Let It Snow!

We had our first glimpses of snow in the past few weeks. There have been little bits of wintry mix and also the big fluffy snowflakes that make it feel like the whole campus is in a snow globe. This undated photograph of the Quincy Smelter seems to stand the test of time, as many University alumni can remember such a scene taking place, a tranquil reflection in the Keweenaw Waterway. Love it or otherwise, snow is an essential part of the Michigan Tech experience. What did you most look forward to when the powder would hit the landscape? Let us know in the comments!

5 responses to “Let It Snow!

  1. One of my favorite snow-related memories of Tech was the annual snowball fight between Douglas Houghton Hall and Wadsworth Hall, usually shortly after Thanksgiving. Back in the mid-1970s, the fight would start with insults being hurled back and forth across US-41 from speakers in the windows of both dorms. After a suitable volume of insults had been proferred, the residents would empty out of both dorms and start the battle in earnest. The Houghton and State Police pretty much recognized this event as good clean fun, at least back then, and with minimal constraints, let it go on until the students had run out of steam. I know that is not how such behavior would be treated today.

  2. Looking out of the open upstairs window of 200 Upland (now demolished) when the first snow fell while listening to Chicago’s “Song of the Evergreens”, wondering when Mont Ripley would open.

  3. Early 70’s Observing the snowball fight from 453 West Wads I could see the action as one side surged towards the other and they are repelled back. This happen a number of times and it was a little strange when a group from both sides surrounded one combatant who laying on the ground sustained a broken leg in all the action!

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