Lighthouses in the UP

Michigan has more lighthouses than any other state and the Upper Peninsula has over 40 of the structures dotting its unique waterways. Some of the lighthouses in the UP are inactive relics of the mid- to late 1800s when they were built; however, many continue to guide ships and boats safely into harbors and around dangerous areas and shoals. Summer is a great time to tour the landscapes and waterways of local lighthouses, and some even offer public tours.

Do you have a favorite lighthouse? Better yet, can you name the mystery lighthouse in the photograph from the Michigan Tech Archives? Let us know in the comments!

7 responses to “Lighthouses in the UP

  1. Lighthouses in the UP are not just navigational aids but symbols of resilience, guiding ships through the rugged beauty of Michigan’s UP.

  2. Lighthouses in the UP offer a captivating blend of history and natural beauty, guiding both ships and visitors with their timeless charm.

  3. Bois Blanc Lighthouse is the pictured lighthouse. There have been 5 lighthouses there with 2 still standing. (I am a member of the US Lighthouse Society and have been on 20 trips around the US and the world touring lighthouses.

  4. Yes, I recognized this lighthouse immediately, but I may have an unfair advantage as I know the property more intimately than most. She will always be my favorite even though she taking all my money to restore to her former glory, a labor of love.

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