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How do I figure out which classes to take next semester?

You need two items to figure this out:

  • Your transcript. Go to Banweb to see your unofficial transcript.  It is extremely important to look at it and know exactly what classes are on it.
  • A flowchart or sample schedule for your catalog year.  All of our advising handouts are available on the Degree Requirements page, sorted by catalog year.

Start by crossing off the classes that you have completed and are currently enrolled in. Run your online degree audit on Banweb to see if it matches. If you see anything that doesn’t match then see your academic advisor to find out why.

Choose classes that are next on the flowchart/sample schedule. It’s usually useful to plan for several semesters out. Review your plan with your academic advisor. It really helps to have a second set of eyes look at your plan.

I’m a new student. When can I register for classes?

If you are a new first-year student or transfer student coming in with less than 30 credits then the Registrar’s Office will enroll you in your first semester classes. Your schedule will be based on your math placement and you will be placed into a cohort of 20-24 students who are taking the same classes. Fall schedules are usually ready by early August. If needed, we will be able to make adjustments before the semester starts.

If you are a new transfer student coming in with more than 30 credits then you will be able to register yourself on Banweb. You can find your registration time by logging into Banweb and going to the Students menu, Registration tab, then Check Your Registration Status page. If you don’t have a registration time yet, then contact your Admissions representative for assistance. Contact your academic advisor once you’ve enrolled to have your schedule reviewed or if you need help choosing classes.

I’m enrolled in UN 1010 Creating Your Success for Themed Communities. Why am I in this class? Do I have to take it?

You are enrolled in the class because you chose to lived in a themed housing community in the residence halls. Yes, you are required to take the class as part of being in a themed community. This class can count towards your free electives, if needed. Go to the Residence Hall Themed Communities page for more information.

What is the spatial visualization placement test and what happens if I don’t do well on it?

The spacial visualization placement test measures your ability to mentally visualize a 3-D object from different perspectives. New first-year students will take this test during Orientation. These skills are important because engineers must often represent things in the physical world using diagrams and drawings when communicating information and ideas to others. As a chemical engineering student you will use these skills when studying stereochemistry in organic chemistry and when working in the unit operations lab.

If you’ve already spent a lot of time working with your hands, such as playing with Legos or working on your bike or car, then you’ve probably already developed these skills and will do fine on the test. If you don’t do well on the test, then you’re in luck because these skills are learnable! To help you build these skills you will be enrolled in a one credit course, ENG 1002 Introduction to Spatial Visualization.

I have completed UN 1015 Composition and UN 1025 Global Issues. Which general education class should I take next?

Once you have completed both UN 1015 Composition and UN 1025 Global Issues (or a 3000-level modern language course) then you can take the remaining general education core and HASS courses in any order.

Before choosing your next general education class, review the general education requirements and figure out where classes you’ve already taken are counting. General education requirements are described on the department’s degree requirements page and the Registrar’s Office general education page. Then run your online degree audit on Banweb to see if your classes are being used where expected. If a class isn’t going where expected then contact your academic advisor to figure out why. For new students, online degree audits are available 30 days before the start of the semester.

Is it ok to take UN 1025 Global Issues before UN 1015 Composition?

Yes. You may take these classes in either order.

These two classes should be among the first general education classes that you complete. It’s important to get both UN 1015 Composition and UN 1025 Global Issues (or a 3000-level modern language course) completed early because they are prerequisites for later general education HASS electives. Also, UN 1015 Composition is a prerequisite for the junior chemical engineering laboratory CM 3215 Transport Lab because it is a writing intensive course.