Celebrate 10 Years! Class of 2010

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Welcome to the Class of 2010’s 10th reunion web page. It’s a special year for you! Eight classes, including yours, will celebrate a milestone anniversary in 2020. Communicate with your classmates by commenting below!

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  1. Hi everyone!
    Can you believe it, 10 years!?! I wish I could be in Houghton, to reconnect, to hear about your lives, and to learn about what you have been up to. I wish to experience what life is like today at Tech, how it is similar and different compared to our time there. I have lived near Seattle since graduating from Tech in 2010. My husband and I planned our trip to visit MTU for reunion well in advance. I was SO BUMMED to learn that reunion was canceled due to COVID-19.
    I will sorely miss the opportunity to be there, to reminisce, to party a little, and to show my husband the place where I made such fond friends and memories! Shout out especially to my Alpha Gam sisters! Going Greek, something I never imagined I would do, was one of the best decisions of my life. To this day, it has been an incredible experience that continues to connect me with amazing women.
    I fondly remember lunches at the MUB, playing Euchre at the KBC, Hobo…which was so much ridiculous fun. Winter carnival games, skit, and statue had some really tough competition…and it was so cold! We worked hard…those classes were tough, played hard, and still made time to connect with each other. Tech was an awesome education. I am grateful for the success my education at Tech has afforded me, but I am also glad I made time for the fun and friends that made my Tech experience truly unforgettable.
    I hope you are well during this difficult time. I look forward to visiting Houghton in the future!
    Happy 10 years!

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