Class of ’00 Gift Effort

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It is a long-standing Michigan Tech tradition for the honored Reunion classes to have a friendly gift competition. Help show everyone that your class cares the most. Members of the Class of 2002 are invited to make a contribution in support of the reunion gift program and to honor all that we have achieved.

  • Class donations to date: $29,245.07
  • Members donating: 52 (3.2%)

Honor Roll

All Class of 2000 members who give toward the Class Reunion Gift effort will be included on the class honor roll, but there will be a special emphasis placed on the Class of 2000 Endowed Scholarship Fund.

New gifts made between July 1, 2019, and the end of reunion (August 8, 2020)—no matter the size or designation—are counted in the reunion gift total.

Gifts can be made by mail, by phone, or online. Multiyear pledges (up to five years) are also encouraged, as the entire pledge amount will be included in the project total.

The honor roll is updated periodically. If you have made a gift and your name is not yet on the list, please email us or call 906-487-2400.

Melody L. Baglione
Timothy R. Barry
Brian R. Berquist
Jeffrey T. Beyer
Craig A. Biekkola
Christopher M. Bielinski
Jilaine M. Bolek Berquist, .D.
Jeremy P. Bos
Jessica L. Bos
Jodi J. Britton
Jason J. Brooks
Allyson J. Bubb
Dennis L. Cannoot
Mark A. Chateauneuf
Janine E. Cooper
Paul W. Dutton, III
Joseph R. Erlewein
Sarah E. Fenton
Thomas M. Flicker
Jesse M. Gwidt
Karen M. Gwidt
Jennifer M. Haehn
Brian M. Hamari
Angela L. Hammond
Tiffany J. Karkanen
Michelle R. LaCourt

Seth R. Lemke
Shannon E. Lemke
Daniel P. Liebau
Susan L. Liebau
Pattie A. Luokkanen
Kristen M. Mikula
John P. Moses
Matthew A. Niskanen
Gretchen L. Railling
Mark D. Reichhardt
Christine M. Rock
Todd R. Rouse
Amber E. Rydholm
Eric C. Rydholm
Peter J. Siglow
Arvind Suresh
Matthew C. Tier
Paul S. Toth
Jason A. Verboomen
Corinna M. Wells
Philip M. Wells
Robert J. Wheeler
Brandon S. Williams
Lin Ye
Ryan N. Zakrzewski
Brian J. Zielke

Updated August 4, 2020

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