Day: February 4, 2020

Class of ’95 Gift Effort

Michigan Tech campus from the air

It is a long-standing Michigan Tech tradition for the honored Reunion classes to have a friendly gift competition. Help show everyone that your class cares the most. Members of the Class of 1995 are invited to make a contribution in support of the reunion gift program and to honor all that we have achieved.

  • Class donations to date: $34,562.50
  • Members donating: 57 (3.3%)

Honor Roll

All class of 1995 members who give toward the Class Reunion Gift effort will be included on the class honor roll.

New gifts made between July 1, 2019, and the end of reunion (August 8, 2020)—no matter the size or designation—are counted in the reunion gift total.

Gifts can be made by mail, by phone, or online. Multiyear pledges (up to five years) are also encouraged, as the entire pledge amount will be included in the project total.

The honor roll is updated periodically. If you have made a gift and your name is not yet on the list, please email us or call 906-487-2400.

Dr. Muniappan Anbarasu
Richard D. Ashley
Christopher J. Baumgartner
Lloyd A. Beethem
Patrick G. Bentley
Tera M. Blauwkamp
Brent W. Carlson
Melissa M. DeLano
James R. Dickson
Douglas M. Fox
Chad D. Halverson
Jason R. Heine
Matthew J. Hoffmann
Mark J. Hurley
Sara M. Hurley
Dr. Nicholas Jordache
Eric P. Jung
Mia M. Kemppainen
Lynnette K. Klucinec
Kristin J. Kolodge
Sean M. Kolodge
Jason A. LaCosse
Derrick S. Levanen
Teck-Shiun Lim
Aimee L. Macnowski
Michael L. Martin
Cheryl A. McCutcheon
Charlene R. McQuarter

Marvin R. Mealman
Tanya E. Mealman
Dennis R. Melchi
Luverna K. Menghini
Eric S. Mulzer
David S. Niec
Nathalie E. Osborn
Robert D. Palazzolo
Kari R. Palmer
Michael W. Palmer
Brent L. Peterson
Upendra P. Puntambekar
Daniel Rellis
Dr. Kathryn A. Remlinger
Jeremy L. Russell
David M. Ryan
Heather L. Schierloh
Anthony G. Senger
Nathan B. Sevener
Scott R. Stilson
Eric D. Sutherland
Ann Nee Tay
Lisa K. Townsend-Moore
Carissa J. Tyo
Matthew A. Tyo
Kevin W. Vollmert
Lisa A. Vollmert
Christopher L. Wojick
Jodie L. Wollnik

Updated August 4, 2020

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Class of ’95 Stats and Facts

Michigan Tech campus from the air

  • Total graduates: 1,228
  • Top 3 majors: ME-EM (20%), Civil Engineering (10%), Electrical Engineering (11%)
  • 1992 the Michigan Tech Student Foundation (MTSF) starts the new tradition of “Oozeball” at Spring Fling. This mud volleyball tournament quickly became a Tech Tradition
  • 1994 Coed residence hall is renamed McNair Hall for Fred W. McNair, president of Michigan College of Mines (1899-1924)
  • 1994 Bowing to pressure from parents, students and faculty, President Tompkins calls off classes as Tech closed for a full day because of cold temperatures

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