Fall in the Keweenaw

After some unseasonal warmth, the crisp, cool air of fall is on the way. As fair winds transition to cooler breezes, the Copper Country leaves prepare to dance. Color touring in the Keweenaw is a rite of passage for everyone at Michigan Tech and many keep fond memories of exploring the fresh coasts, lush forests, and the forgotten ghost towns of the region. To spark some fond memories or inspire a modern-day color tour, here is a vintage, undated image of the ghost town at Central, Michigan (Keweenaw County) accented by rich fall color. Did you have a favorite place to explore in the autumn? Let us know in the comments!

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    1. Don, glad to see your name and message. I hope you’re the same that was the goalie on a hockey team with me. Later Claude Edwards. Would be great
      to get back in touch. Feel free to get my info from the Alumni office

    Shortly before I graduated from MTU, I drove my VW beetle North along the West shore of the Keweenaw Peninsula. It was a calm sunny day and Lake Superior was smooth as glass. Since there was no wind or waves, I found a place to park near an old abandoned dock that extended out into Lake Superior shore line for about ten feet. As I stepped onto the dock, I carefully approached the empty space created by a missing board. I looked down and noticed a single dark stone silhouetted against the lighter colored sandy bottom of the shoreline. So I reached down and picked it up. To my surprise the stone felt like a piece of lead until l took a closer look and discovered it was a solid piece of native Michigan Copper.

  2. Spent a summer at MTU and drove a 125 cc motorcycle to the cliffs by Cliff Mine and camped out under the stars. It was great. Always intrigued by the mining history everywhere in the Keeweenaw.

  3. A quick trip to Jim’s Food Mart for french bread, hamburg and fig newtons for a campfire dinner and sleeping on top of the cliffs under the stars after a fine meal cooked on an open fire. Beautiful night with lots of stars and sometime a display of the northern lights. Never worried about the bears and sleep like a baby all night long waking up to a bright crystal clear sky and air! Wish i sleep half that good now!

  4. Hiking up Mt Ripley to Quincy Mine hoist house … crisp air and brilliant fall colors … biking to Lake Linden past the Portage Lake Ship & Barge Canal and looking carefully at (trying to remember then) the beautiful colors reflected in the water. Those memories as clear today as if it was happening now … a few of many joys of my life at Michigan Tech!!

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