Exploring the Keweenaw

A tradition amongst Michigan Tech students is experiencing the beauty provided by the UP, and it’s lovely Keweenaw Peninsula.

Whether you’re a hiker, skier, mountain biker, or just like the beach, the Copper Country has an outdoor activity and location for you. Below are some of our favorites. Tell us yours in the comments below!


                                  Freda                                               Snowshoeing the Frozen Lakes                                                         









                                                                 Hungarian Falls








                            Local Scenes                                                          Isle Royale








              Mouth of the Gratiot River                                    Eagle Harbor








                         Lake Medora                                                   Douglas Houghton Falls












                        Brockway Mountain                                                   Prince’s Point

One response to “Exploring the Keweenaw

  1. There is certainly no shortage of memorable and adventurous places in the MTU area. Several of my Forestry program friends and I (Bill Ruth, Bill Tyler and Lee Gotcher – all ’64) made a point of visiting many of them. My favorites, however, were those which brought a combination of adventure, exploration and solitude. I think of places quiet and isolated, and places once occupied by a past generation, and now abandoned. To stand there in 1960-64, as the sun was setting, was to imagine those past times and life events. I recall particularly Red Ridge and Freda, the Cliff mine, and Keystone Bay at the tip of the Keweenaw. In more recent years I have re-visited some of these sites with family. While still intriguing, I’ll probably never recapture the nostalgia of some 55 years ago.

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