Day: February 10, 2020

Cool Hobbies

Many Michigan Tech alumni live by the mantra of “work hard, play hard.” That can lead to some pretty amazing hobbies. Here are a couple we recently heard about.

• Daniel Madrid ’10 (Computer Network and Systems Administration) creates works of art with wood including 3D puzzles. One of his pieces is a 3D puzzle of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge.

Portage Lake Lift Bridge 3D Puzzle by Dan Madrid

• Gary Johnson ’66 (Mechanical Engineering) is a retired engineer and an accomplished water color painter. He has produced hundreds of works including this one titled “Shadows from a Bygone Era,” which won the Bronze Award at the Mid-Southern Watercolorists exhibition in Little Rock, Arkansas, last spring. You can view a guest blog he’s written here.

Shadows from a Bygone Era by Gary Johnson

What’s Your Hobby?
Whether it’s art or something else entirely, what hobby do you have? Let us know by commenting below.

What You Said About Tech in January…..

From “Tech/UP Pride” on Facebook

“For years I had MITECHU as my plate here in NC” – Bill H.

“I have my Michigan Tech Alumni frame around my NC plate.” – Richard H.

“Going to have to look into a custom plate for Tech now that I’m in SC! Awesome” – Denise L.

From “Broomball: A Tech Tradition” on Alumni News

“I started at Tech in fall of 1982, and I played plenty of broomball in those years!” – Wendy E.

“I started at Tech in the fall of ’86, and I remember playing broomball then, in organized leagues. It may not have been for Winter Carnival, tho.” – Chris B.

“Broomball was a Winter Carnival competition in the late 1960’s. I know because I was the goalie on the winning team in 67 or 68. We won the “championship game” in a shootout. It was played on the ice at Dee Stadium with brooms tightly taped with black hockey tape. My broom, with date carved into the handle, was taken home as a keepsake and thrown out by my mother as ‘trash'” – Rich S.

“Played in ‘86 through ‘90 on teams made up of people from our dorm (go DHH!). Rink was where the Rosa Center is now. Still have the jersey. Only real rules at the time was how many inches of bristles needed to show below the duct tape on your broom. That and no using it as a bat against other players. Was pretty rough but a lot of fun.” – Todd A.

From “Winter Carnival/Alumni Broomball” on Facebook

“Would love to. We summer in Houghton and winter in Florida…..always enjoyed carnival” – Steve C.