Day: October 1, 2019

What You Said About Tech in September…

“Who else is ready for Winter Carnival?! This year’s logo is dino-mite!” on Facebook

This actually looks more like a Reunion theme….😊” -Susan U.

This is a great theme and an awesome logo!” – Brian W.

If I was in the area, I would be. Fantastic idea, though. In my neck of the woods, we anticipate hurricanes. Hmmm… this time around, Dorian…” -Cynthia L.

It’s only 104 degrees today here in Dallas……hard to think about snow.” -Will P.

That’s a sick theme” -Christopher H.

I seriously hope that this is not implying humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time…..uuggghh” -Michelle M.

“Looks like I have to go to WC this year” Nick H.


From “Today is both K-Day and 906 Day (Sept. 6)! What are your memories of K-Day?” on Facebook

remember waiting to hear the whistle blow and being grateful for a “long weekend”.” Brian W.

A lot of fun and love McLain State park..” – David C.

My favorite k-day memory is being onstage with Sponge. What a day!” -Rayna E.

K-Day was a whole lot of fun for us, a way to prepare for all the work and stress that was gonna pile up “real soon”. The older you get (57 now for me), the more you appreciate those days long ago. The kids there today are in the middle of some of the best days of their lives (and won’t realize it until they are old like me). Life is good. ” -Mike T.

Mid-70s, K-Day was mostly just a day off. We waded across the mouth of the Montreal, climbed Mt. Bohemia fire tower, found an abandoned skip and rode it across the Presque Isle river, explored Redridge, etc. Usually ended with a burger at Luigis or at Schmidt’s Corners or one of the many Yooper bars. Best memories ever, with folks who remain my best friends. Thank you, Tech. ” -Betsy A.

Doing the alligator at McLain! 🎶🐊🎶🐊🎶” -Margaret L.

I remember that Lake Superior was VERY cold. I also remember diving into a giant pile/mound of can koozies that were being given out by the MTSF.”  -Bridgitte R.

K Day is a family tradition. My Dad, my Brother, Myself, both of my Daughters and my son-in-law have all experience K-day. It used to be quite the party at McClain Stat Park! -Gary J.

My favorite memory is the year ADA’s had a button making machine. We had quite the selection of magazines to choose from for creative art.” -Natalie A.

K-Day was a highlight of the year. Warm fall day, beer, more beer, friends old and new… I remember those days Doug! It was a great time!” -Scott L.

I went to a few K-days at McLain but have few memories of them…strange.” -Mike M

Sig Rho ruled K-Day in the 80’s….what a blast!” -Doug L.

In the early 70s, K-Day really WAS Keweenaw Day — we went up to Fort Wilkins and had a blast.” -Candy G.

Guinness world record lap sit at McLain fall of 1980, since been beat” -Pete J.

From “We’ve been gathering some of our favorite Tech memorabilia for display in the Alumni Blogs!”  on Facebook

I miss the big pink “MUB” mugs from the mid 90’s. 😂” -Mike E.

Ooh! And maybe at least a picture of the EERC tree. It ran for student government one year I went there.” -Rayna E.

Bowling shoes from the MUB bowling alley!” -Rayna E.

Please tell me someone has a no drinking Carni sign as memorabilia” -Yolanda H.

A little late to the game, but my refillable Campus Cafe mug, 1991-1992 (freshman year)

In 1985 I was a freshman in DHH. Our hall was “Esquire”, middle of the 3rd floor. Our RA held a vote to change the name to “Bloom County”, and I drew up a new logo for the hall. I painted over the “Esquire” sign with the new mural from the drawing below, and our RA had t-shirts and hoodies printed. I think I have a couple of pictures of the mural somewhere.

“I believe the name lasted maybe 3 years before it was changed again and the mural was painted over.” -Joe A.

“Wish I still had the rock sample, shoulder bag that was used as a book bag. Most everybody carried one” -Louis C.

Recruiting poster from the early 70’s.” -Herman M.

Campus ID card with stickers to show you were registered for that quarter.” -Robert L.

NO! NO! Not punchcards! The nightmare returns!Unisuck 1110.” -Courtney F.

One year, I want to say it was maybe 98, they got the bright idea to put up anti-drinking posters but the background was a close up of a glass of beer and the tiny black print was barely visible so it really just looked like an “enjoy this delicious, frosty beverage” ad. I might still have one somewhere. ” -Danielle B.

Oooooh those punch card days….70’s in Fisher Hall then EERC…..some baaaad memories. Talk about frustrating!!!” -Mark Z.

From “Check out Word of the Day from Merriam-Webster”

A fellow died suddenly and found himself at the Pearly Gates. St Peter welcomed him but apologized and said he had to run a few quick errands and would be back in a while. While he was waiting, the man noticed Beelzebub off to the side casting souls down into the fiery pit. Every once in a while he would put one to the side in a stack. Curious, the man went over and asked Satan why he was stacking some souls off to the side. Satan replied, those are Yoopers. They’re too cold and wet to burn.” -Darrell J.

From Cover Photo Update on Facebook

Looks a lot different from when I was last there in 1984!” -Wendy W.

How do you get down to the Metallurgy building from main campus, without driving or falling down a hill?” -Courtney F.

From “Favorite Tech Memorabilia” in the Alumni Blogs

“I know a guy who has an old sheet metal “Unload Here” sign from Mt. Ripley, hanging proudly in his bathroom.” -Carl C.

“Definitely the Book Bag!” -William W.