Fight Tech Fight!

Michigan Tech’s campus is in the last quiet moments of summer—another Alumni Reunion is in the books and a new class of first-year students prepares to arrive for Orientation Week. Before you know it, the rhythm of a new semester will bring vibrant energy back, along with the cream of the Keweenaw and the pride of Pasty Land… the Huskies Pep Band! Here is a glimpse back to the Pep Band spreading school spirit in the fall of 2009. Do you remember the fight song, or have another favorite? Let us know in the comments!

3 responses to “Fight Tech Fight!

  1. Played in the pep band 1954 – 1958. Piccolo, mostly. Occasionally flute. We didn’t have the flashy uniforms, or any uniforms at all for that matter. Music director B. Franz Schubert pretty much left us on our own. Playing in Dee Stadium was a quick way to chill your bones!

  2. Great times with da Pep Band. Sledding at football games, snow or no snow, since we had to be there. Sometimes good hockey, always a fine party in the stands. It was six months before I found out how the melody of the fight song went, since I play Bone. I was in Pep Band from 82 to 87, then 90 to 95. I recall that we wore our stripes inside out when Wisconsin came to town, since ours were red and white for the Bones at the time. Back then the organ would play sometimes, otherwise it was all Pep Band, no TV breaks and what not. And playing from the stands at the end of the ice, not stuck up in a far corner. Hats and BS bands broke up any monotony. We spent our down time trying to get cartwheels from the cheerleaders. And then one time a broomball game broke out during a period break.

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