, change, or remove a Position. Click the edit button under Positions to the far right of that user’s name. A list of all available Positions will populate. Click the check box next to the position you would like to add or remove from that user, and then select Save. The user’s permissions within the organization will be updated based on the Positions they hold.


Creating New Positions

Every organization is unique, and you might find that your organization has its own specific Position titles that you want to create in your organization’s site. To create new Positions for your organization, navigate to the Action Center for your organization site and click on the Roster tool.

Please note that you are REQUIRED to label the following positions within your organization so that we are able to send those members information:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Advisor

Keep in mind you will need the appropriate level of access to manage the Roster in order to create new Positions. From the Rostermenu, click Manage Positions. A list of all the current positions available for your organization will be listed. Some of these may have been created by the organization, while others may be site-wide positions created by your campus administrators.


To create a new Position, click +Position at the top of the page. Give the Position a name. Keep in mind the name should be of the Position itself, not of the user who will eventually hold this Position in your organization. You then need to assign the Position to the Position Type that is most appropriate. These types are determined by your system administrators. Check the box next to “Show holders of this position on the organization’s roster” if you want the user holding that position to be visible on the roster page of your organization. If you want the position to be available for users to hold immediately, select “Active.” If this is not checked, the position will only be available as a past position.


Finally, you will need to set the management access for this Position. Users who fill Positions with “No access” will not be able to manage any tools within the organization. “All access” allows Position holders to manage every tool within the organization’s site – these are the users who will have the most power within your organization. Limited access allows you to select the level of access the Position should have for each tool within the organization site. See below for information about what each level of access will allow for each tool.

Registration FormsCannot view registration form submissions.Can view the organization’s registration submission, but cannot edit it.Can edit and resubmit the organization’s registration form.
DocumentsOnly able to see documents that have been shared publicly or with that user’s position.Able to view all documents, but cannot edit, delete, or create them.Has full access to documents, including the ability to create, edit, and delete them.
MessagingDoes not have access to the messaging tool, but will receive messages sent to them.Can view messages sent from the organization but cannot create new message relays. Has full access to send message relays to members of the organization
Events Only able to see events that have been shared publicly, within their organization, or ones they have been invited to.Able to view all event details and submissions, but cannot edit, delete, or create them.Has full access to events, including the ability to edit and delete them, manage invitations, manage event attendance, and submit event requests. 
FinanceCannot access the finance tab.Can view transactions and requests, but cannot edit or create them.Can submit purchase and funding requests on behalf of the organization.
WallCan view and contribute to the wall.Can view and contribute to the wall.Can view and contribute to the wall.
RosterCan view the public roster of members but has no management access for the roster or Positions.Can view all members of the organization, organization created positions, but cannot make edits to the roster or create new organization positions.Can manage the roster, including the ability to create and edit positions, invite members, and approve memberships.
ProfileCan only see the basic profile of the organization.Can view the full organization’s profile but cannot update it.Can edit the organization’s profile.
NewsOnly able to see news posts that have been shared publicly or with the organization.Able to view all news posts, but cannot edit, delete, or create posts.Has full access to news, including the ability to create, edit, and delete posts.
FormsOnly able to see forms that have been shared publicly or with that user’s position.Able to view all forms, but cannot edit, delete, or create them. User can also view form submissions but cannot approve or deny them.Has full access to forms, including the ability to create, edit, and delete forms and manage form submissions.
Photos Only able to see photo galleries that have been shared publicly or with that user’s position.Able to view all photo galleries, but cannot edit, delete, or create them.Able to manage all photo galleries, including the ability to edit, delete, and create them.
Service HoursAble to see their own service hours and submit service hours for review.Able to see service hours submitted by any user, but cannot approve or deny them.Able to view all service hours for all users and make decisions about approving and denying service hours. 
ElectionsOnly able to see elections that have been shared publicly or with that user’s position.Able to view all elections and election results, but cannot edit, delete, or create them.Able to create, edit, and delete elections and view results.

When you are finished determining the level of access for the position, click Create. Once the position has been created, it may take a few minutes before it can be assigned to a member. If you do not see the position immediately, give the system a few minutes while the position is being generated.