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Hubble’s Logo Design Wins NLTAPA Competition

From Tim Colling PhD., P.E., Director – Center for Technology & Training Michigan Tech University:

Over the past few months Andi Barajas (full time CTT  staff and part time STC student), Cassandra Matchinski and  Stephanie Hubble (both full time STC student and CTT interns) have been working with Shaughn Kern and Carol Reynolds (full time professional technical writers at CTT) to develop logos for the National Local Technical Assistance Program Association (NLTAPA as part of a national competition.  The NLTAP Association represents the 58 LTAP and TTAP (tribal) centers across the US.  On an annual basis the centers jointly  train over 174,000 people, in  nearly 6,200 training sessions, and circulate more than 795,000 publications according to the NLTAP website.  The LTAP/TTAP program has been in existence since 1982 when it was formed by the US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

I’m happy to announce that  Stephanie Hubble’s entry was selected to be the new logo for the national association and will be used on official NLTAPA business systems such as letterhead and the website.  I also understand that two of the Michigan Tech submitted entries for the competition made the top three.  I think competing and winning on a national level is a testament to the skills and creativity that our staff and students have.  The winning logo will be announced/unveiled at the NLTAPA annual conference in Savannah, GA on July 20th.  Unfortunately Stephanie is overseas this summer and will not be able to attend the conference to receive the award, however a Andi will be at the conference accepting the award for the center.

Congratulations to all of the staff and students that worked on this competition.

Message from Lauren Keenan in Barcelona

Lauren KeenanLauren Keenan has posted this message on our International Programs and Services Facebook page about the great time she’s having in Spain with our Michigan Tech faculty-led program:

“My Study Abroad to Barcelona has taught me how to understand how history and memories influence culture. In addition, I have learned to apply the observations in film, literature, politics, and everyday life to fully comprehend how a city shapes you. This is why we need humanities, they challenge us to think critically in a way we never have before. No one fully understands the importance of studying abroad until you’ve had the experience yourself.”

Gary Kaunonen Awarded Finishing Fellowship

The Graduate School has announced the awarding of finishing fellowships to the following outstanding PhD candidates, including the Humanities Department’s own Gary Kaunonen:

  • Adam Coble, PhD Candidate in Forest Science
Khanh Cung, PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics
  • Yaoxian Huang, PhD Candidate in Environmental Engineering
  • Gary Kaunonen, PhD Candidate in Rhetoric and Technical Communication
  • Sandra Owusu, PhD Candidate in Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology
  • Venkata Ramana Pidatala, PhD Candidate in Biological Sciences
  • Jingtuo Zhang, PhD Candidate in Chemistry
  • Jie Zhou, PhD Candidate in Materials Science and Engineering

You can learn more about the candidates here.

25 Years of Service for Bergvall and Waddell

Michigan Tech Employee Service Recognition Event

On Wednesday, May 6th, 2015, faculty and staff members, along with their guests, gathered at the Memorial Union Ballroom for an awards dinner recognizing 25, 30, 35, and 40 years of service to Michigan Tech.

Among the employees recognized were Victoria Bergvall and Craig Waddell for 25 years of service.

Read more at Tech Today.

Students Talk About STEM

Michigan Tech students Tanya Juarez and Stephanie Hubble recently appeared on a pod cast on the Website Remarkable Chatter.

The students, who appeared at the C-L-K Schools, talked on the podcast about women in STEM fields and how teachers can incorporate more STEM into their classrooms.

From Tech Today.

Michigan Tech University Students Talk Women In STEM (STEM Everyday 23)

Chris Woods visits with a couple of students from Michigan Tech University from the Women’s Leadership Council. The MTU students presented to the 11th and 12th grade girls of the Public Schools of CLK about STEM. Tanya Juarez, chemical engineering student and Stephanie Hubble, science and technical communication student from Michigan Tech University tries to spread the word that women do belong in STEM careers.

Read more and listen to audio at Remarkable Chatter, by Chris Woods. The podcast is 7 minutes 34 seconds.

Humanities, French Embassy Sponsor Workshops

The Department of Humanities will host two professional training sessions financed and co-sponsored by the French Embassy in Washington, DC. The purpose of these workshops is to provide practical training in curriculum and teacher preparation for French for Science and Technology classes and French for the Medical Professions.

These training sessions will also certify universities offering the Professional French Language Diploma–Science and Technology and the Professional French Language Diploma–Healthcare.

An instructor from the Paris International Chamber of Commerce, Alexandra Crendal, will teach the training sessions (May 18-22 for French for Science and Technology classes; May 25-29 for French for the Medical Professions) for a total of 42 faculty members from throughout the United States, structured as follows:

  • Distinguishing the specificities of FLE (French as a Foreign Language) and FOS (French for Specific Purposes).
  • Implementing FOS.
  • Elaboration of a French for Science and Technology/Medical framework.
  • Designing educational activities using authentic documents.
  • Assessing students for French for Science and Technology/Medical framework curriculum.